Surnames G - J

Extracted from History of Macon County, Illinois, 1880

GABBERT, H.E. Long Creek Sec 27 Wife of Samuel C. Davis IN 1851
GABRA, Eliza Pl. View Sec 34 Wife of A.J. Nicholls Ire. 1868
GALLAGHER, Arthur J. Died 23 Jun 1879 Judge Ireland 1854
GALLAGHER, Rachel R. Decatur Decatur Wid. Judge Gallagher Macon Co. 1843
GARDNER, Mattie H. Maroa Sec 12 Wife of H.B. Fawkes Peoria Co 1876
GARMAN, Elizabeth Pl. View Sec 30 Wife of J.F. Weygandt OH 1864
GASTMAN, E.F. Decatur Decatur Teach. & Supt City Schools NY 1860
GATES, Clarinda Illini Warr'burg Wife of C.F. Demsey OH 1874
GATES, Mary Oakley Sec 21 Wife of T. Chambers Scott Co ?
GAVER, Barbara A. Died 30 May 1863 Late wife of J. Barrick MD ?
GAY, Edward C. Decatur Decatur Insur. & Loan Agent Piatt Co. 1879
GEDDES, James Decatur Sec 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Leban. Co PA 1835
GEHRMANN, Theod. A. Decatur Decatur Dry Goods Dealer Prussia 1868
GEPFORD, Geo. W. Niantic Sec 11 Miller, Grain Dir. & Farmer PA 1842
GEPFORD, Jacob Maroa Sec 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Dauphin Co, PA 1855
GEPFORD, W.H. Hickory Pt. Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1848
GHER, Catharine Died: 9 Apr1879 Late Wife of J.H. McKinley PA 1855
GILLESPIE, Mildred Fr. Creek Sec 21 Wife of R.H. Park Johnson Co IN 1861
GIPSON, Wm. H. Decatur Decatur Plaining Mill IN 1865
GLEASON, Hattie J. Milam Sec 2 Wife of Adam Dickson OH 1865
GLEASON, J.B. Milam Sec 14 J.P. & Retired Farmer Hartford CT 1865
GOLTRA, John H. Pl. View Sec 35 Farmer & Stock Raiser NJ 1863
GONGWER, Elizabeth Died 1872 2d wife of P. Bennett Westmor'd Co 1871
GONGWER, Susan Died 1868 First wife of P. Bennett Rich'd Co OH 1855
GOOD, James R. Hickory Pt. Sec 32 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co IL 1856
GOODMAN, Charles Decatur Decatur Builder Macon Co. 1847
GORDEN, ? Pl. View Bl Mound Grain, Lumber, Hdw, Cement & Coal Gordon, KY 1877
GORE, Jane E. Died 25 June 1880 . Loudon Co, VA 1838
GOSSORT, Charles Harristown Sec 29 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1866
GRADY, Thomas D. Maroa Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Hunt. Co, PA 1879
GRADY, Triphena Maroa Sec 5 Wife of Geo. T. Farren DeWitt Co 1877
GRASON, William Oakley Sec 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ire. 1855
GREEN, Joshua Whitmore Sec 31 Farmer & stock raiser England 1864
GREEN, Octavia So. Whe'land Sec 4 Widow of W.D. Hamilton Morgan Co 1866
GREENFIELD, Alexander Fr. Creek Sec 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ross Co OH 1843
GREER, Samuel F. Decatur Decatur County Judge OH 1854
GRIFFITH, James G. Pl. View Sec 35 Farmer & Stock Raiser VT 1866
GRIMMER, Caroline Bl Mound Sec 15 Wife of Henry A. Miller Germany 1858
GRINDOL, W.H. Decatur Decatur Marble Dealer OH 1864
GRING, I.B. Decatur Sec 17 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1850
GROUND, P.R. Mt. Zion Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser NJ 1857
GRUBBS, Wm. T. Hickory Pt. Sec 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser IL 1846
GRUNDEN, W.S. Harristown Sec 1 Farmer & Stock Raiser IN 1861
HAGEN, James Niantic Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Tyrone, Ire. 1857
HAGEN, John A. Niantic Sec 21 Son of Jas. & C. Hagen Springfield 1857
HAGEN, Mary Ann Niantic Sec 21 Daughter of Jas. & C. Hagen Springfield 1857
HAINES, Nancy O. Bl Mound Sec 22 Wife of John Robbins TN 1869
HAINES, Susan A. Austin Sec 19 Wife of A.J. Bradshaw OH 1867
HALBERT, Catharine Harristown Sec 4 Wife of Joseph D. McGuire VA 1855
HALL, Benjamin A. Bl Mound Sec 19 Farmer & Brickmaker Macon Co 1855
HALL, Charles A. Niantic Sec 12 Farmer Fayette Co KY 1863
HALL, John Harristown Sec 16 Farmer MO 1871
HAMILTON, W.D. Died 14 Jun 1877 Late Husb. of Octavis Green KY 1866
HAMMER, Wm. L. Decatur Decatur Retired KY 1854
HAMSHER, B.K. Decatur Decatur Ed. & Pub. Republican PA 1856
HAMSHER, John Decatur Decatur Harness & Saddle Maker PA 1853
HAND, J.T. Decatur Decatur Books & Music Dealer NY 1879
HARDY, A.W. Decatur Decatur Livery & Feed Stable PA 1850
HARDY, George P. Decatur Decatur City Register PA 1852
HARDY, Jane Decatur Sec 7 Widow of Geo. Dailey PA 1840
HARMEL, Hattie A. Bl Mound Sec 11 Wife of John H. Sleeter Prussia 1855
HARNSBERGER, Geo. G. Whitmore Sec 19 Farmer & horse & hogs Clark Co, OH 1865
HARPOLE, Elizabeth A. Maroa Sec 31 Pres. wife of H.P. Beach Madison Co OH 1865
HARPSTRITE, E. Decatur Decatur Steam Brewery Ger. 1855
HARRIS, Henry Decatur Decatur Shirt Mfg. NY 1879
HARRIS, S.A. Long Creek Sec 19 Wife of John Jones MD 1855
HARTWIG, John H. Pl. View Sec 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Prussia 1861
HARWOOD, Kilburn Decatur Decatur R.R. Agent MA 1865
HATFIELD, James Decatur Decatur Prop. Oil Mills OH 1860
HATFIELD, John Decatur Decatur Prop. Oil Mills OH 1860
HAUKINS, Mary E. Fr. Creek Sec 30 Wife of David Adams Clinton Co OH 1862
HAVENS, Carrie A. Niantic Sec 23 Wife of Francis M. Choate Shelby Co 1877
HAWKINS, B.C. Oakley Sec 3 Farmer VT 1856
HAWKINS, R.C. Oakley Sec 10 Farmer Rut. Co VT 1856
HAWKS, Eliza Long Creek Sec 17 Wife of Jacob P. Seitz Macon Co 1851
HAWKYARD, A. Austin Sec 10 Farmer & Srock raiser Yorkshire, Eng. 1858
HAWORTH, George D. Decatur Decatur Man. of Check Rower OH 1857
HAWORTH, James W. Decatur Decatur Man. Check Rower OH 1858
HAWORTH, Mahlon Decatur Decatur Man. Check Rower OH 1858
HAWS, J.H. Decatur Decatur Photographer KY 1870
HAYS, F.L. Decatur Decatur Dry Good Merchant OH 1855
HAYS, Hezekiah Hickory Pt. Sec 25 Farmer & Keeper Poor Farms Macon Co IL 1844
HAYWOOD, Elliza A. Illini Sec 1 Wife of Charles Buckley Eng. 1861
HAYWORTH, L.L. Decatur Decatur Check Rower Mfg. OH 1857
HAYNES, N.S. Decatur Decatur Disciple Preacher KY 1873
HEBBERD, S.S. Pl. View Sec 14 Farmer & Minister NY 1867
HEDGES, Caleb Fr. Creek Sec 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser Fairfield Co OH 1867
HEFT, Samuel Austin Sec 17 Farmer & Stock raiser Fairfield Co OH 1868
HEILMAN, D.H. Decatur Decatur Grocer PA 1865
HENDRICKS, Mary Harristown Sec 16 Wife of John Hall TN 1874
HENRY, John N. Niantic Sec 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser Lincoln Co KY 1868
HERMAN, W.S. Long Creek Sec 17 Teacher PA 1853
HERRSTINE, Eva Maroa Maroa Wife of John Schenck IL 1877
HESS, Mary Ann Whitmore Sec 21 Wife of Samuel T. Miles PA 1856
HESS, Sarah Oakley Sec 27 Wife of John Hiser PA 1850
HEWES, J.S. Decatur Decatur Eng. F.C. Buildings OH 1864
HICKEY, Angie Maroa Sec 18 Pres. Wife of Edward Madden Wexford, Ire 1872
HILL, Jas. D. Maroa Sec 25 Farmer & Stock Raiser NC 1870
HILL, Margaret J. Bl Mound Sec 33 Wife of Wm. F. Muirheid Macon Co 1834
HILL, Rebecca Fr. Creek Sec 6 Wife of Wm. K. Coulter Marion Co OH 1854
HILL, W.H. Austin Sec 29 Farmer & Stock raiser Devonsh'e, Eng. 1869
HILLBERN, James L. Harristown Sec 20 Farmer Macon Co IL 1857
HILLINGER, Emery Niantic Sec 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1865
HILLINGER, Hiram Died 26 Dec 1872 Father of James & E. Hillinger OH 1865
HILLINGER, James Niantic Sec 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1865
HINKLE, Wm. A. Hickory Pt. Sec 5 Farmer & Blacksmith PA 1870
HISER, John Oakley Sec 27 Farmer & Wheat Grower PA 1849
HOCKADAY, Robert L. Mt. Zion Mt Zion Prop. Mt Zion Hotel & Mer. Jeff'son Co OH 1856
HOFFMAN, Eva Maroa Sec 14 Wife of E.S. Lazell ? ?
HOLCOMB, T.O. Oakley O'kly Gen. Store & Grain Dealer, & P.M. IL 1879
HOLT, J.T. Maroa Maroa Prop. Liv & Feed Stable Knox Xo, OH 1876
HONER, John Bl Mound Sec 15 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1861
HOOTS, Nancy Oakley Sec 26 Pres. wife of E.E. Cross Scott Co 1874
HOOVER, Moses Fr. Creek Sec19 Farmer & Stock Raiser ? ?
HOPSON, James So. Macon Sec 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser Herk. Co NY 1857
HORNBACK, Lethe A. Hickory Pt. Sec 15 Wife of Geo. W. Schroll Macon Co IL 1836
HORNBACK, Nancy J. Hickory Pt. Sec 8 Wife of W.H. Gepford Macon Co IL 1840
HORTON, M.J. Long Creek Sec 10 Wife of N.W. Rucker TN 1854
HOSTETTLER, Jacob Died Jan 11 1873 Lat Husb. of Mrs. T.A. Hostettler KY 1835
HOSTETTLER, Malinda Harristown Sec 4 Wife of C.E. Hunsley Macon Co IL 1838
HOSTETTLER, Margaret Died Nov 1844 First wife of James Miller KY 1829
HOSTETTLER, Mrs. T.A. Harristown Sec 14 Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1835
HOUSE, Eleazar Pl. View Sec 31 Farmer, Sock Raiser & Twp Sup. OH 1865
HOUSER, David Hickory Pt. Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1845
HOUSEWORTH, Mary Oakley Sec 10 Present Wife of Wm. Bucker* PA 1857
HOUSMAR, Humphery Fr. Creek Sec 19 Farmer & Carpenter OH 1849
HOUSTON, Edward Decatur Decatur Furniture Dealer Ire. 1876
HOWELL, W.T. Oakley Sec 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Sang'n Co 1834
HOYT, J.N. Harristown Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser, Twp Sup NH 1868
HUFF, Lucy Ellen Died: 4 Oct 1876 Late wife of Michale Eichinger OH 1864
HULRICK, Sulvena So. Macon Sec 22 Wife of Wm. Richardson Ger. 1830
HUNSINGER, Mary Fr. Creek Sec 31 Wife of Sylvanus Drake White Co 1879
HUNSLEY, C.E. Harristown Sec 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Eng. 1852
HUNTER, Caroline Long Creek Sec 17 Wife of J.D. Jennings Morgan Co 1853
HUNTING, Laura A. Hickory Pt. Sec 26 Wife of John Y. Braden VT 1830
HURSH, Lizzie A. Long Creek Sec 3 Wife of T. Quickel Cum'land Co PA 1871
HURST, Isaac Pl. View Sec 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser IN 1866
HURST, Mary E. Died 20 March 1869 Late wife of W.F. Brookshire MD 1855
HUSTON, Ulysses Hickory Pt. Sec 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1836
IMBODEN, C.M. Decatur Decatur Butcher PA 1855
IMBODEN, J.G. Decatur Decatur Butcher Macon Co 1856
INGLES, Mary E. Niantic Niantic Wife of Thos. A. Pritchett Bourbon Co KY 1856
INGLES, Sarah J. Niantic Sec 12 Wife of J.W. Pritchett Bourbon Co KY 1864
IRVING, Agnes Austin Sec 19 Wife of John Johnston Scotland 1875
IRWIN, Alice Harristown Sec 28 Wife of W.L. Whitley PA 1861
IRWIN, L.C. Whitmore Sec 8 Wife of C.P. Rainey St Clair Co OH 1867
IRWIN, S.M. Decatur Decatur Druggist Mont. Co IL 1877
ISRAEL, Eliza M. Austin Sec 10 Wife of Henderson Lakin Carroll Co IN
IVENS, Amanda Hickory Pt. Sec 5 Wife of Wm. A. Hinkle OH 1866
JACK, S.S. Decatur Decatur Editor Review PA 1869
JACKSON, J.H. Bl Mound Sec 26 Farmer & Stock Raiser NC 1874
JAMESON, B.T. Maroa Maroa Deal. in Luber & Coal Linc. Co, MO 1869
JAYNES, Eliza Maroa Sec 12 Present wife of B. Burrows Adair Co KY 1871
JENNINGS, I.D. Long Creek Sec 17 Farmer & Ex-sheriff NJ 1853
JIMISON, John G. Fr. Creek Sec 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Glasgow, Scot. 1834
JIMISON, Nancy Fr. Creek Sec 4 Pres. Wife of John Jimison Erie Co PA 1872
JOHNS, W.C. Decatur Decatur Attorney OH 1854
JOHNSON, Frank S. Decatur Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1856
JOHNSON, Robert Hickory Pt. Sec 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1831
JOHNSON, Willis Decatur Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison KY 1837
JOHNSTON, George Austin Sec 19 Farmer, Stock raiser & J.P. Scotland 1870
JOHNSTON, John Austin Sec 19 Farmer & Stock Raiser Scotland 1870
JOKISH, Henry G. Bl Mound Sec 23 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1868
JONES, Angeline Died 5 Dec 1874 2nd wife of P.R. Ground Macon Co 1838
JONES, Anna Mt. Zion Mt. Zion Wife of D.L. Foster Macon Co 1852
JONES, Almon H. Fr. Creek Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Warren Co OH 1856
JONES, C.D. Niantic Niantic P.O. Clerk & son of J.W. KY 1868
JONES, Daniel W. Decatur Decatur Prop. Dan's Bank WV 1870
JONES, E.A. Decatur Sec 3 Farmer & Real Est. Dealer OH 1854
JONES, John Long Creek Sec 19 Farmer & Stock Raiser Sangamon Co 1851
JONES, J.W. Niantic Niantic Blacksmith & Wagon maker KY 1868
JONES, Kezia Fr. Creek Sec 33 Resides with Sister Ross Co OH 1863
JONES, Margaret Niantic Niantic Wife of J.W. Jones KY 1868
JONES, Rosa Fr. Creek Sec 33 Wife of John Lee Ross Co OH 1863
JONES, Sarah Mt. Zion Sec 24 Pres. wife of Wm. Wheeler Marion Co 1826
JORDAN, Sarah E. Bl Mound Sec 3 Wife of Henry T. Brown Macon Co 1860
JONES, Sarah W. Mt. Zion Sec 21 Wife of J.A. Draper Madison OH 1839
JONES, Susan B. Maroa Sec 27 Wife of Sylvester Jones Cuyaho. Co, OH 1869
JONES, Sylvester Maroa Sec 27 Farmer & Breeder Hogs Green Co, OH 1869
JONES, Wm. C. Niantic Niantic Of the firm of Jones & Son KY 1868
JOSTER, Henry Bl Mound Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1857

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