NALEFSKI, Lena (Schepper)

Mrs. Lena Nalefski, wife of August Nalefski, 224 North Jasper street, died at 2:30 o'clock Friday agernoon at the home of her daughter, Mrs. F.H. Maguet, 1604 East Main street. She would have been sixty-two years old in December. Mrs. Nalefski was stricken with apoplexy at noon Thrusday while visiting her daughter and never regained consciousness.

Mrs. Nalefski's maiden name was Lena Schepper. She was born in Germany Dec. 17, 1863. She came to the United States with her parents when she was eighteen years old. She and August Nalefski were married in 1885 and have made their home in Decatur for the last forty years. She was widely known in the neighborhood in which she lived and her devotion to her family and her unfailing good nature endeared her to all who knew her. She was a member of the First English Lutheran church.

Beside her husband she leaves the following children: Mrs. Emma Koebig, Mrs. Marie Maguet, Mrs. Martha Mulligan, John Nalefski and Louis Nalefski, all of Decatur, and Mrs. Margaret Overstake of Toledo, O. She also leaves a sister, Mrs. A.U. Keller of Champaign. The body was removed to the L.A. Monson undertaking establishment and prepared for burial.

Short funeral services will be held at the residence at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon, followed by services at the English Lutheran church at 3 o'clock.

Decatur Review, 12 Sep 1925

  NANNA, Charles E.

Charles Edward Nanna, 63, died at 6:15 am Monday at his home, 735 West Division Street. He had been in failing health since the death of his son, Herbert Nanna last July, but his condition did not become serious until a week ago. Monday morning he suffered a heart attack and died in a few minutes.

Mr. Nanna was born in Indiana December 22, 1868. He had lived in Decatur for a long time and was employed by the Lyon Lumber Company. He was a member of the Church of St. Thomas, the Apostle. He is survived by his wife and two children; Sister Pauline of St. Katherines Hospital, Kenosha, Wis. and Harold Nanna, Decatur. He also leaves the following brothers and sisters; Frank, Clarence and Will Nanna, Decatur; George Nanna, Georgetown, Texas; J. O. Nanna, Pine Bluff, Ark.; Lillian in Chicago; Mrs Ida Hise; Peoria; Mrs. Cora Brownlee, Denver, Col.; Mrs Grant Bucklew, Houston Texas.

The body was taken to the Moran & Sons funeral home, where friends may call.

Decatur Review, 30 Nov 1931, pg. 11

  NANNA, John H.   

J.H. Nanna Dies At Age of 95

Lived in Macon County Since 1867

J.H. Nanna, one of the county's oldest citizens, died at 12:15 o'clock Wednesday morning at his home, 2533 East Prairie avenue. His age was ninety-five years, one month and sixteen days. He had been ill only a few days.

Mr. Nanna was born in Paducah, Ky., Sept. 8, 1831. He was a veteran of the Civil War, having enlisted in the Eighty-First Ohio Infantry in 1861 and serving throughout the war. He was discharged in 1865. He and Miss Sarah A. Shaw were married in Terre Haute, Ind., March 30, 1867. Shortly afterward they settled on a farm in Macon county.


The family moved to Decatur thirty-seven years ago. Ten children, six sons and four daughters, were born to them, all of whom are living. Mrs. Nanna died a year and seven months ago. The children are Charles E. Nanna, Cora E. Brownlee, C.A. Nanna, W.H. Nanna, F.L. Nanna and Lillian Nanna, all of Decatur; Mrs. Grant Buckelew of Houston, Tex., G.E. Nanna of Breckenridge, Tex., I.O. Nanna of Hutchinson, Kan., and Mrs. Ida Hise of Peoria. There are twenty-three grand-children and three great grand-children.

The funeral will be held at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon at the Moran & Sons chapel. The burial will be in Fairlawn cemetery.

The Decatur Review, Wednesday, 17 Nov 1929, pg. 18

  NANNA, Henry

Henry, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Nanna died at the family residence Wednesday evening aged eleven days. Carl Edward, the twin brother, died one week ago. The bodies were buried at Boiling Springs cemetery. Mrs. Nanna, who has been in a critical condition, is improving.

The Daily Review, Friday, 3 Dec 1909, pg. 14

  NANNA, Sarah (Shaw)

Mrs. Sarah Anna Nanna, wife of John H. Nanna, died at 6 oclock Wednesday evening at the family residence 2533 East Prairie Avenue. She was seventy-eight years old, lacking a few months. Mrs. Nanna was born in Terre Haute, Ind., July 3, 1847. The family came to Decatur from Mt Zion in 1892 and this has been there home ever since. She is survived by her husband and the following children; Miss Lillian Nanna, Mrs. G. Buckelew of Decatur, Mrs Ida Hise of Peoria, Mrs W. Brownlee of Latham, C. E. Nanna, F. L. Nanna and C. H. Nanna of Decatur, J. O. Nanna of Eldorado, George E. Nanna of Breckenridge, Tex., and W. H. Nanna of Centralia. There are twenty-three grand-children and three great grand-children. The body was removed to the Moran & Sons undertaking establishment and prepared for burial.

Decatur Daily Review, Thursday, 16 Apr 1925, pg. 5

  NASH, Dorothy Marie
    Born: 19 Apr 1905 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Died: 22 Mar 1927 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Graceland Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Thomas and Ada (Rucker) Goodpasture
    Married: June 22, 1922 Decatur, Macon Co, IL to Wm. A. Nash
    Children: Wm. A. Nash, Jr., John R., Allen E., James V., Mrs. Anneta Aubert, Mrs. Irene Parnell, Mrs. Doris Knight, Mrs. Carol Mason, Mrs. Betty R. Brown, and Miss Janet Nash, Mrs. Shirley Bailey, Benson, Ariz.

  NASH, Elizabeth J.
    Died: 3 Mar 1918 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

  NASH, George H.
    Died: 25 Feb 1926 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

  NASH, William Arthur
    Born: July 10, 1904 in Alberta, Canada
    Died: 27 Sep 1962 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Graceland Cem., Macon Co., IL
    Parents: Thomas & Sarah Jane (Cooksey) Nash
    Married: June 24, 1922 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL to Dorothy M. Goodpasture
    Children: William A. Jr., of Hayworth, CA; and John R., Allen, and James of Decatur; six daughters, Mrs. David (Janet) Pembroke, Mrs. Wm. (Betty) Brown, Mrs. Darold (Anneta) Aubert, and Mrs. Paul (Carol) Mason, all of Decatur, Mrs. Floyd (Irene) Parnell, and Mrs. Wm. (Shirley) Bailey, both of Tucson, AZ

  NEHISER, Joseph


Full Particulars of the Tragic Death of Joseph Nehiser - Verdict of the Coroner's Jury

In our issue of the 14th we made bried mention of the sad death of Jeseph Nehiser, a well-known farmer of Milam township, this county, but we were unable to give any of the particulars, owing to our inability to see any one acquainted with the dreadful facts of the case. - Below we give the full particulars of the affiar as kindly furnished us by Mr. J.B. Gleason, of Milam townshiop, under date of July 14th:

"A serious runaway accident occurred in the west part of Milam township on Monday, resulting in the death of Joseph Nehiser, of Milam. It appears from the evidence developed at the inquest (which was held by Squire Gleason, on Tuesday morning) that Mr. Nehiser and his two elder sons came to Decatur on Monday with loads of wheat which they disposed of at D.S. Shellabarger & Co.'s mill. The sons fed their teams near the mill and came up to the old square with their father, when he fed his team and got his $15 check cashed at the National bank. When it was about time to start home it was agreed between the two sons and their father that he should wait for them until they went back to the mill to get their teams, and then all would start home together. When they came back to the old square their father's team was gone. They, supposing he had started for home, derove after him in great haste, for they knew that


and wanted to overtake him before he became too tipsy. On arriving at their home, and not finding their father there, they started back in search of him, and found him dead in his wagon, the team having been fastened in a fence corner near to Mrs. R. Cribbett's, some two miles from home. Mr. Wm. Coombs was in Decatur and came out just behind Mr. Nehiser, and spoke with him near the bridge. He discovered that he was not quite himself. On reaching the top of the hill south of the bridge he passed Mr. Nehiser while was was treating two men who it appeared were working on the road, and Nehiser offered to treat Coombs, who declined drinking. Mr. Coombs saw nothing more of him. Mr. Samuel Wise saw the team running past his place, he mounted a horse and pursued, overtaking it about time it sastened in the fence corner as above stated. Mr. Cribbett gave all attention to the team, supposing _ o have run off by itself. One of the lines was around a horse's leg and the other was fast to the stand at the front end gate. On untying the lines Cribbett discovered a man lying on the bottom of the wagon, and he spoke to him as loudly as he could, but received no reply, the man appearing not to breathe. He breathed a few times and all was over. A messenger was dispatched for Dr. Abrams, but it was of no use, he was dead. On the wagon bottom was found about $9 in silver, a jack knife and a plug of tobacco. The jug, heretofore spoken of, has not yet been heard from. Considerable blood was sprinkled on the bottom and inside of the wagon box, and the head of the body was badly bruised and swollen. On examination the coroner's jury found a wallet containing $1.85 in small change. The verdict of the coroner's jury was that Joseph Nehiser came to his death by bruises caused by his team running away with him, while on his return from Decatur, at about 7 o'clock p.m., on Monday, July 12, 1880.

Joseph Nehiser was 58 years old, a native of Ohio, and came to Illinois a few years ago. He has resided in Milam for about 3 years. He leaves a wife, a daughter, and two sons who have families, and a son under age. Me. Nehiser, we are informed by Mr. Gleason, was naturally a kind-hearted and industrious man, but unfortunately he was addicted to a bad habit that has ruined a great many people. He was buried on yesterday.

Decatur Daily Republican, 15 Jul 1880

  NEIL, J.W.


J.W. Neil Survived by Mother and Brother

J.W. Neil of Decatur, son of Mrs. Susanna Neil of 421 East Prairie avenue, died Monday in Denver, Colo. He is survived by his mother and one brother, John Neil of Decatur.

Mr. Neil was a veteran of the Spanish-American war and served in the Philippine campaign. He enlisted at Decatur, but was transferred to Co. F, First West Virginia regiment. He was in bad health when the war closed and had been almost an invalid ever since. About a year ago he went to Colorado in the hope that the change of climate would restore his health. The body will be brought to Decatur and taken to Moran's chapel to await funeral arrangements.

Decatur Review, 17 December 1918


Edna Neisler, only child of Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Neisler, died of typhoid fever this forenoon at 9 o'clock at the family home, 357 West Eldorado street, aged 10 years. The little girl was first taken sick last Sunday afternoon, and grew rapidly worse; she first appeared to be afflicted with rheumatism. The best physicians attended her, but their efforts to save her life were fruitless. The family will have the sympathy of everyone in their sudden and sad bereavement.

Decatur Weekly Republican, 15 Oct 1891

  NELSON, James (Jacob)   

Argenta Man Served In The Civil War and Was Widely Known

Argenta, May 26:

After living in Macon County more than 78 years, James Nelson of this place has died at his home of dropsy. He was born in Friends Creek Township within a short distance of the spot where he died, 78 years, five months and three days. He was known all over the country and was the second oldest native resident of the county.

Mr Nelson served in the Civil war with the union army, but except for this period he has been in the township where he has been continuously. Mr Nelson is survived by his wife and these children: Mrs. Martin A. Hankins, Perry, John, Dick and Edward Nelson. All were with him at the time of his death.

Mr. Nelson was a member of the Fred Spooner Post No. 224, G.A.R.

The funeral will be held Tuesday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock from the Argenta Presbyterian Church. Internment was in Friends Creek cemetery.

NOTE: Cemetery Records indicate Jacob Nelson, died May 25, 1909 /aged 78 yrs 5 mo 3 das. Obit has name of 'James' Nelson. I believe the obit is wrong.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL, Wednesday, 26 May 1909, Pg. 2

  NELSON, Mary Etta "Mollie" (Goodpasture)
    Born: June 12, 1873 in Macon Co, IL
    Died: 11 Jun 1937 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: North Fork Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Harvey S. & Goodpasture
    Married: June 2, 1909 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL to Joseph Nelson
    Children: Mrs. Douglas Rock and William Hess

  NELSON, Orinth A.

Orinth A. Nelson, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred A. Nelson, died at 6 o'clock Wednesday afternoon at the family residence, 2800 East Wood street. Her age was ten years and ten months. She had been ill for two weeks. The funeral will be held at 3:30 Friday afternoon at the residence. The interment will be in Greenwood.

Decatur Review, 19 Jun 1913

  NESBITT, William W.   

Maroa, Nov. 22 -

William W. Nesbitt died at the home of his daughter, Mrs Joseph Vaughn, Monday afternoon at 2 o’clock after an illness of several weeks duration. The death was due to infirmaries of old age.


Mr. Nesbitt was born in Dark County, Ohio, July 6, 1841 and came to Illinois with his parents and settled in Dewitt County in 1844. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Nesbitt. In 1861 he enlisted in the 107th Illinois Infantry and served throughout the war.


He came to Maroa in 1865 and in 1866 he married Mary M. Moore of Kentucky, They lived here until Mrs Nesbitt died in Feb 27, 1917. Mr. Nesbitt was a carpenter by trade and ran the Nesbitt Planning Mills at Maroa.

He is survived by one sister, Mrs. Anna Entwisle of Clinton, three sons, Dr. A.S. Nesbitt of Decatur; Dr. Robert E. of Clinton and Dr. William Z. of Lincoln; two daughters, Mrs. Joseph Vaughn of Maroa and Mrs. John Griffin of Newton, Texas.

Mr. Nesbitt was a member of the Christian Church. He also belonged to the Odd Fellows lodge and was a member of the G.A.R.


Funeral services will be held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o’clock in the B.P. Caplinger chapel with Rev. E.F. Willey, pastor of the Christian church officiating. Burial will be made in the Maroa cemetery.

Decatur Review, Decatur, IL, Tuesday, 22 Nov 1927, Pg. 15

  NEWLIN, Absalom L.


Had Conducted Garden Farm North of Decatur for Nearly 40 Years

A.L. Newlin, for almost 40 years a market gardener north of Decatur Wednesday night died on the farm where he has made his home during all of the years that he has been a resident of Macon county. Members of his family declare that he was not ill, although for the last two weeks he has not been able to get about as he wanted to do in spite of his 85 years.

Nearly 20 years ago Mr. Newling was severely ill and while seemingly he had rallied from that attack so far as his general health was involoved, his back had been affected so that he was not able to walk unless supported, and for that reason he since had used a pair of crutches. One of his sons Wednesday declared that the father was busy every day, and while much of his time was given to supervisory work, he did as much work as any man on the place. That was a matter of choice. His family preferred that he should give up some of the work, but he could not be content to do so. His business had been profitable. He had made it a success, and he could not be content to surrender the reins, and while he had strength to get about the farm that is what he did.

A.L. Newlin was born Aug. 31, 1843 in Crawford county. He made his home in that part of the state until he came from Jasper county to Decatur in 1890. He was married to Miss Nettie Sowers Sept. 12, 1867. They observed their 60th wedding anniversary of the marriage in 1927. Mrs. Newlin and four of their children are living - William H. and John Newlin and Mrs. I.N. Gregory of Decatur; Rev. O.A. Newlin of Winona Lake, Ind.; a daughter died 30 years ago. In addition to their own children Mr. and Mrs. A.L. Newlin reared a nephew, now Rev. Fred Newlin of Holton, Kan.; he was left an orphan when he was five years of age and thereafter made his home in the family of his uncle and was reared as a son. Also he leaves his brothers, Allen Newlin of Decatur, and Jacob and W.F. Newlin of Jasper county; his sister Mrs. George Kellar of Decatur, and sisters, Mrs. William Coverstone of Jasper county and Mrs. David Brewer of Kansas City.

Funeral services will be 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon in Church of God of which Mr. Newlin long had been a member.

Decatur Herald, 10 May 1928

  NICHOLLS, Amanda

DIED, at 1171 Sangamon street, of consumption Amanda Nicholls, aged 27. The deceased was the daughter of the late W.S. Nicholls.

Saturday Herald (Decatur), 26 Dec 1885

  NICHOLLS, John W.   

John Wesley Nicholls Remembers Attentions of Carleton Mattes

John Wesley Nicholls, about 78 years old, who has lived for many years by himself near the end of South Silgel Street, died at 8 o'clock Friday morning at St. Mary's hospital. He had been at the hospital about two weeks, but had been sick most of the summer. Before he died he gave his house and lot to Carleton Mattes, who had cared for him.


Mr. Nicholls was crippled in the war, one leg being broken. After he came back to Decatur from the war he had accident in a sand bank and the other leg was hurt. He recovered from this injury but never fully recovered from the accident in the war. He was able to work some, however, and worked in the brickyard for some time. He has not been able to work for fifteen or twenty years.


All this time he has been living by himself in a little house on South Sigel Street. What few friends he had have always been struck by the neat way in which he kept his house. Everything was as orderly as it could be and he took as good care of the place as any woman could. For ten years or more he has been in falling health. As he did not seem to have any relatives or near friends to look after him John Mattes and his son Carleton and their family have done a great deal for him, Carleton especially, has been looking after him and visiting him often for more than ten years, and waiting on him when he was sick. For a long time dishes prepared for him at the Mattes home have been taken to him.


Early this summer when the old man made up his mind that he was going to die and after Carleton had been especially attentive for some weeks he told Carleton that he Carleton, was the only one that had ever done anything for him and he would give Carleton the place. He thereupon had a deed made and transferring the property to Carleton. signed it and delivered it. This was before he was taken to the hospital. The property was worth about $600.

Arrangements for the funeral have not been made but as Mr Nicholls was an old soldier and a member of the G.A.R. it is believed that order will take a hand in it.


The funeral will be held Sunday afternoon from Bullard’s chapel and will be in charge of Dunham post No. 141 G.A.R. The interment will be at Greenwood.

The Decatur Daily Review, Decatur, IL, Saturday, 5 Aug 1905, pg. 12

  NICHOLS, George P.   

Former Well Known Resident and Old Soldier of Decatur

Elmer E. Nichols yesterday received word that his father, George P. Nichols died at the soldiers’ home in Danville on Tuesday night. The diseased was for many years a resident of Decatur and was engaged as a driver of an express wagon. When ill health ___ many years overtook him he went to the soldiers’ home, having served in the Civil War. He was about 68 years old. The remains will arrive in Decatur today and the burial will be at Greenwood.

Decatur Herald, Decatur, IL, Friday, 5 Jan 1906, pg. 4

  NICHOLS, L.A.   

L.A. Nichols, 559 West Eldorado Street, died of heart trouble at 11:20 Saturday night at the Decatur and Macon County Hospital. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed, but probably will be held in Macon, Mr. Nichols’ former home.

His wife, three sons and three daughters survive Mr. Nichols. Mrs. Ida Martin, Los Angeles, Cal., Mrs. Callie E. Combs, ___ West Eldorado, Mrs. Henry Wilson, Seattle, Wash., P.L. Nichols, 1104 East Prairie Street, L. Aldridge Nichols, Fort Worth, Tex. and J. Willard Nichols, Fort Worth, Tex.

Decatur Daily Review, Decatur, IL, Sunday, 8 Mar 1925, pg. 1

  NICHOLSON, Ann Elizabeth (Hawks)

Mrs. Ann E. Nicholson died at 4:45 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 14, 1920 in the home of her daughter, Mrs. J.C. Myers, five miles east of Decatur. Death was caused by paralysis and the infirmities of old age. Mrs. Nicholson had been making her home with her daughter for the last two years. In June, 1919, she was stricken with paralysis and has been bedfast since.

Ann E. Hawks was born on Oct. 17, 1841 in Macon county, Illinois, where she has lived all her life. She was married in 1860 to James Proctor Nicholson. Two daughters survive her, Mrs. Belle Stearns of Decatur and Mrs. J.C. Myers of Route 8, Decatur. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, Sept. 15, at 3 p.m. in the North Fork church. Burial will be in the North Fork cemetery.

Decatur Review, Tues, Sept. 14, 1920, p. 6


The funeral of Cass Nicholson, who died early Monday afternoon from a stab wound below the heart, will be held at 4 o'clock Wednesday afternoon in the home and will be private.

Coroner Roy Dawson has not set the time for the inquest, but says it will not be before Thursday. While Mr. Nicholson told his wife that he had stuck himself, there was no knife or other weapon found with which he could have inflicted the wound. The wound itself was so tiny that it was not even considered much more than a scratch. The wound could be made by the small blade of a pocket knife.

He had a knife in his pocket, but there was no blood on the blade. The cut was only about three-eights of an inch long. Mrs. Nicholson dressed the wound, which bled only a little, and did not think it amounted to much. Mr. Nicholson walked around the room and visited the bath room and had returned to the room before he called to his wife the last time. He might have received the wound some place distant from his home, and it may have been the result of an accident.

Decatur Review, Tues., Nov 1, 1927, p. 22

Ira Cass Nicholas, member of one of the pioneer families of Decatur committed suicide shortly after noon Monday by stabbing. Failing health and worry were attribulted as the cause of his act.

On entering the house 336 East Eldorado for lunch he said to his wife, "Oh, I've stuck myself," and started upstairs. His wife went to him and examined him, but found only a small flesh wound, which she washed. There was no surface bleeding but he was bleeding internally. She left him to finish preparing lunch. She heard him cry a few minutes later and when she reached him found him dead.

Cass Nicholason was the son of the late Jerry Nicholson, one of the pioneer families of the city. He is survived by his wife, Gussie Ferguson Nicholson, two sisters, Misses Mina and Julia Nicholson, three brothers, C.C. Nicholson, of Decatur, Robert of Newcastle, Pa., and Lester of California.

Decatur Evening Herald, 31 Oct 1927

  NICHOLSON, Catharine (Wallace)
    Born: 27 Oct 1845 in Long Creek Twp, Macon Co, IL
    Died: 24 Dec 1945 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Greenwood Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Robert & Julia (Stuart) Wallace
    Married: Jan 26, 1865 in Macon Co, IL to Jeremiah P. Nicholson
    Children: Mina, Wm. H., Julia Ann, Ira Cass, Robert, Corydon & Lester

  NICHOLSON, Corydon C.
    Born: 23 Dec 1880 in Macon Co, IL
    Died: 13 Mar 1953 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Jeremiah P. & Catherine (Wallace) Nicholson
    Married: 4 Feb 1908 in Macon Co, IL to Noy Ogelsby Montgomery
    Children: C. Montgomery, Robert, and Sally

  NICHOLSON, Elizabeth (Willis)
    Born: 9 Nov 1803 in KY
    Died: 10 Mar 1862 in Macon Co, IL
    Buried: North Fork Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Edward Willis
    Married: Jan 24, 1826 in Garrard Co, KY to James Nicholson
    Children: Edward, James P., Wm., Mary, Edna, Sarah & Elenor

  NICHOLSON, Elizabeth A. (Hawks)
    Born: 17 Oct 1841 in IL
    Died: 14 Sep 1920 in Macon Co., IL
    Buried: North Fork Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: William & Melinda (Wallace) Hawks
    Married: Nov 06, 1860 in Macon Co, IL to James P. Nicholson
    Children: Belle, Hattie, Bettie

    Died: 15 Apr 1941 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

  NICHOLSON, George W.

George W. Nicholson died at 11:30 Thursday night at the home of Mrs. Adlyn Hill at Boody, aged 35 years. He had been a sufferer from consumption for some time. The funeral will be held at 10:30 at Boody Sunday morning, Rev. Johnson officiating, under the auspices of M.W.A. camp at that place.

Bulletin Sentinel (Decatur), 21 December 1895

  NICHOLSON, Gussie Imboden
    Died: 17 Dec 1940 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

    Died: 14 Dec 1927 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

    Born: 20 Mar 1800 in Garrard Co, KY
    Died: 14 Nov 1891 in Macon Co, IL
    Buried: North Fork Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: James & Polly Nicholson
    Married: Jan 24, 1826 in Garrard Co, KY to Elizabeth Willis
    Children: Edward, James, Wm., Mary, Edna, Sarah & Elenor

    Born: 4 Jul 1828 in Garrard Co, KY
    Died: 10 Jun 1892 in Macon Co, IL
    Buried: North Fork Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: James & Elizabeth (Willis) Nicholson
    Married: Nov 06, 1860 in Macon Co, IL to Elizabeth A. Hawks
    Children: Belle, Hattie & Bettie

J.P. Nicholson Kills Himself

Successful In a Second Attempt to Commit Suicide

J. Prock Nicholson commited suicide yesterday morning at his home east of Decatur. He got up out of bed about 4 o'clock and his wife going out a short time after, found him lying on the ground with a deep gash in his neck and another in his abdomen. He was still able to talk and said he wanted to die. He was carried into the house, but died as they were going through the door. Near the body was found a long, bloody knife, with which the deed was done.

At the time of the suicide, Mrs. Nicholson was alone with her husband and her nephew, Alva Davis, a boy 15 years old. He was sent after Joseph Myers, who lives close by. Mr. Myers with Tom came at once and carried Mr. Nicholson into the house.

J. Prock Nicholson lives on a farm about four miles east of Decatur. About two years ago he made an attempt to cut his throat. He recovered all right and his friends though he would not attempt to take his life again. Just what was the cause of the suicide is not known. Lately, he has been downhearted. He told one of his friends that he was not fit to live. Two years ago Mr. Nicholson had charge of the homestead property and his father, Jimmy Nicholson, with his wife lived with Prock. It was just after his father left the farm and moved into town that he made the first attempt on his life.

Mr. Nicholson was born in Garrett Co., Ken. and came to Macon County in 1850. He was a brother of Mrs. Edna Lindsay of Decatur. He leaves two children, Mrs. Joseph Myers of Long Creek Township, and Mrs. Charles Stearns of Friends Creek.

Coroner Bendure went to the Nicholson farm and held an inquest over the body. The witnesses sworn were J.C. Myers and Mrs. Nicholson, the wife. The jury composed of N.M. Baker, J.H. Kizer, David Florey, John Shields, W.S. Crist, and J.C. Myers, found a verdict, that deceased came to death by wounds infliced with a pcoket knife by his own hand.

The funeral will be held from the North Fork church at 10 o'clock Sunday morning. Rev. N.M. Baker will preach the sermon.

Daily Review (Decatur), 11 June 1892

  NICHOLSON, Jeremiah "Jerry" P.   

The death of Jerry P. Nicholson occurred at 1:30 o'clock Sunday (Feb 25, 1917) afternoon at the family residence,430 West Decatur street. The end came peacefully as he slept. He was conscious and able to recognize members of his family until a short time before his death. Mr. Nicholson was stricken with partial paralysis last October, and since then he had not been able to leave his home. He had an iron constitutionand rallied from the shock and was able to be up and around the house part of the time, although he never ventured down town.

At first it was thought that he could not live more than a few days, but he would get better and show improvment for two or three days and then grow worse again. Last Wednesday he was able to be up and around his room and seemed brighter than usual. That night he experienced another attack and he was not able to leave his bed again.

Jerry P. Nicholson in his day was the most popular man in Macon county. He was a power in local politics and was the only man in this county to twice heold the office of sheriff after the law made it impossible for a sheriff to succeed himself. He was first elected sheriff in 1894. From 1906 to 1910 he served as a deputy under Sheriff B.A. McGorray, and at the close of the latter's administration, Mr. Nicholson became a candidate for sheriff. At first many of his friends advised him not to attempt it. No other man had ever been able to get that office a second time, and it looked like an impossibility. Mr. Nicholson insisted that if his friends would stand by him he could succeed. He had many influential friends and they assured him that if he was bound to make the race, they would do what they could for him. It was a hard fight, for there were other men in the race who were also popular and hard workers, but Mr. Nicholson won. The office of sheriff of Macon county is the most remunerative in the county and no candidate ever has a walk-away. To be able to "come back" affter sixteen years showed that Mr. Nicholson was able to retain his oldtime popularity.

Before coming to Decatur in 1887 Mr. Nicholson was a farmer in Long Creek township and at one time represented that township on the board of supervisors. After his first term as sheriff expired he was street superintendent Under Mayor C.F. Shilling. He had also been in the livery business and in the Insurance business. When engaged in farming in Long Creek township he dealt extensively in cattle, and he rode horseback all over central Illinois buying up cattle to feed. In this way he gained an extensive acquaintance and made friends that he always retained.

Mr. Nicholson was born March 10, 1849 near Lancaster, Garrard county, Ky. His father, John Nicholson, brought the family to Illinois in 1851. The trip was made overland, the family coming in two wagons. John Nicholson was of Revolutionary stock of Virginia, they having moved to Kentucky at the close of the Revolutionary War. The family had owned slaves, and John Nicholson owned one by inheritance, but he became an abolitionist, and his children agreed with him. That was one of the reasons the family left Kentucky. For ten years after coming to Macon county the family resided in South Wheatland township, and John Nicholson was the only man there to vote for Freemont for president.

Later the family moved to Moultrie county and Jerry P. Nicholson was working on a farm there when the Civil war broke out. He was among the first to answer the call for volunteers and enlisted in Company A, Eighth Illinois, the first Illinois regiment to be mustered into the service. It was commanded by Colonel Richard J. Oglesby. While fighting in the south Jerry Nicholson met some of his cousins who were on the opposite side and during a cessation of hostilities they had some warm arguments over the causes of the war. After three years of service Jerry P. Nicholson returned to Macon county and resumed his farm work. He and Miss Julia Wallace of Long Creek township were married Jan 26, 1865. They continued to reside in Long Creek township until their removal to Decatur in 1887. John Nicholson died in Long Creek township in 1877.

Jerry Nicholson was loyal to his friends and charitable toward his enemies. He was a man of wide experience and was well posted. He was better posted than most any other man on the unwritten history of Macon county, things that happened here in the early days. Active in the business, political and official life of the county up to within a very few years of his death, he possessed a world of information that was hard to learn from any other source and he was usually appealed to when information concerning early events in this county was sought. Always a keen observer and possessing an excellent memory, his stories of the early days were always interesting.

Mr. Nicholson was a member of Dunham post, 141, G.A.R. lodge No. 312, A.F. & A.M. Macon chapter No. 24, R.A.M. ________ commandery No. 3, Knights Templar.

He is survived by his wife and the following children: Miss Mina Nicholson, Miss Julia Nicholson, Robert Nicholson, Ira C. Nicholson, Corydon C. Nicholson, and Lester Nicholson, all of Decatur. He also leaves a sister, Mrs. James Durning of Mt. Zion, who is eighty-two years old, and three brothers, John Nicholson of Luciene, Mo., Charles Nicholson of Bellingham, Wash., and Robert Nicholson of Kinman, Ind., all younger than Jerry.

The funeral will be held at 2:30 o"clock Tuesday afternoon at the family esidence, 430 West Decatur street, and will be under the auspices of the Masons. The interment will be in Greenwood.

Decatur Review, Feb. 26, 1917, p. 6


John Nicholson, one of the old settlers of Niantic township, died Nov. 30, 1901, at the home of his son, William T. Nicholson, two and one-half miles southwest of Niantic.

He had been suffering from a paralytic stroke for some time and has been for several months at the home of his son.

John Nicholson was born near Charleston, N.C., Feb 12, 1822, moved with his parents to Scott county, Ills., in 1832, where his boyood was spent; was married to Miss Susan Edmunson at Jacisonville, Morgan county, Dec 17, 1846. To them were born seven children, four of whom are living and were with him at his death. They are William Nicholson of Niantic, Mrs. Julia Judd of Farmer City, Mrs. Louis Whitesides of Memphis, Tenn., and Miss Dona Nicholson of Paris, Ills.

Mr. Nicholson was a Christian, having united with the Christian church when a young man.

In politics he was always a Democrat and while not seeking office, always took a deep interest in political affairs.

The funeral was held at the home of William Nicholson Sunday afternoon at 2 o'clock. The services were conducted by Rev. Mr. Parker and were largely attended. The burial was at Long Point cemetery. The pallbearers were Frank Sanders, W.H. Thompson, Tom Roberts, Hilary Bean, Mr. Holt and John Kiser.

Decatur Review, Mon., Dec. 3, 1901, p. 5

    Born: 1794 in Garrard Co, KY
    Died: 28 Aug 1870 in Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Mt Zion Cem, Macon Co, IL


John R. Nicholson died at his home in Atlanta Tuesday (15 Dec 1891), after a short illness of pneumonia. He had not been enjoying good health for some time and the disease ran it's course to a fatal termination very rapidly. Mr. Nicholson was born in Kentucky, Mar 20, 1842 (the son of Jeremiah J. & Lucinda (Logan) Nicholson). In 1853 he moved to Ill., settling at Decatur. When the war broke out he answered his country's call, enlisting as a private in Co. A, 8th Ill. Vols., on the 15th day of Aug. 1861, at Decatur, re-enlisting as a veteran Jan 2, 1862, being finally discharged from the service May 4th 1866, having served 4 yrs, 8mo, and 19 days. Curing this time he was a participant in the following battles: Fort Donelson, ________, siege of Corinth, Port Gibson, Vicksburg and _______; as well as numerous raids and expeditions. He was twice married, three children being born of the first union, only one now living, Samuel Scott Nicholson of Decatur. In 1876 Mr. Nicholson came to Atlanta and in 1879 was married to Miss Hettie Blessing, who survives him. He was an enthusiastic GAR man and was a charter member of Atlanta Post No. 256 organized in 1863. He was a faithful member and filled the offices of Commander, Senior Vice Commander, Officer of the Day, quarter master, with honor to himself and the order. At the time of his death he was Post quarter master, having been recently elected to that office. He was also a member of Logan Lodge I.O.O.F. and had filled all important offices. The interment was held at the M.E. church yesterday afternoon and was conducted by Rev. E.A. Squier. The Odd Fellows, Grand Army Post, Relief Corps, and Daughter of Rebekah attended in a body and the rituals of the Odd Fellows and GAR were given at the grave. Mr. Nicholson was a good citizen and neighbor and his death is lamented by the entire community.

Atlanta Argus, Atlanta, IL, Fri, Dec 18, 1891

  NICHOLSON, Julia Ann
    Born: 6 Sep 1871
    Died: 17 Feb 1940 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Greenwood Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Jerry P. & Catherine (Wallace) Nicholson
    Married: Single

  NICHOLSON, Katharine

Mrs. Katharine A. Nicholson, widow of Former Sheriff Jerry P. Nicholson and for eighty years a resident of Macon county, died at 10 o'clock Thursday night (24 Dec 1925) at her home 430 West Decatur street. She was eighty years old last October. The immediate cause of her death was pneumonia, from which she had suffered since a week ago last Wednesday. She had been in failing health for the last year.

Mrs. Nicholson was born in Long Creek township Oct 27, 1845. Her maiden name was Katharine A. Wallace. She was a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wallace. Her father was one of the early settlers of Long Creek township. Mrs. Nicholson was one of the first pupils at the old Mt. Aion academy.

She was known to all the old residents of Decatur and vicinity and had many friends among them. She was a member of the First Presbyterian church. She and Jerry P. Nicholson were married in 1865. His death occurred in February, 1914. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholson moved to Decatur in 1885, and this has been the family residence ever since.

Mrs. Nicholson leaves two daughters and four sons, Misses Julia A. and Mina Nicholson, I. Cass Nicholson, Corydon C. Nicholson and Lester B. Nicholson, all of Decatur, and Robert Nicholson of Ashland, Ky. He was called here a week ago when the serious illness of his mother became apparent, and all the children were with her when the end came. Beside her children Mrs. Nicholson leaves three sisters, Mrs. Sarah Bryant of Decatur, Mrs. Anna Myers of Mt. Zion, and Mrs. Nettie Kizer of Dallas, Texas. There are eight grandchildren.

Funeral wervices will be conducted at 2:30 o'clock Sunday afternoon in the family home, 430 West Decatur street. Burial will be in Greenwood cemetery.

Decatur Review, Fri., Dec. 25, 1925



Final Services Over Body of Dead Sheriff


Many Lodges Represented in Procession

The funeral of Jerry P. Nicholson, veteran of the Civil War and twice sheriff of Macon county, was held at the family residence, 430 West Decatur street. Attended by his old comrades and members of the orders to which he belonged, city and county officials and ex-officials and many other friends, it was one of the largest funerals ever held at a private residence in Decatur.


The services were conducted by Rev. C.E. Jenney, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, and were under the auspices of Ionic lodge No. 312, A.F. & A.M. Masons. The members of the Blue lodge, the members of Beaumanoir commandery No.9, Knights Templar, and the members of Dunham post, 131, Grand Army of the Republic, each attended the services in a body. Many friends had to remain outside during the services, the house not being nearly large enough to accomodate all. The music was furnished by a quartet composed of Mrs. Homer Bateman, Mrs. Earl Belden, Everett Hodge and Elmer Lyons.


There were many beautiful floral tributes, almost enough to fill two rooms. It was impossible to take all the flowers to the cemetery, but J. Reeves Hold and John Spotts each took an automobile load of the flowers to place on the grave.

The honorary pallbearers were J. Armstrong, W.J. Magee, Judge W.G. Cochran, Cyrus M. Imboden, Hiram Johnson and Edward Haines, all members of Dunham post, 141, G.A.R. The active pallbearers were George A. Stadler, J.W. Carter, J.N. Orr, Harry Ruthrauff, E.F. Wills and W.H. Suffern, all members of the masonic orders.

The ritualistic exercises of the Blue lodge were given by Ionic lodge No. 312, A.F. & A.M. Beaumanoir commandery No.9, Knights Templar, acted as an escort. The interment was with military honors in Greenwood cemetery.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 27 Feb 1917

    Born: 3 Jun 1884, in Long Creek Twp, Macon Co, IL
    Died: 23 Jan 1965 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Greenwood Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Jeremiah P. & Catherine (Wallace) Nicholson
    Married: Feb 23, 1932 in Lovington, Moultrie Co, IL to Olive M. Sherman

    Died: 1 Nov 1928 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

  NICHOLSON, Mary Jane
    Died: 7 Nov 1917 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

    Born: 5 Mar 1867 in Macon Co, IL
    Died: 29 Oct 1955 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Greenwood Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Jeremiah P. & Catherine (Wallace) Nicholson
    Married: Never married

  NICHOLSON, Mildred May
    Died: 29 Jan 1920 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

  NICHOLSON, Morris H.
    Died: 11 Apr 1918 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

  NICHOLSON, Robert B.
    Born: 15 Sep 1854 in Garrard Co, KY
    Died: 25 Apr 1937 in Danville, Vermillion Co, IL
    Buried: __cinghill Cem, Danville, Vermillion Co, IL
    Parents: James & Julia (Underwood) Nicholson
    Married: Emma
    Children: Edgar, Osa, Mary & Floda(?)

  NICHOLSON, Samantha (Wallace)
    Born: 5 Dec 1846 in Macon Co, IL
    Died: 13 Dec 1873 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Point Pleasant Cem, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Robert & Julia Ann (Stuart) Wallace
    Married: 24 Aug 1866 in Macon Co, IL to John R. Nicholson
    Children: Samuel S., Jorien W., Mary Annabell

  NICHOLSON, Samuel Scott
    Born: 30 Jun 1867 in LaPlace, IL
    Died: 16 May 1964 in Paxton, Ford Co, IL
    Buried: Woodlawn Cem, Urbana, IL
    Parents: John R. & Samantha (Wallace) Nicholson
    Married: 30 Jun 1901 in Macon Co, IL to Jennie Broderick
    Children: George, Glenn, Lyle, Florance & Mary


The remains of Mrs. Susan Nicholson were brought here from Patoka Saturday. The body was taken to the home of Alber Waddell. The funeral was held at Long Point Sunday at 2 o'clock and was attended by many friends and relatives. Mrs. Nicholson was a resident of Niantic for about 40 years. She leaves three daughters, Mrs. Julia Judd of Patoka, with whom she has lived four years; Mrs. Louis Whiteside of Champaign and Miss Dona Nicholson of Paris. Guy Nicholson of Newman is a grandson.

Decatur Review, Tues., Jan. 4, 1910, p. 2

  NICHOLSON, Thaddeus
    Born: Jun 1836 in KY
    Died: 5 Aug 1918 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Archibald & Mary Nicholson
    Married: to Ann
    Children: P.N., Mary J., George W., Servilla, Perlinah, Thad, Robert L. & John T.


T.W. Nicholson, Old Resident, Expires

Thaddeus W. Nicholson, died at 12:30 o'clock Monday noon at the home of his son J.T. Nicholson, 1144 West Decatur street. He had not been in good health for several years.

He was born June 7, 1837, in Garret Co., Kentucky but had lived in or near Decatur for the last 47 years. He is survived by 2 sons, J.T. Nicholson of Decatur and Thaddeus H. Nicholson of Harristown. He also leaves two brothers and a sister. He was a member of the First Christian Church. For over twenty years he was in the feed business.

The body was taken to Moran's. Definite funeral arrangements are not yet made.

Decatur Review, 5 August 1918

  NICHOLSON, Thaddius H.
    Born: abt 1868 in KY
    Died: 30 Jul 1932 in Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Salem Cem.
    Parents: Thaddeus W. & Ann Nicholson
    Married: #1 - Sarah E. Jay
      #2 - Ida M. Turner
      #3 - Mrs. Emma Holt
    Thaddeus, Robert L. & Essie

  NICHOLSON, William H.
    Died: 27 Jul 1923 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL

  NICHOLSON, William H.
    Born: abt 1836 in Garrard Co, KY
    Died: 13 Feb 1863 at Young's Point, LA
    Parents: John & Julia (Underwood) Nicholson
    Married: Never married

  NICKEY, John

John Nickey breathed his last at his home in Oakley township at fifteen minutes of three o'clock Tuesday afternoon. The deceased was one of our best known and highly respected citizens, having lived in Macon county for almost a quarter of a century. Death resulted from inflammation of the bowels a disease which first affected him last Saturday. Mr. Nickey was aged sixty-five years. He leaves a wife and son surviving him, well provided with this world's goods, as he was a farmer of ample means. The time of the funeral has not yet been fixed.

Saturday Herald (Decatur), 1 Sep 1883

  NICKEY, Nannie (Garriott)

Mrs. Moses A. Nickey, aged 32 years, died of puerperal convulsions at her home in Oakley on Monday, Sept. 18.

The Weekley Herald Despatch (Decatur), 23 Sep 1893

  NICKEY, Susan

DIED, near Oakley, February 9, at 7 p.m., of consumption, Mrs. Susan Nickey, widow of John Nickey, aged 71 years, 3 months and 27 days. Funeral Sunday at 10:30 a.m., Rev. S.P. Hoy officiating.

Decatur Republican, 17 Feb 1887

  NICKEY, William


Known as One of Best Farmers in County


William Nickey, one of the old settlers of Macon county died at 2:50 Friday afternoon at the residence of his daughter, Mrs. John H. McCoy, 778 West Decatur street. His death was caused by paralysis.

Mr. Nickey was one of the best known farmers of Oakley township, and was known all over Macon county. His friends were many. He had been ill for some time and his death was not unexpected.


Mr. Nickey was 82 years old. He first came to Illinois in 1847. In company with his brother and a cousin he walked all the way from Carlyle, Pa. He took a position as blacksmith in Decatur as soon as he got here, but a few months later moved to the Garver settlement northeast of Decatur. Two years later he went to Bloomington and took a position in the Brokaw plow works.


In 1850 he returned to Pennsylvania, going by boat down the missippit to Cairo and thence up the Ohio to Pennsylavania. There he was married, and in company with his wife he drove back to Decatur in a buggys that he made himself. After living in Decatur a few years he then moved to a farm near Oakley. His brother, David Nickey, also moved to that vicinity at the same time. David Nickey died there recently.


Mr. Nickey was a hard worker and thrifty, and he accumulated considerable wealth. His farm in Oakley township was one of the best in Macon county. Mrs. Nickey died in 1889 and since that time he has spent his time withi his children, his winters always being spent with his daughter, Mrs. McCoy, in Decatur. He is survived by one brother, S.P. Nickey, of Oakley township, and the following six children: Mrs. Mary Harrouff of Oakley, Oliver Nickey of Oakley, Mrs. James K. Peck of Cerro Gordo, Mrs. Thomas F. Wheeler of Oakley, Mrs. J.H. McCoy of Decatur and William H. Nickey of Oakley.


The funeral will be held at 11 o'clock Sunday forenoon from the United Brethren church at Oakley of which he was an old member. A special interurban car will leave Decatur at 10 o'clock for the accommodation of the funeral party. The interment will be at the Frantz cemetery. Friends may call at the residence on West Decatur street up to 10 o'clock Sunday morning.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 1 Feb 1908

  NICHOLSON, William H.
    Born abt 1906
    Died: 14 Jan 1989 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Wm. H. & Lottie (Cressup) Nicholson

  NIDIFER, Lillie


Mrs. Little Nidifer Is Victim of Complication of Diseases

Mrs. Lillie Nidifer, wife of William Nidifer, died at 9:55 o'clock Monday evening at the family residence, 1145 North Clinton street. She would have been twenty-eight years old in June. Death was due to a complication of diseases.

Mrs. Nidifer was formerly Miss Lillie Duncan. She was born near Dalton City June 17, 1889. She and William Nidifer were married Oct 18, 1906. Five children were born to them, of whom the following are living: Viola Jane Nidifer, Daisy Eveline Nidifer, Irene Leo Nidifer and Virgil Dale Nidifer. Ruth La Von Nidifer, the baby, died a few weeks ago. She is also survived by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Duncan, and the following sisters and brothers: Mrs. Mollie Rederick, Mrs. Rosa Duggan, Mrs. Mattie Andrews, J.P. Duncan, S.R. Duncan, S.J. Duncan and P.L. Duncan, all of Decatur, and O.S. Duncan of St. Louis.

Decatur Review, 8 May 1917

  NIHISER, Cora Belle
    Born: abt 1882 in IL
    Died: 1912 in IL
    Buried: Mount Zion Cem, Mt. Zion, Macon Co, IL
    Parents: Uriah Taylor Lane and Sirena Maddox
    Married: John Henry Nihiser
    Children: Homer, John, Edna, Harold

  NIHISER, John Henry
    Born: 11 Apr 1880 in Wichita, KS
    Died: 29 Nov 1939 in Troy, IL
    Parents: Louis Nihiser and Abigail Whitney
    Married: Cora Belle Lane
    Children: Homer, John, Edna, Harold, Elsie

    Born: 8 Dec 1888 in Dalton City, IL
    Died: 18 Aug 1933 in Decatur, Macon Co, IL
    Buried: Mt. Gilead Cem, Decatur, IL
    Parents: Louis Nihiser and Abigal Whitney
    Married: Lena Jane Lane
    Children: Beulah, Virgil, Claude, Donald

  NOLAND, Charles M.

Charles M. Noladn died at 12 o'clock Sunday at St. Mary's hospital. The funeral will be held at Wikoff & Moran's undertaking parlors this morning at 11 o'clock. The body will be taken to Maroa on the 12:20 train today.

Decatur Herald, Tuesday, 20 Jan 1903

  NOONAN, Elizabeth


Had Lived in Decatur Nearly All Her Life

Mrs. Elizabeth Noonan, wife of Peter Noonan, Wabash Engineer, died at 9:45 o'clock Sunday evening at the family residence, 421 Central avenue. She had been in failing health for the past five years, suffering from a general breaking down of her constitution. She was 57 years old last June. She had lived in Decatur for fifty-five years and was well known.

She was born at Madison, Illinois June 28, 1858. She was a daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Litterer and a sister of the late Fred Litterer, for many years engineer at the city waterworks and a niece of Mrs. John Ullrich. The familiy moved to Decatur when she was only two years old. She was held in high regard by all who knew her. She did not belong to any societies, her whole life being centered in her home and family. Mrs. Noonan was a member of St. Patrick's Catholic church.


Mrs. Noonan is survived by her husband and five children, Mrs. John Cole, whose home is in Kansas, and who has been at her bedside for some time; Frank Noonan of Taylorville, Miss Dena Noonan, teacher in the Decatur public schools; William Noonan, civil engineer for the Illinois Central, and John Noonan, who is a student in the Decatur H.S.

Daily Review (Decatur), 2 Aug 1915

The funeral of Mrs. Peter Noonan will be held at 10:30 Wednesday morning at St. Patrick's Catholic church. The services will be conducted by Rev. Father Murphy. The body will be taken to St. Louis Wednesday noon and the interment will be in the Calvary cemetery.

Daily Review (Decatur), 2 August 1915

  NOWLIN, Mrs. J.B.

The funeral of Mrs. J.B. Nowlin was held at the Ridge church Saturday at noon, being conducted by the Rev. Mr. Hatfield of the U.B. church. The following relatives were present: J.A. Nowlin and family, S.R. Nowlin, Robert Johnston, Latham; G.D. Applegate and family, A.G. Curry and family, Holdridge, Neb.; William Rowe and family, Jacksonville; John Sykes, Bright, Ind.; Mrs. Lou James, Farmer City; Charles Applegate, Maroa. Mrs. Mary Sprinkle, another relative, could not get here for the funeral, but arrived from Higginsport, O., yesterday.

Daily Review, 22 December 1896

P.O. BOX 1548
DECATUR, IL 62525-1548

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