Surnames T - Z

Extracted from History of Macon County, Illinois, 1880

TANDY, Stella Harristown Sec 5 Wife of Jerome Eyman Morgan Co IL 1855
TAYLOR, B.Z. Decatur Decatur Prop. Oil Mills Macon Co 1848
TAYLOR, Bashada Harristown Dec'd Former wife of B. Taylor, Died Jan 1 '53 KY 1857
TAYLOR, Ida A. Hickory Pt. Sec 7 Wife of Jasper Arthur OH 1869
TAYLOR, James Y. Bl Mound Sec 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser IL 1836
TAYLOR, Louisa R. Bl Mound Sec 4 Wife of J.A. Barnes Macon Co 1850
TAYLOR, Mary D. Hickory Pt. Sec 27 Wife of Henry Schroll Macon Co IL 1839
TAYLOR, T.M. Bl Mound Sec 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1850
THOMPSON, Mary Ann Decatur Sec 4 Wife of Henry Rue NJ 1867
THORNBERRY, Sarah A. Pl. View Sec 11 Present wife of Isaac Hurst IN 1866
THORNTON, Anthony Decatur Decatur Attorney KY 1879
THRIFT, Andrew J. Maroa Sec 36 Farmer & Breeder of Hogs Christ. Co, KY 1864
THRIFT, Minerva J. Maroa Emery Wife of G.M. Bower St Clair Co 1864
THRIFT, Sarah E. Died 30 Sept 1877 2d Wife of G.B. Short St. Clair Co 1863
TOHILL, N.W. Long Creek Sec 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser IL 1865
TOLAND, Aquilla Died 15 Feb 1878 Late husb of Mrs. L.A. Toland Madison Co OH 1865
TOMLINSON, Rachel So. Macon Sec 26 vWife of J.J. Bradley St Clair Co 1865
TOPPING, Hannah Decatur Sec 5 Wife of C.J. Barrachman OH 1861
TOWLEING, William Decatur Decatur Book Binder NY 1859
TOZER, Mary J. Maroa Maroa Wife of J.T. Holt Minn. ?
TRAINER, John Decatur Decatur Supt. Co. Schools OH 1869
TROTTER, Sarah Jane Oakley Sec 31 Wife of W.T. Howell OH ?
TROUTMAN, Phoebe Decatur Sec 18 Wife of Ephraim Widick IN 1858
TUCKER, Howard Decatur Decatur Tinsmith MD 1865
TURLEY, A.C. Niantic Sec 24 Wife of Dee Buckles Logan Co 1874
TURNER, F.B. Decatur Decatur Farmer & Stock Dealer St Clair Co 1865
TURNER, Hannah Harristown Sec 6 Wife of Jeremiah Freeman Logan Co IL 1854
TURNER, John Harristown Sec 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co IL 1850
TURPIN, Wm. S. Mt. Zion Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1848
TUTTLE, B.B. Decatur Decatur Prop. Saw Mill CT 1856
ULLRICH, John Decatur Decatur Wholesale Grocer Bavaria 1856
USREY, W.J. Decatur Decatur Journalist Miss 1842
VANGRUNDY, Nancy A. Milam Sec 32 Wife of Ellery M. Merris Madison Co IL 1865
VANTRIES, Isaac Died 12 May 1878 1st Husb. of Harriet Keller Marion Co OH 1862
VENNIGERHOLZ, J.H. Decatur Decatur Coal Dealer Miss 1874
WAGGONER, H.W. Decatur Decatur Mayor of Decatur & Co Clk PA 1855
WALKER, J.W. So. Macon Sec 14 Farmer, Feeder, Shipper, Grain Dealer Madison Co 1865
WALLACE, Annie M. Long Creek Sec 17 Wife of W.S. Herman Macon Co 1851
WALLACE, John M. Decatur Sec 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ark 1870
WALLACE, Wm. H. Mt. Zion Sec 15 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1848
WALSTON, R.L. Decatur Decatur Physician & Surgeon Vermill. Co 1873
WARBURTON, Joseph Maroa Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Lancas., Eng 1870
WARD, Robert D. Pl. View Bl Mound Prop. of Ward House OH 1876
WARD, Susan Died 9 Aug 1869 Former wife of Wm. Wheeler TN 1829
WARREN, John K. Decatur Decatur Insurance & Real Est. Agent PA 1855
WARREN, M.G. So. Macon Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Rock C. KY 1861
WATKINS, James Died: 16 Oct 1862 Late Husb. of Sarah Watkins VA 1856
WATKINS, Sarah Hickory Pt. Sec 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1856
WAYNE Brothers Decatur Decatur Carriage Mfg. PA 1872
WEAR, John A. Milam Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Fayette Co IL 1862
WEATHERFORD, W.H. Bl Mound Sec 15 Farmer, Stock Raiser & Twp. Asses. VA 1858
WEAVER, Almeda Oakley Sec 3 Wife of B.C. Hawkins NY 1869
WEAVER, Hiram H. Died 3 Jan 1852 First Husband of S.A. Brennan OH 1851
WEAVER, John Hickory Pt. Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1851
WEAVER, Julia A. Died 1878 Late wife of R.C. Hawkins NY 1865
WEAVER, Nancy Maroa Sec 32 Wife of John Keister Cumb. Co, PA 1850
WEAVER, Susan Austin Sec 36 Wife of S.A. Crossman Macon Co 1857
WEBBER, Albert G. Decatur Decatur Attorney Germany 1863
WEEMS, E.W. Decatur Decatur Physician & Surgeon IA 1879
WEIGEL, D.S. Hickory Pt. Sec 16 Farmer & Minister PA 1851
WELCH, Margaret Died: 7 Dec 1873 First Wife of Edward Madden Tipperary, Ire 1861
WELLS, T.M. Decatur Decatur Photographer Adams Co 1879
WELTMER, Elizabeth W. Hickory Pt. Sec 19 Wife of David Love PA 1855
WETZELL, Sarah J. Maroa Sec 30 Wife of Samuel Lehn Cumber. Co 1855
WEYGANDT, J.F. Pl. View Sec 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1864
WEYGANDT, Jonathan Pl. View Sec 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1864
WHEELER, Wm. Mt. Zion Sec 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser & ex-sheriff TN 1828
WHITAKER, N.M. Austin Sec 18 Farmer & Breeder Hogs IN 1864
WHITE, Charles Decatur . Mining Engineer GA 1880
WHITE, Mary J. Died: 24 Jun 1867 Late Wife of J.R. Black, IL 1866
WHITLEY, W.L. Harristown Sec 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1846
WHITMER, H.M. Decatur Decatur Brick & Tile Mfg. PA 1860
WHITNEY, Susanah Pl. View Sec 35 Wife of James G. Griffith VT 1866
WICKS, Francis Maroa Sec 17 Farmer & Minister Wiltshire, Eng 1868
WICKS, John F. Maroa Sec 17 Teacher Edgar Co 1870
WIDICK, Ephraim Decatur Sec 18 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1844
WIKEL, Catherine Niantic Sec 10 Widow of H. Hillinger VA 1877
WIKOFF, J.H. Long Creek Sec 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser IL 1865
WILEY, Mary E. So. Macon Sec 23 Wife of John Coombe DE 1857
WILHELMY, Jacob Decatur Decatur Tonsorial Artist Ger. 1878
WILKINSON, Chancey Decatur Dec'd Died Jan. 15, 1844 NY 1844
WILKINSON, Mrs. L. Decatur Decatur Widow of Chancey Wilkinson NY 1844
WILLARD, J.M. Harristown Sec 9 Farmer, Stock Raiser, Dealer & Shipper Morgan Co IL 1850
WILLARD, M.B. Harristown Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Morgan Co IL 1856
WILLIAMS, Elizabeth S. Fr. Creek Sec 24 Wife of James Querrey Pittsylvania, VA 1825
WILLIAMS, Frances Maroa Maroa Present wife of Peter Bennett Frank'n Co OH 1870
WILLIAMS, P.E. Decatur Decatur Mill-Wright Christ. Co 1879
WILSON, Hannah Bl Mound Sec 31 Mother of Lew Blankinship NC 1828
WILSON, John M. Decatur Decatur Mfg. of Boilers NY 1866
WILSON, Mary C. Died 14 Dec 1862 First wife of S. Mahannah Macon Co 1836
WILSON, Wm. H. Bl Mound Sec 19 St. Saw-mill & Lumber Dealer OH 1878
WINGATE, Thomas H. Decatur Decatur Dealer in Lamps NH 1850
WISER, Peter Illini Sec 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1850
WITT, Nancy Died 1861 First wife of Wm. Bucker* TN 1853
WITT, Xavier So. Whe'land Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser France 1858
WOOD, E.W. Decatur Decatur Conf., Rest., & Ice Cream Sangamon Co 1855
WOOD, Elizabeth L. Harristown Sec 15 Wife of James H. Park Madison Co IL 1868
WOOD, G.M. Decatur Decatur Co. Treasurer KY 1854
WORKMAN, Dinah E. Pl. View Sec 18 Wife of J.A. Blair IL 1875
WORLEY, D.T. Long Creek Sec 35 Teacher IN 1872
WORMAN, Eldorado Illini Sec 12 Wife of Martin Albert VA 1866
WRIGHT, Elizabeth Died Oct 1875 1st wife of David Scotland 1844
WRIGHT, Isabella Whitmore Died 1839 1st Wife of D. Florey Mont. Co, VA 1828
WRIGHT, Jane Austin Sec 19 Wife of George Johnston Sangamon Co 1870
WRIGHT, Thomas Niantic Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Scotland 1875
WYCOFF, Vashti Maroa Sec 12 Wife of John Longstreet Butler Co, OH 1862
YODER, Lanah Bl Mound Sec 21 Wife of J.C. Sudy Lancaster, PA 1847
YOUNG, Sr., J.J.H. Decatur Decatur Attorney VA 1856
YOUNG, William Decatur Sec 16-2 Farmer PA 1856
ZELLER, John Decatur Decatur Butcher & Packer NY 1862
ZIMMERMAN, Lizzie Bl Mound Sec 23 Wife of Emil Kallenback Pike Co 1868
ZIMMERMAN, W.N. Decatur Decatur Prop. Zimmerman House PA 1856

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