Surnames N - S

Extracted from History of Macon County, Illinois, 1880

NAFTEL, Hettie Milam Sec 8 Present wife of Geo. Bartlett Guernsey Co IL 1873
NAST, Margarett Died Oct 1875 Late wife of J.H. Hartwig Hanover 1861
NEBINGER, A. Decatur Decatur Dealer in Leather & Shoes PA 1855
NEIDERMEYER, William Decatur Decatur Grocer MO 1858
NEWELL, R.A. Decatur Decatur Ret. Wh. Groc., Twp. Sup. OH 1856
NEWMAN, Amanda Bl Mound Sec 15 Wife of W.H. Weatherford TN 1858
NICHOLLS, A.J. Pl. View Sec 34 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1868
NICHOLS, A.C. Decatur Decatur Blacksmith IN 1856
NICHOLS, Mary Pl. View Sec 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1867
NICHOLS, W.L. Died 23 Apr 1875 Late Husb. of M. Nichols OH 1867
NICHOLSON, Mary F. Mt. Zion Mt. Zion Wife of Kemp Conn Garrard KY 1865
NICKEY, Barbary Died Sep 1875 Late wife of Jacob Seitz PA 1857
NICKEY, David Oakley Sec 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1850
NICKEY, S.P. Oakley Sec 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1855
NICKEY, William Oakley Sec 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1850
NIEDERMEYER, T.W. Decatur Decatur Grocer Ger. 1858
NOLD, Mary Pl. View Sec 33 Wife of Alex. Koelmel NY 1872
NORRIS, Elizabeth Whitmore Sec 29 Wife of John Magee Scioto Co OH 1841
NORVELL, Mary C. Austin Sec 18 Wife of N.M. Whitaker KY 1864
NOWLIN, J.B. Austin Sec 20 Farmer & Stock raiser Dearborn, IN 1874
OAKES, Wm. L. Decatur Decatur Prop. Novelty Works IN 1865
OBERLIE, Catharine Hickory Pt. Sec 16 Wife of John Weaver PA 1853
OGELVIE, David P. Maroa Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser Lincoln Co, MO 1865
OGLESBY, Amanda A. Maroa Maroa Wife of B.T. Jameson MO 1869
OGLESBY, Martha V. So. Macon Sec 14 Wife of J.W. Walker St Clair Co 1868
OGLESBY, R.J. Decatur Decatur Retired KY 1836
O'NEILL, James H. Decatur Decatur Plumb. Steam & Gas Fitter NY 1875
ORR, Margaret E. Fr. Creek Sec 20 Widow of Samuel Dinwiddie Morgan Co 1847
OUTTEN, George T. Mt. Zion Sec 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser Cass Co IL 1852
OUTTEN, P.S. Mt. Zion Mt Zion Retired Farmer Fayette Co KY 1852
OUTTEN, W.C. Decatur Decatur Attorney Cass Co 1853
OVERMIRE, S. Decatur Decatur Insurance & Real Est. Agent OH 1875
PAHMEYER, Fred. Decatur Decatur Tobacconist Prussia 1870
PAPE, Mary A. Maroa Sec 4 Wife of John S. Parker England 1857
PARK, James H. Harristown Sec 15 Farmer & Butcher St Clair Co IL 1868
PARK, Nancy J. Decatur Sec 8 Wife of John Carder Morgan Co 1867
PARK, R.H. Fr. Creek Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Madison Co KY 1861
PARKER, John S. Maroa Sec 4 Farmer & Stock Raiser Preble Co, OH 1860
PARKER, Wm. H. Austin Sec 11 Farmer & Stock Preble Co OH 1855
PARR, William S. Mt. Zion Mt Zion Farmer & Stock Raiser Caldwell Co KY 1853
PASLEY, Mildred A. Bl Mound Sec 34 Wife of Nelson F. Brown Macon Co 1851
PATTERSON, David Austin Sec 18 Farmer & Stock raiser Scotland 1854
PATTERSON, Mary Harristown Sec 3 Wife of Gustis Filson Clearf'd Co PA 1872
PAYNE, Caroline Mt. Zion Mt. Zion Wife of R. Brownlee Pic'way OH 1871
PEABODY, Sophrona So. Macon Macon Wife of Dr. R.W. Shaw Warren Co 1878
PEAKE, James L. Decatur Decatur Watchmaker & J.P. D.C. 1853
PECK, Harriet S. Harristown Sec 29 Wife of Charles Gossort OH 1867
PEDDEFORD, Jasper J. Decatur Decatur Banker & Mfg. MD 1838
PEDDICORD, Sarah Fr. Creek Sec 8 Wife of Michael Evey Madison Co OH 1855
PENNINGTON, Margaret Mt. Zion Hervey Cty Wife of Asa M. Phillips Breathitt Co KY 1875
PENNIWELL, Wm. B. Decatur Decatur Prop. Marble Works Warren Co IN 1865
PERRY, R.L. Decatur Decatur Wabash RR Road Master NY 1868
PETER, Anna C. Maroa Sec 36 Wife of A.J. Thrift Carlisle, PA 1864
PETTYJOHN, James Maroa Sec 5 Farmer & Stock Raiser Russel Co, KY 1848
PETTYJOHN, Thomas Long Creek Sec 20 Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1853
PETZER, Anthony L. Whitmore Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser OH 1841
PHILLIPS, Asa M. Mt. Zion Hervey Cty Farmer & Stock Raiser Green Co TN 1875
PHILLIPS, J.W. Decatur Decatur GT Agt. Haworth Ch. Row OH 1865
PIBLER, Louisa Bl Mound Sec 24 Wife of E.F. Delbridge, Jr. Cass Co 1864
PICKARD, Mary J. Mt. Zion Sec 8 Pres. wife of S. Mahannah Maury Co TN 1861
PIERCE, Martha J. Maroa Sec 6 Wife of Henry Barger Fayette Co 1862
PIPER, Emily J. Fr. Creek Sec 16 Wife of Almon Jones Piqua Co OH 1856
POST, H. Decatur Decatur Jeweler WI 1872
POST, J.S. Decatur Decatur Attorney NY 1839
POUK, Fredreka Pl. View Sec 17 Wife of E.F. Delbridge Prussia 1858
POWERS, Samuel Decatur Decatur Farmer & Stock Raiser NY 1837
PRATHER, Z.R. Long Creek Sec 30 Farmer Macon Co 1836
PRICE, Sarah E. Long Creek Sec 20 Wife of N.M. Baker OH 1857
PRIEST, Franklin Decatur Decatur Prop. Hotel & St. Railway NY 1854
PRIEST, George R. Decatur Decatur Man. St. Car Lines Sangam. Co 1852
PRITCHETT, J.W. Niantic Sec 12 Farmer & Stock Raiser Bourbon Co KY 1864
PRITCHETT, Thos. A. Niantic Niantic Merchant Bourbon Co KY 1856
PROCTOR, Hugh So. Macon Sec 36 Farmer & Stock Raiser Eng. 1865
QUERREY, James Fr. Creek Sec 24 Farmer & Stock Raiser Botetourt Co VA 1831
QUERREY, Miriam K. Fr. Creek Sec 7 Wife of Wm. J. Myers Macon Co 1851
QUICKEL, T. Long Creek Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser York Co PA 1867
QUINLAN, Wm. J. Decatur Decatur Manufacturing PA 1857
RACE, Ann M. Maroa Sec 35 Wife of M.W. Bishop VA 1862
RACE, J.R. Decatur Decatur Clothier VA 1853
RACE, J.W. Decatur Decatur Clothing & Dry Goods VA 1857
RAGAN, W.A. Decatur Decatur US & Pac. Exp. Agt NY 1870
RAINEY, C.P. Whitmore Sec 8 Farmer & Stock Raiser St Clair Co OH 1867
RAY, David Whitmore Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser IL 1847
RAY, Joseph Whitmore Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser IL 1842
REED, Catharine E. Fr. Creek Sec 30 Wife of Joseph Miller Belmont Co OH 1866
REED, Julia E. Decatur Sec 23 Wife of D.L. Allen Charlo. NC 1830
REED, Mary Bl Mound Sec 26 Pres. Wife of J.H. Jackson TN 1874
REED, Robert Oakley Sec 25 Farmer & Saw Mill Operator Macon Co 1846
REESER, Mary A. Died 1870 First wife of T. Quickel PA 1867
REFLEN, Mary Barbara Decatur Sec 9 Wife of Mathias Eckart Baden, Ger. 1854
REPMAN, Margaret A. Maroa Sec 28 Wife of J.P. Stout York Co, PA 1867
RICE, J.H. Niantic Niantic Physician & Surgeon Adams Co 1875
RICHARDSON, C.B. Niantic Niantic Jewelry, Drugs, Notions & Musical Inst. Spencer Co KY 1877
RICHARDSON, William So. Macon Sec 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Eng. 1841
RIFE, Alice Maroa Sec 17 Pres. wife of Francis Wicks Macon Co 1852
RINEHART, James I. Fr. Creek Sec 33 Farmer & Stock Raiser Hampshire, VA 1852
RISLEY, A.F. Decatur Decatur Surveyor NY 1856
RITCHIE, Mary M. Died 2 Mar 1872 Late Wife of N.S. Batchelder PA 1856
RITCHIE, Rachel Hickory Pt. Sec 18 Present Wife of J.R. Black PA .
RITTENHOUSE, Rachel Whitmore Sec 21 Present wife of D. Florey Harrison Co, VA 1834
RITTINGHOUS, Melissa J. Pl. View Sec 36 Wife of N.A. Carr IL 1865
ROACH, J.T. Decatur Decatur Dry Goods Merchant KY 1864
ROBBINS, John Bl Mound Sec 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Sangamon Co 1869
ROBERTS, E.J. Illini Sec 16 Farmer & Supervisor '77-'81 NH 1868
ROBERTS, Madeline Bl Mound Sec 31 Wife of Lew Blankinship IN 1852
ROBY, John C. So. Whe'land Sec 16 Farmer & Stock Raiser NH 1869
ROBY, K.H. Decatur Decatur Attorney NH 1860
RODGERS, Margaret So. Macon Sec 27 Wife of Thomas Davis Wash. Co PA 1855
ROOT, Susan M. Mt. Zion Mt Zion Wife of Robert L. Hockaday Genesee Co NY 1868
ROSEGRANTS, Hiram Bl Mound Sec 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser NY 1867
ROSS, Mary J. Mt. Zion Mt Zion Wife of P.S. Outten Wilson Co TN 1852
ROTHERMAL, Louis Austin Sec 19 Farmer & Stock raiser Germany 1867
ROWELL, H.W. Decatur Decatur Editor & Prop. Herald VT 1880
ROZZELL, E. Jane So. Whe'land Sec 2 Wife of C.E. Connard Macon Co 1854
RUCKER, N.W. Long Creek Sec 10 Farmer & Grain Dealer TN 1853
RUDDOCK, Sophia I. Whitmore Sec 14 Wife of Richard Kirby IL 1868
RUE, Henry Decatur Sec 4 Farmer & Brick Maker Mercer Co NJ 1867
RUTZ, Eliza Jane Fr. Creek Sec 7 Wife of Alex. Greenfield North'ton Co PA 1851
SALTER, Elizabeth Mary Austin Sec 29 Wife of WH Hill Devonsh'e, Eng. 1869
SANBURN, F.A. Austin Sec 18 Wife of JW Emery NH 1857
SANDERS, Mary J. Long Creek Sec 32 Wife of J.W. Myers Green Co OH 1864
SAWYER, Martha Milam Sec 12 Wife of David J. Freeland Coles Co IL 1849
SCHENCK, Catherine Maroa Maroa Wife of W.H. Stoutenborough Butler Co, OH 1853
SCHENCK, Daniel Austin Sec 23 Farmer, Breeder, Hogs & Cattle PA 1860
SCHENCK, Garret J. Maroa Maroa Prop. of Schenck's Hotel Butler Co, OH 1854
SCHENCK, John Maroa Maroa Salesman Warren Co, OH 1854
SCHNAB, Christian Bl Mound Sec 10 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1867
SCHOTT, Maria A. So. Whe'land Sec 16 Wife of Xavier Witt France 1858
SCHROLL, Anna B. Illini Sec 11 Wife of Peter Wiser PA 1853
SCHROLL, George W. Hickory Pt. Sec 15 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1842
SCHROLL, Henry Hickory Pt. Sec 27 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1842
SCHUURE, Christ. Pl. View Sec 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Ger. 1861
SCOTT, Alice J. Pl. View Sec 3 Wife of O.T. Crow IL 1872
SCOTT, Mary Ann Whitmore Sec 19 Wife of Geo. Harnsberger KY 1865
SCROGGIN, T.L. Harristown Sec 28 Farmer, Stock Raiser, Feeder & Shipper Logan Co IL 1864
SCRUGGS, Wm. R. Decatur Decatur Dry Goods Merchant VA 1869
SEELIG, Abraham Niantic Niantic Carpenter & Builder Blackf'd Co IN 1868
SEILBERLING, J.D. Pl. View Bl Mound Dry Goods, Groceries PA 1871
SEITZ, Jacob Oakley Sec 26 Farmer PA 1857
SEITZ, Jacob P. Long Creek Sec 17 Farmer PA 1853
SEITZ, Simon Decatur Sec 7 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1854
SHAN, Eliza C. Died 12 Aug 1869 1st wife of Wm. Parker Clermont Co OH 1853
SHAW, R.W. So. Macon Macon Physician & Surgeon NY 1878
SHEETS, Victoria E. So. Macon Sec 6 Wife of M.G. Warren Hend'n Co KY 1861
SHELLABARGER, D.S. Decatur Decatur Merchant Miller TN 1856
SHLANDEMAN, Henry Decatur Decatur Prop. Decatur St. Brewery Ger. 1858
SHOOP, Julia A. Bl Mound Sec 21 Wife of Henry Joster PA 1847
SHORT, George B. Maroa Sec 36 Farmer & Breeder of Hogs St Clair Co 1863
SIEHR, Charles So. Whe'land Sec 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser NY 1859
SIEHR, Louis So. Whe'land Sec 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co ?
SIEHR, Michael So. Whe'land Sec 9 Farmer & Stock Raiser Decatur 1859
SILBEY, B.F. Decatur Decatur Physician & Surgeon CT 1856
SILL, Alice Maroa Maroa Wife of G.J. Schenck Monm. Co, NJ 1854
SIMON, Mary Austin Sec 36 Wife of J.A. Brown Eng. 1861
SIMPSON, Catherine E. Niantic Sec 21 Wife of Thomas Wright St. Clair Co 1875
SIMPSON, Emmet W. Niantic Sec 22 Farmer & Stock Raiser Logan Co 1880
SIMPSON, Mary T. So. Macon Sec 36 Wife of Thomas S. Fox Rand. Co IL 1871
SKELLEY, Francis Decatur Decatur Grocer & Queensware VT 1861
SLAUDEMANN, Henry Decatur Decatur Steam Brewery Ger. 1856
SLAUGHTER, Martha Died 20 Dec 1859 First wife of H.P. Beach Madison Co OH ?
SLEETER, John H. Bl Mound Sec 11 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1850
SMICK, Aaron Decatur Decatur Insurance Agency Macon Co 1840
SMICK, Emily A. Fr. Creek Newb'g Wife of Robert F. Carr Macon Co 1838
SMITH, America Whitmore Sec 13 Wife of Anthony Petzer IL 1865
SMITH, Annie Deceased Late wife of D.P. Ogelvie Lake Co, OH 1866
SMITH, Clarinda J. Oakley O'kly Wife of T.O. Holcomb IL 1879
SMITH, Dorcas So. Macon Sec 36 Wife of Hugh Proctor St Clair Co 1865
SMITH, Ed O. Pl. View Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1858
SMITH, Fred J. Decatur Decatur Grocer NY 1860
SMITH, G.A. Decatur Decatur US Internal Rev. Col. Phila. PA 1837
SMITH, James D. Pl. View Sec 13 Farmer & Stock Raiser Macon Co 1845
SMITH, Jane E. Died 24 March 1858 First wife of Jos. Miller PA 1854
SMITH, John D. Died 25 Feb 1880 Late Husband of Margaret Smith TN ?
SMITH, L.A. Austin Sec 31 Farmer & Breeder, Wd. Aquilla Macon Co 1848
SMITH, M. Ella Pl. View Sec 14 Wife of Re. Hebberd Macon Co IL 1850
SMITH, Margaret A. Bl Mound ? Farmer & Stock Raiser KY 1874
SMITH, Mary Francis Austin Sec 18 Wife of David Patterson Effingham Co 1875
SMITH, Melissa Maroa Sec 5 Wife of M.P. Funk Effing. Co 1875
SMITH, N.M. Mt. Zion Mt Zion Wife of Wm. S. Parr Macon Co 1837
STANLEY, Sarah Oakley Sec 35 Wife of T.W. Berry IL 1864
STARE, Lory A. Decatur Sec 10 Wife of E.B. Eicholtz York Co PA 1864
STARR, J.G. Decatur Decatur Saddlery, Harn. & Leather . .
STARR, W.H. Decatur Decatur Saddlery, Harn. & Leather PA 1873
ST. CLAIR, Demaras Decatur Sec 16 Wife of Willis Johnson Botet. VA .
ST. CLAIR, Mary L. Niantic Niantic Wife of J.H. Rice Sangamon Co 1875
STEARNES, Joseph T. Whitmore Sec 31 Farmer & Breeder of Fine Horses MA 1857
STEINBACH, W. Decatur Decatur Prop. of Saloon Austria 1870
STEPHENS, E.A. Decatur Decatur Grocer, Wood & Coal VA 1867
STEPHENS, C.H. Decatur Decatur Grocer, Wood & Coal VA 1867
STERRETT, B.I. Decatur Decatur Attorney PA 1867
STEWARD, Dalton Decatur Decatur Tonsorial Artist NC 1853
STEWART, Lydia M. Maroa Sec 11 Pres. Wife of F.W. Miller Harrison Co, KY 1865
STICKLER, John Bl Mound Sec 6 Farmer & Stock Raiser PA 1872
STICKEL, Martha A. Long Creek Sec 27 Wife of H.W. Davis Macon Co 1844
STICKEL, P.W. Died 13 Apr 1868 Husb. of Nancy A. Craycroft PA 1858
STINE, B. Decatur Decatur Clothier Baden, Ger. 1866
STINE, Catharine Oakley Sec 36 Wife of Wm. Nickey PA 1851
STONE, E.J. Oakley Sec 23 Wife of W.F. Coulter TN 1874
STONER, A.J. Decatur Decatur Druggist & Physician OH 1867
STOOKEY, Mary E. Died 22 March 1852 First Wife of G.B. Short St. Clair Co. ?
STOUT, James P. Maroa Sec 28 Farmer & Stock Raiser Schuy. Co, PA 1865
STOUTENBOROUGH, W.H. Maroa Maroa Manufac. Drainage Tile Warren Co, OH 1866
STRAUSBAUGH, E. Decatur Decatur Man. Niagra Force Pu'ps PA 1856
STUART, O.L. Whitmore Sec 14 Farmer, Stock Raiser & Town Clk Decatur 1833
SUANDA, Leah Died: Sep 1853 Late Wife of D. Houser PA 1845
SUDY, J.C. Bl Mound Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Germany 1868
SUPPES, Elizabeth Bl Mound Sec 10 Wife of Christian Schnab Germany ?
SWEARINGEN, J.A. Decatur Decatur Druggist OH 1866
SWIGART, W.B. Maroa Sec 21 Farmer & Stock Raiser Coshoc. Co, OH 1865
SWIM, Loveina Pl. View Bl Mound Wife of Richar H. Carter OH 1870
SYKES, J.E. Austin Sec 20 Wife of J.B. Nowlin Hamilton Co OH 1874

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