Surnames D - F

Extracted from History of Macon County, Illinois, 1880

DAILEY, George Decatur Dec'd Died Jan 7, 1841 Ire. 1840
DAKIN, Lydia Died: 17 Feb 1870 Late Wife of J.R. Moon OH 1873
DAMERY, George Pl. View Sec 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ireland 1862
DANIEL, John H. Decatur Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Belmont OH 1864
DANIELS, L.S. Illini Sec 16 Wife of E.J. Roberts NH 1868
DANZEISEN, Jacob Decatur Decatur Butcher, Whole. & Retail Baden, Ger. 1871
DAVIS, A.T. Long Creek Sec 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1858
DAVIS, Elizabeth Died: 27 Jan 1877 Late wife of Samuel Heft Shelby Co OH 1868
DAVIS, H.W. Long Creek Sec 27 Nurseryman Macon Co 1835
DAVIS, John T. Maroa Sec 20 Farm. & breeder Poland China Hogs Scott Co 1855
DAVIS, Lydia Long Creek Sec 27 Wife of J.S. Kizer KY 1830
DAVIS, Samuel C. Long Creek Sec 27 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1844
DAVIS, Thomas So. Macon Sec 27 Farmer & Stock Raiser Wash. Co PA 1848
DAVISON, Geo. W. Died 27 Apr 1873 Late husband Martha Davison NJ 1865
DAVISON, Martha J. Austin Sec 20 Mother of T.B. & G.W. St Francis, MO 1865
DAVISON, T.B. Austin Sec 20 Farmer & Stock raiser St Francis, MO 1865
DAVISON, Thomas Austin Sec 20 Farmer & Stock raiser St. Francis, MO 1865
DAWKINS, R.C. Decatur Decatur Dentist KY 1865
DAY, William W. Pl. View Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser TN 1866
DEAKINS, Mary E. Bl Mound Sec 31 Wife of Isaac B. Kaup Macon Co 1854
DECK, Lula Jane Oakley C. Gordo Dau. of M.L. & Elnor Deck IL 1878
DECK, M.L. Oakley C. Gordo Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1872
DEICKHOFF, C.D. Decatur Decatur Prop. of Saloon Ger. 1865
DELBRIDGE, E.F. Pl. View Sec 17 Farmer & Stock Raiser Prussia 1858
DELBRIDGE, Jr., E.F. Bl Mound Sec 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser Prussia 1858
DELBRIDGE, Henrietta Pl. View Sec 17 Wife of W. A. Moss Prussia 1858
DEMSEY, C.F. Illini Warr'burg Physician & Surgeon OH 1853
DENISE, Sarah Ann Austin Sec 23 Wife of Daniel Schenck Butler Co OH 1860
DENNIS, W.A. Decatur Decatur Hardware Merchant OH 1859
DERINIT, James Decatur Decatur Contractor & Builder IN 1858
DICKEY, William Died 17 Jan 1875 2d Husband of S.A. Brennan KY 1828
DICKSON, Adam Milam Sec 2 Farmer & Stock Raiser Scotland 1859
DINGMAN, Elizabeth Niantic Sec 10 Wife of John S. Kizer IL 1850
DINNEEN, John Decatur Decatur Grocer & Co Coroner Ireland 1856
DINWIDDIE, Samuel C. Died: 6 Jan 1880 Late husband of Margaret Orr Sangamon Co 1857
DODDS, Eliza A. Fr. Creek Sec 6 Wife of Israel Fout KY 1849
DODSON, Anna Whitmore Sec 31 Wife of Joshua Green Green Co, IL 1864
DODSON, Ben F. Decatur Decatur Prop. of Saloon IN 1861
DODSON, Fannie Decatur Sec 13 Wife of John H. Daniel Green Co 1864
DODSON, William Decatur Decatur B.M.U.D. for past 23 yrs. England 1852
DOYLE, J.R. Oakley Sec 32 Farmer Macon Co 1859
DRAKE, Sylvanus P. Fr. Creek Sec 31 Farm, Stock Raiser & Deal. Macon Co 1848
DRAPER, J.A. Mt. Zion Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon IL 1828
DUNHAM, Phoebe N. Austin Sec 13 Wife of J.B. Austin Green Co OH 1856
DUNLAP, D.N. Illini Warr'burg Grain Dealer Sangamon Co IL 1867
DUNLAP, M.A. Niantic Sec 24 Wife of John N. Henry Lincoln Co KY 1868
DUNN, Eliza Jane Maroa Sec 6 Wife of Wm. Farren Bourbon Co, KY 1869
DUNNER, Julia Decatur Decatur Wife of F. Moser Prussia Ger. 1868
DUNSTON, A.J. Decatur Decatur Balcksmith OH 1855
DURFEE, B.K. Decatur Decatur Insur. & Real Estate Agent MI 1857
DURFEE, George S. Decatur Decatur Dealer in Farm Imp. & Seeds MI 1857
DUTRO, Susanna E. Died 15 Sep 1876 1st wife of Wm. C. Brelsford Preble Co OH 1866
EATLY, Nannie D. Bl Mound Sec 20 Wife of E.W. Crow IN 1876
ECHHARDT, Louisa Bl Mound Sec 23 Wife of Henry G. Jokish ? 1868
ECKART, Mathias Decatur Sec 9 Farmer, Grain Baden, Ger 1854
EDGAR, A.C. Niantic Sec 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Cass Co 1869
EDMISTON, Carelda Maroa Sec 21 Pres. Wife of W.B. Swigart Logan Co, OH 1880
EHRMAN, I.W. Decatur Decatur Clothing Manufacturer Germany 1853
EICHINGER, Michael Long Creek Sec 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1854
EICHOLTZ, E.B. Decatur Sec 10 Fruit & Veg. Grower York Co PA 1864
ELDER, Mary E. Bl Mound Sec 19 Wife of Wm. H. Wilson IL 1878
ELDRIDGE, E.R. Decatur Decatur Attorney IN 1870
ELLIS, Sarah Emma Maroa Sec 16 Wife of J. Warburton Morgan Co 1870
ELWOOD, C. Decatur Decatur Clothing & Dry Goods NY 1857
EMERY, C.F. Maroa Maroa Banker, Grain & Real Est. Dealer NY 1856
EMERY, Betsy Austin Sec 8 Wife of H.S. Balcom Merrim'c N.H. 1857
EMERY, J.W. Austin Sec 18 Farmer & Asessor Merrim'k, NH 1857
EVENS, Maria C. Bl Mound Sec 5 Wife of J.E. Chapman Macon Co 1854
EVEY, Michael Fr. Creek Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Franklin Co PA 1855
EWING, E.F. Decatur Decatur Jeweler McLean Co 1866
EYMAN, Jerome Harristown Sec 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser St. Clair Co IL 1855
FARNSWORTH, Theola D. Bl Mound Sec 33 Wife of T.M. Taylor OH 1868
FARREN, Geo. T. Maroa Sec 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser Jeff. Co, IN
FARREN, William Maroa Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1869
FAWKES, Howard B. Maroa Sec 12 Farm & breed Poland China Hogs Lanc'ter Co PA 1862
FAWKES, J.W. Maroa Sec 12 Farmer & inv. Fawks' St. Plow Lanc'ter PA 1862
FERRE, Abel S. Pl. View Sec 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser Canada 1866
FILSON, Gustis Harristown Sec 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Morgan Co IL 1872
FILSON, Robert Harristown Sec 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Morgan Co IL 1872
FISH, Emma Illini Sec 1 Wife of E. Minson IN 1871
FISH, S.A. So. Macon Sec 34 Wife of James Hopson Sarato. NY 1857
FLANIGAN, Mary E. Long Creek Sec 21 Wife of L.B. Casner Montgomery Co IN 1832
FLEMING, Geo. A. So. Macon Sec 26 Farmer & Stock Raiser Cosh. Co OH 1876
FLOREY, David Whitmore Sec 21 Farmer & stock raiser Wythe Co, VA 1825
FORD, Elsie E. Niantic Sec 28 Wife of A.C. Edgar AK 1859
FORNHORST, Henrietta Bl Mound Sec 16 Wife of Fred Bailey Germany 1842
FOSTER, Elizabeth Harristown Sec 13 Wife of Samuel Lenard KY 1865
FOSTER, D.L. Mt. Zion Mt. Zion Farmer & J.P. Macon Co 1848
FOSTER, Isabella Died: 30 May 1852 First Wife of Wm. Dickey TN ?
FOSTER, Jennie M. Pl. View Bl Mound Wife of J.D. Seilberling OH 1871
FOSTER, W.W. Decatur Decatur Collector OH 1866
FOULKE, Edward Maroa Sec 26 Farmer Hamilton Co OH 1857
FOUT, Israel Fr. Creek Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Hardy Co VA 1839
FOWLER, Ruth E. Oakley Sec 3 Aunt of R.C. & B.C. CT 1856
FOX, Thomas S. So. Macon Sec 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser Monroe Co IL 1864
FRASER, Nancy Died 10 Nov 1855 First wife of Eleaz. House OH .
FREELAND, David J. Milam Sec 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser NC 1837
FREEMAN, James Decatur Decatur Boot & She Merchant MA 1878
FREEMAN, Jeremiah Harristown Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co IL 1830
FRIZELL, Margaret C. Died 27 Jan 1860 First wife of P.R. Ground Cass Co IL 1857
FROSTMEYER, Martin Decatur Decatur Sheriff of Macon Co. Bavar. Ger. 1854
FRY, Susanna Oakley Sang'n Wife of J.B. Lichtenberger PA 1853
FULK, Louisa B. Oakley Sec 25 Wife of Robert Reed Green Co IN 1857
FUNK, M.P. Maroa Sec 5 Farm. & breed Poland China Hogs Morgan Co 1855

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