Surnames A - C

Extracted from History of Macon County, Illinois, 1880

ABERNATHAY, Nancy Pl. View Bl Mound Wife of Robert D. Ward OH 1876
ADAMS, David M. Fr. Creek Sec 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser Centre Co PA 1862
ADAMS, Martha A. Hickory Pt. Sec 30 Wife of Helleary Major IN 1858
ADAMS, Sarah L. Maroa Sec 25 Wife of Jas. D. Hill MO 1870
ALBERT, Martin Illini Sec 12 Farm. & Breed. of Morgan Horses OH 1866
ALDRIDGE, H.A. Decatur Decatur Butcher Scott Co 1866
ALLEN, D.L. Decatur Sec 23 Retired Loudon Co, VA 1828
ALLEN, Melissa C. Hickory Pt. Sec 34 Wife of Wm. T. Grubbs KY 1855
ALLEN, Samuel C. Decatur Sec 12 Farmer Loudon Co, VA 1832
ANDREWS, Thomas Decatur Decatur Saloon & Billiard Parlor ? ?
ARBUCKLE, A.R. Decatur Decatur Editor of Tomahawk OH 1874
ARMSTRONG, John Decatur Decatur Plaining Mill OH 1867
ARNOLD, John A. Decatur Decatur Hatter VA 1875
ARTHUR, Jasper Hickory Pt. Sec 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1866
ARTHUR, Joseph Hickory Pt. Sec 17 Farmer & Cattle Feeder OH 1867
ATKINSON, Levina Died 26 Aug 1871 . First Wife of F. Wicks Westm. Co, PA 1868
AUGUSTUS, Mary Fr. Creek Sec 24 Wife of Caleb Hedges Fairfield Co OH 1867
AUSTIN, James B. Austin Sec 13 Farm., Breed. of Hogs, Sheep Green Co OH 1856
AUSTIN, Nancy J. Harristown Sec 12 Pres. Wife of A.C. Miller Macon Co IL 1849
AVEITT, Laura Niantic Sec 12 Wife of Chas. A. Hall Macon Co ?
AYERS, Amelia Fr. Creek Sec 19 Wife of Humphrey Housmar NY 1851
BABER, Mary Letta Maroa Sec 8 Pres. Wife of D.P. Ogelvie St. Louis Co, MO 1879
BACHMAN, Miriam Pl. View Sec 30 Wife of Jon. Weygandt PA 1864
BACHRACH, Henry Decatur Decatur Clothier MD 1877
BAILEY, Abbie M. Illini Sec 32 Wife of D.B. Batchelder MA 1868
BAILEY, Fred Bl Mound Sec 16 Farmer & Breeder of fine stock Germany 1853
BAKER, H.S. Decatur Decatur Contractor & Builder IN 1855
BAKER, J.N. Decatur Decatur Deals in Boots & Shoes Macon Co 1844
BAKER, Mary Ann Oakley Sec 26 Pres. wife of Jacob Seitz OH 1873
BAKER, N.M. Long Creek Sec 20 Minister Presbyterian Church Macon Co 1837
BAKER, S.C. Long Creek Sec 35 Wife of D.T. Worley IN 1869
BALCOM, H.S. Austin Sec 8 Farmer & Stock raiser Oswego Co NY 1866
BARGER, Amanda Maroa Sec 16 Wife of Daniel Cline PA 1868
BARGER, Henry Maroa Sec 6 Farm. & Breed Poland China Hogs PA 1858
BARNES, Albert Decatur Decatur Abstract'r Conveyancer IN 1853
BARNES, J.A. Bl Mound Sec 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1862
BARNES, W.A. Decatur Decatur Retired Physician NH 1853
BARRACHMAN, C.J. Decatur Sec 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser MD 1861
BARRICK, Joshua Pl. View Bl. Mound Dealer in Grain & Agr. Imp. MD 1871
BARROWS, Ellen Bl Mound Sec 32 Wife of Wm. T. Moffett VT 1854
BARSTOW, Sarah So. Macon Sec 26 Wife of G.A. Fleming Licking Co OH 1876
BARTHOLOMEW, E.D. Decatur Decatur Glassware, Toys & Notions CT 1869
BARTLETT, Geo. A. Milam Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co IL 1868
BATCHELDER, Abbie J. Illini Sec 32 Wife of Jeremiah T. Clough NH 1861
BATCHELDER, D.B. Illini Sec 32 Farmer & Stock Raiser NH 1868
BATCHELDER, M.E. Illini Sec 19 Farmer & Stock Raiser NH 1854
BATCHELDER, Sarah A.L. Illini Sec 19 Wife of M.E. Batchelder NH 1854
BATCHELDER, N.S. Hickory Pt. Sec 8 Farm., Cattle & Hog feeder NH 1856
BATES, A.H. Maroa Maroa Minister IL 1876
BATTLES, Orrie M. So. Whe'land Sec 16 Wife of John C. Roby NH 1869
BAUGHMAN, A.E. Maroa Sec 12 Wife of J.W. Fawkes Lanc'ter Co PA 1862
BEACH, H.P. Maroa Sec 31 Farmer & Stock Dealer Madi'n Co NY 1865
BECKETT, James Pl. View Sec 3 Son of J.B. & M. Beckett Macon Co, IL 1880
BECKETT, John B. Pl. View Sec 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1874
BEEBE, Drucilla Fr. Creek Died 1866 Wife of John Jimison Canad. Co NY 1834
BELL, A.W. Mt. Zion Mt. Zion Retired Greene TN 1829
BELL, Maggie L. Mt. Zion Sec 10 Wife of George T. Outten Macon Co 1852
BENEDICT, Worthie C. Pl. View Sec 13 Wife of James D. Smith Macon Co 1847
BENNETT, Joseph Maroa Sec 6 Farm & breed Ploand China Hogs Ashland Co OH 1867
BENNETT, Peter Maroa Maroa Retired Farmer & Capitalist Wash'n Co MD 1855
BERING, Edward J. Decatur Decatur Mfg. Ag. Implements Berks Co, PA 1876
BERING, Jas. E. Decatur Decatur Manufacturing PA 1876
BERRY, T.W. Oakley Sec 35 Farmer & Stock Raiser VA 1864
BETZER, Geo. W. Whitmore Sec 13 Farmer & stock raiser OH 1841
BILLINGS, M. Maroa Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ross Co OH 1851
BIRD, John Decatur Decatur Calciminer ALA 1856
BIRKS, Rebecca Harristown Sec 28 Wife of T.L. Scroggin Logan Co IL 1864
BISHOP, M.W. Maroa Sec 35 Farmer & Stock Raiser Frank'n Co OH 1862
BIXLER, A.J. Hickory Pt. Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1860
BLACK, J.R. Hickory Pt. Sec 18 Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1866
BLAIR, James A. Pl. View Sec 18 Farmer & Stock Raiser IN 1866
BLANKINSHIP, Lewis Bl Mound Sec 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1847
BLENZ, Jacob Decatur Decatur Butcher Germany 1876
BLENZ, John Jr. Decatur Decatur Butcher Germany 1871
BLESSING, John Decatur Sec 23 Tile Manufacturer PA 1876
BLUME, George P. Decatur Decatur Agent Gen. Singer Machine OH 1872
BORDMAN, Isaac S. So. Whe'land Sec 27 Farmer & Stock Raiser NY 1854
BOST, Ella Austin Sec 14 Wife of Wm. C. Brelsford Edgar Co 1871
BOTKIN, Elizabeth Pl. View Bl Mound Wife of J.B. Miller OH 1853
BOTTOMLAY, Hannah Austin Sec 10 Wife of A Hawkyard Yorkshire, Eng. 1860
BOWER, G.M. Maroa Emery P.M., Sta. Agt., & Grain Dealer Scott Co 1855
BOWER, Martha E. Whitmore Sec 31 Wife of Joseph T. Stearnes KY 1857
BOWLBY, Caroline Died 11 July 1879 First Wife of W.B. Swigart Williams Co, OH 1863
BRADEN, Boyd Decatur Decatur Prop. General Novelty Works PA 1879
BRADEN, D.F. Maroa Sec 19 Farmer & Twp. Assessor Rich'd Co OH 1856
BRADEN, John Y. Hickory Pt. Sec 26 Farmer & Stock Raiser TN 1829
BRADEN, Solomon Austin Sec 1 Farmer & breeder of Cattle & Hogs Richland Co OH 1855
BRADFORD, Harriet A. Oakley Dec'd First wife of E.E. Cross, Died 1865 CT 1849
BRADLEY, A. Decatur Decatur Lightning Rod Agent OH 1862
BRADLEY, J.J. So. Macon Sec 26 Farmer & Stock Raiser Eng. 1858
BRADLEY, Mary Bl Mound Dec'd 1st Wife of J.H. Jackson KY
BRADSHAW, A.J. Austin Sec 19 Farmer & Stock Raiser TN 1861
BRAMBLE, Onies N. Decatur Decatur Eng. City Water Works IN 1858
BRANDOM, M. Decatur Decatur Oculist and Aurist IN 1870
BRELSFORD, William C. Austin Sec 14 Farmer & Breeder of Horses Butler Co OH 1866
BRENNAN Sarah A. Fr. Creek Sec 34 Widow of Wm. Dickey Canada 1849
BRENNEMAN, D.W. Decatur Decatur Wholesale Liquor Dealer IN 1865
BRENNEMAN, Eli So. Macon Sec 30 Farmer & Stock Raiser Henry Co IN 1869
BROOKSHIER, Wm. F. Pl. View Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1857
BROWN, Eunice N. Harristown Sec 16 Wife of J.N. Hoyt NH 1868
BROWN, Henry T. Bl Mound Sec 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ohio 1859
BROWN, J.A Austin Sec 36 Farmer & breeder of sheep & hogs Eng. 1861
BROWN, John A. Decatur Decatur Lawyer MA 1865
BROWN, Josiah Decatur Decatur Physician & Surgeon Canada 1858
BROWN, Nancy Died 13 Sep 1846 Late wife of A.W. Bell Wilson TN 1830
BROWN, Nelson F. Bl Mound Sec 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1859
BROWNING, Susan E. Bl Mound Sec 6 Wife of G.F. Cottle KY 1863
BROWNLEE, R. Mt. Zion Mt. Zion Druggist Shelby IL 1871
BUCKER (sic) (RUCKER), William Oakley Sec 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser SC 1853
BUCKINGHAM, I.A. Decatur Decatur Attorney OH 1863
BUCKLES, Dee Niantic Sec 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser Logan Co 1874
BUCKLEY, Charles Illini Sec 1 Farmer Eng. 1861
BUMSTEAD, Samuel J. Decatur Decatur Physician, Surgeon Phil., PA 1877
BUNN, D.P. Decatur Decatur Universalist Minister OH 1854
BURLEY, James Oakley Sec 31 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1865
BURNETT, Mary J. Decatur Sec 12 Wife of James Geddes KY 1833
BURROWS, Benjamin Maroa Sec 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Kent Co DE 1868
BURROWS, Helen E. Oakley Sec 9 Wife of Wm. Grason Scott Co. 1855
BURROWS, Rebecca Long Creek Sec 33 Wife of N.W. Tohill Macon Co 1862
BUTMAN, J.W. Decatur Decatur Supt. Gas Works MA 1871
CAIN, Lew R. Decatur Decatur Prop. of Saloon NY 1856
CALDWELL, C.M. Decatur Decatur Prop. Eclipse Stables OH 1871
CALLEN, Asthalinda Maroa Sec 16 Wife of M. Billings IN 1836
CAMP, Samuel Maroa Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Berks Co PA 1852
CAMPBELL, James C. Decatur Decatur Tobacconist Marion Co 1873
CAMPBELL, John S. Decatur Decatur Saloon OH 1858
CARDEN, Eliza Died 9 Dec 1869 Mother of Eliz. Carver Fairfield Co OH 1837
CARDER, John Decatur Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Frank. Co OH 1863
CARMANY, Sara C. Bl Mound Sec 19 Wife of Benjamin A. Hall OH 1866
CARR, N.A. Pl. View Sec 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser IL 1865
CARR, Nancy Caroline Maroa Sec 26 Wife of Wm. McGuire St Clair Co 1864
CARR, Robert F. Fr. Creek Newb'g Physician, Surgeon, Drugist,
Grocer, Farmer
Sussex Co NJ 1856
CARRIGAN, John R. Decatur Decatur Painter KY 1864
CARTER, Richard H. Pl. View Bl Mound Cus. Boot & Shoe Maker MA 1870
CARVER, Elizabeth Fr. Creek Sec 28 Wife of Joseph G. Kile Macon Co 1840
CARVER, George J. Fr. Creek KS Father of Eliz. Carver KY 1825
CASNER, Cordelia Long Creek Sec 31 Wife of J.H. Wikoff Macon Co 1857
CASNER, Elnor Oakley C. Gordo Wife of M.L. Deck IN 1872
CASNER, L.B. Long Creek Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1845
CASTELLO, Jennie Mt. Zion Sec 13 Wife of Wm. S. Turpin DeWitt Co 1864
CHAMBERS, T. Oakley Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser KY ?
CHAMBERS, Wm. E. Decatur Decatur Manufacturing NY 1862
CHAPMAN, J.E. Bl Mound Sec 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser Eng. 1864
CHAPMAN, Sarah J. Pl. View Sec 33 Wife of Abel S. Ferre TN 1866
CHENOWETH, C. Decatur Decatur Physician & Surgeon KY 1854
CHENOWETH, W.J. Decatur Decatur Physician & Surgeon KY 1854
CHILD, Caroline M. Fr. Creek Sec 28 Wife of Wm. A. McKinney Wash'gton Co IN 1851
CHITTY, Margaret Deceased Late wife of Isaac Bordman NC 1854
CHOATE, Francis M. Niantic Sec 23 Farmer & Stock Raiser Scott Co 1876
CHURCH, Luann Hickory Pt. Sec 34 Wife of Robert Johnson KY 1831
CLARK, Horace N. Niantic Niantic Physician & Surgeon NY 1859
CLAYPOOL, Jennie Niantic Sec 22 Wife of E. W. Simpson Morgan Co 1880
CLINE, Daniel Maroa Sec 16 Farmer & Gardner Fayette Co IN 1868
CLOKEY, Josiah M. Decatur Decatur Attorney OH 1873
CLOUGH, Jeremiah T. Illini Sec 32 Farmer & Stock Raiser Merri'c Co, NH 1861
CLOUTON, Mary A. So. Macon Sec 30 Wife of Eli Brenneman Henry Co IN 1869
CLOVER, Melinda Hickory Pt. Sec 17 Wife of Joseph Arthur OH 1860
COE, Anna Bl Mound Sec 4 Wife of John Morris VA 1877
COE, Rachel Harristown Sec 1 Wife of W.S. Grunden OH 1871
COLEMAN, Catherine Whitmore Sec 13 Wife of Geo. Betzer OH 1841
COLLADAY, Adelide Maroa Sec 26 Wife of Edward Foulke Phila. PA 1858
COLLADAY, Caroline Hickory Pt. Sec 1 Wife of Henry Martin PA 1862
COLLADAY, Walter F. Decatur Decatur Prop. Billiar Parlor PA 1858
COLLINS, A. Smith So. Whe'land Sec 3 Wife of W.W. McDaniel IL 1827
COMPTON, W.J. Maroa Maroa Grain Dealer Morgan Co 1865
CONKLIN, A.W. Decatur Decatur Cotton Bagging Mfgs. IN 1861
CONN, K.W. Mt. Zion Mt. Zion General Merchant Garrard KY 1865
CONNARD, C.E. So. Whe'land Sec 2 Farmer & Grain Dealer PA 1840
CONOVER, Mary Maroa Maroa Wife of W.J. Compton Shelby Co 1865
CONOVER, Peter Harristown Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1857
COOMBE, John So. Macon Sec 23 Farmer & Stock Raiser Eng. 1851
COOPER, Alex Died: 27 Jan 1873 Late husb. of Eliza. Cooper Butler Co OH 1870
COOPER, Mrs. Elizabeth Maroa Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Warren Co OH 1870
CORMAN, O.F. Decatur Decatur Dentist PA 1864
CORN, Margaret A. Pl. View Sec 16 Wife of Wm. W. Day IL 1866
CORNELL, Eliza E. Fr. Creek Sec 33 Wife of James Rinehart Hardy, VA 1859
CORNON, Margaretta Hickory Pt. Sec 8 Present Wife of N.S. Batchelder PA 1856
COTTLE, G.F. Bl Mound Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Eng. 1857
COULTER, W.F. Oakley Sec 23 Miller & Farmer St Clair Co 1874
COULTER, Wm. K. Fr. Creek Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser Juniata Co PA 1854
COVEY, Sarah Deceased First wife of B. Burrows Wash. Co OH 1868
CRAP, ? Pl. View Bl Mound Grain, Lumber, Hardware, Cement & Coal Cross, MD 1873
CRAWFORD, John S. Bl Mound Sec 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1876
CRAWFORD, Wm. F. Maroa Sec 22 Farm. & breed cattle & hogs Fayette Co PA 1856
CRAYCROFT, E.M. So. Whe'land Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1851
CRAYCROFT, Nancy A. So. Whe'land Sec 16 Widow of P.W. Stickel Macon Co 1842
CROSS, Angeline Maroa Sec 5 Wife of J. Pettyjohn Russel Co, KY 1848
CROSS, Charlotte Long Creek Sec 20 Wife of Thomas Pettyjohn Macon Co 1853
CROSS, E.E. Oakley Sec 26 Farmer NY 1849
CROSS, Iva Maroa Sec 6 Wife of Joseph Bennett DeWitt Co 1867
CROSSMAN, S.A. Austin Sec 36 Farmer & Stock raiser Cayuga Co NY 1870
CROW, E.W. Bl Mound Sec 20 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1857
CROW, O.T. Pl. View Sec 3 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1857
CROWELL, Catherine A. Maroa Maroa Wife of Thomas N. Leavitt Warren Co, OH 1861
CROWELL, Frances M. Austin Sec 11 Wife of Wm. Parker Madison Co OH 1869
CROWELL (Crull), Mary Ann Oakley Sec 31 Wife of James Burley OH 1840
CUNAGHAN, James Niantic Sec 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Co Donegal Ire. 1868
CURTIS, Ira B. Decatur Decatur Oculist, Aurist & J.P. OH 1840
CURTIS, O.E. Decatur Decatur Jeweler Christ'n Co 1855
CURY, James M. Died: 2 May 1879 Late Husband of M.A. Cury Virgo Co, IN 1855
CURY, Mary A. Harristown Sec 13 Farmer & Fruit Grower Columbus OH 1855

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