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      PAGE - FERRELL      

The marriage of Miss Annie Ferrell to Mr. Henry P. Page, was solemnized last evening at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. W.C. Outten, on West Prairie street. The wedding was a very quiet affair, only the immediate friends and relatives of the couple being present. Rev. T.I. Coultas performed the ceremony at half past eight o'clock, and the customary congratulations and refreshments followed. The bride was attired in a becoming costume of cream colored nun's veiling, and the groom wore the conventional black. Miss Ferrell is a sister of Mrs. Outten, and has many friends here. The groom is the well-known teacher at the High school. Mr. and Mrs. Page left on the midnight train for Ann Harbor, Michigan, where his parents reside, and where they will visit during the next few weeks.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 23 Jun 1886



To-Day Marian W. Parlier and Miss Annie B. Taylor, both of Decatur, were granted a marriage license.

Decatur Daily Republican, Decatur, IL, 28 Jul 1892


PECK - TIDD      

Milliard F. Peck, of Monticello, and Miss Leafy Tidd, of Argenta, were married at the county clerk’s office yesterday afternoon. The ceremony was performed by Squire McGorray.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL, 12 Mar 1886



A Wedding In The Country

Miss Laura E. Bundy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Elijah Bundy, was married Thursday evening, September 13th, 1888, to Robert F. Perdue, at the home of her parents, four miles southeast of Decatur. The ceremony was performed at 7 o'clock, by Rev. J.N. Hogg. The bride wore a dress of white material, handsomely trimmed with white ribbon. Natural flowers were her ornaments. Among the wedding guests were C.H. Newell, W.M. Cox, E.S. Wray, W.M. Bundy, W.H. Bundy and their wives, Misses Mary Annie and Lizzie Burns, of Decatur; Emma Posey, of Macon; Belle and Florence Reed and Minnie Evans of Boody; Alice Perdue, Nora Logan, Alice Cunningham; Nellie Bundy, Bertha Perdue, and Messrs. Willie White, of Decatur, Arthur Evans, of Boody, Dick, John and Perry Peel, of Blue Mound; Jas. Good, Taylor Carter, Robert Hill, Ed. and Chester Cox, John Cunningham, John Wray. An excellent supper was served, to which all did ample justice. The later hours were spent in the enjoyment of music, games, and social chat. The bride received many nice presents. Mr. and Mrs. Perdue will commence housekeeping at once.

Saturday Herald, Decatur, IL, 22 Sep 1889



Quiet Wedding Celebrated at Home of I. A. Harkrader

Rolland E. PERSINGER and Miss Leona C. HARKRADER were married at the home of the bride, 252 North Franklin street at ten o'clock Wednesday morning. Dr. W. H. PENHALLEGON officated. It was a very quiet and simple wedding. The only guest were I. A. HARKRADER, father of the bride and Dr. R. L. MORRIS. A two-course wedding breakfast was served immediately after the ceremony by Mrs. Betty THOMAS.

The couple left on the noon train for Chicago. They will be gone about a week.

Mr. PERSINGER is the treasurer of the Shellabarger Elevator company. He is well know in Decatur business circles. His bride is the daughter of Isaac HARKRADER. She is a graduate of the Decatur high schools and has been attending school at Western College and at Oxford at times.

Married March 08, 1905

Submitted by Sandra Wagner

      PETERSON - LONG      

The fact that Miss Annie Long, of Maroa, was married at Springfield on Thursday evening, will be a matter of considerable surprise to her Decatur friends, as it was to her relatives when they were apprised of the matter yesterday. The wedding was a surprise all around, no one having anticipated it but the contracting parties themselves. The groom is Ed. G. Peterson of Springfield, brother of Miss Lottie Peterson, with whom Miss Long had been visiting. The young couple have gone to Chicago on a bridal tour. The bride is quite well known in Decatur.

Daily Review, Decatur, IL, 13 Jun 1886

      PIPER - MIXELL      

Daniel Piper and Mrs. Edith M. Mixell, both of Warrensburg, were married by Judge O.W. Smith, at the court house Wednesday afternoon.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 10 Apr 1907

      POLING - GHARRETT      

Dewey Poling and Miss Vina Gharrett, both of Oreana, were married in Decatur Saturday morning, the ceremony being performed by Judge J.H. McCoy at the court house.

Decatur Review, 12 Sep 1925

      POWERS - BOWERS      

A Happy Union on North Franklin Street Last Evening - A Brilliant Affair - Costumes and Gifts

    "Oh! fortunate! Oh! happy day!
    When a new household takes its place
    Among the myriad homes of earth!"

Fortunate indeed, and delightfully happy, was this fifteenth day of October, and may its rich and brilliant sunshine be a faithful augury of the bright and beautiful future of the young lives, united at its close, in that union which it is most fervently hoped may ever grow dearer and stronger till life's close.

The marriage of Mr. George W. Powers and Miss Dessie E. Bowers was most beautifully consummated beneath the home root tree of the father of the bride, Mr. Wm. Bowers, in this city, on Wednesday evening, Oct. 15th at nine o'clock. The house presented a beautiful appearance, being decorated for the important event of the evening by the bridesmaids and friends of the bride. The parlor, in which the ceremony took place, was gracefully trimmed with drooping garlands of ivy and smilax, mingled with pale-tinted bloom. The corner bower, from the center of which was suspended a horseshoe of tea rose-buds, the German benison for "gutes gluek" formed the background for the beautiful bridal party, which when in position presented a most lovely appearance.

The softened strains of the "Wedding March," at the magic hour of 9 o'clock silenced the conversation of the assembled guests, and presaged the entrance of those immediately connected with the ceremony. The bridal procession then took place as follows:

First, Miss Belle Ewing, attended by Mr. John Clugston, separating and occupying the sides of the bower; then Miss Hattie Jones and Mr. Frank Powers, also separating. Next came Miss Fannie Shellabarger escorted by Mr. Edgar Ewing, between whom stood the last arrival, Mr. Powers, and for the last time, Miss Bowers.

The beautiful and impressive ceremony of the M.E. Church was happy performed by Rev. G.W. Miller, of Stapp's Chapel. The responses were clear and distinct, and at the conclusion of the final prayer, the officiating clergyman, in behalf of, and with the best wishes of the little family in the parsonage, presented the newly-wedded husband and wife with a large and elegant family Bible. It was a most beautiful and fitting ending of the service, and was received by the bride herself. Congratulations, heartfelt and sincere, from all of the many friends and relatives of both parties present immediately took place, the young wife and husband being presented to those present by Mr. Edgar F. Ewing, in the capacity of first groomsmen.

The costume of the bride was exquisitely elegant and tasteful - cream-white satin richly self-trimmed and frilled with elegant balls, enwreathed and adorned with clusters of orange blossoms and white forget-me-nots, and o'er all, the ample folds of the long, soft, shining train and over the fair face of the youthful bride fell the sheltering filmy folds of the bridal veil.

The wedding ring being of such beautiful and appropriate design, a wreath of orange flowers and foliage in pale green gold, imbedded in a massive band of red gold, most perfectly completed the bridal toilet.

The bridesmaids were beautifully attired in white India mull and muslin, over white satin, the distinguishing colors being indicated by exquisite baskets of flowers, as well as those worn on the dresses.

Miss Shellabarger wore pale blue, Miss Jones cream and crimson, and Miss Ewing pink, poppies. These caught back scarf veils of tulle and appeared in various places about the toilettes. The gentlemen were faultlessly attired in the conventional costume suitable for such occasions, and presented an elegant and distinguished appearance.

The guests were also attired with elegance suitable to the occasion.

  • Mrs. Bowers, an elegant black silk with laces.
  • Mrs. S. Powers, an elegant black silk, en train, with trimmings of black over white lace.
  • Miss Nettie Bowers, white tulle and satin, adorned with white flowers.
  • Miss Carrie Powers, an exquisite toilette, of white snow-flake gauze with trimmings of white embroidery, and elaborate fringe over black velvet; ornaments of natural flowers.
  • Mrs. L. Wilkinson, an elegant costume of black velvet, silk and satin brocade, with point lace trimmings, ornaments pearl and black enamel.
  • Mrs. Geo. Haworth, elegant costume of black velvet, ornaments of pearl and cameo.
  • Mrs. James Haworth, elegant costume of damassee silk and velvet.
  • Mrs. J.B. Shellabarger, rich black silk and velvet costume.
  • Mrs. Orville B. Gorin, rich costume of crimson velvet and silk.
  • Mrs. J.K. Warren, rich silk and velvet costume, point lace and coral ornaments.
  • Mrs. E.D. Bartholomew, rich silk and velvet costume, ornaments crimson crushed poppies.
  • Miss Nellie Shellabarger, exquisite dress of pale blue silk, with cheneille embroidery in natural colors.
  • Miss Flora Race, exquisite dress of pale blue embossed material, ornaments of pink lily of the valley.
  • Miss Nellie John, pale blue India cashmere, with plaitings of pale blue silk.
  • Mrs. Miller, black silk with natural flowers.
  • Mrs. J.C. Lake, rich black velvet with point lace.
  • Mrs. A.W. Palmer, black silk, with blacd(?)thread drapery.
  • Mrs. J.R. Race, gold colored damassee silk and velvet.
  • Miss Nellie Durfee, matelasse toilet with trimmings of canary colored satin.
  • And many others all equally elegant and tasteful, but of whom time and space forbid mention.

  • Solitaire diamond set, brooch and ear rings, from the bridegroom.
  • $200 in greenbacks, from S. Powers, Esq., father of the groom.
  • $100 in gold, from Wm. Bowers, Esq., father of the bride.
  • Silver table service - very handsome - consisting of a swinging coffee urn, coffee, tea and hot water pot, sugar bowl, cream pitcher, slop bowl and spoon holder, with fruit dish of silver and cut glass, cake basket, butter dish and syrup can, from Mrs. L. Wilkinson.
  • Elegant silver water service, with swinging pitcher and shell-shape bowl and goblets, with compliments of Theron A. Powers, Frank Powers and Edgar F. Ewing.
  • Confectionary stand - massive and elegant design - from Mr. and Mrs. F.N. Ewing.
  • Elegant French clock, black marble and bronze, from Mr. and Mrs. O. Powers, Jacksonville.
  • Very handsome ebony and gilt easel, from Mr. and Mrs. George Haworth.
  • Painted porcelain and ebony table, from Mr. and Mrs. Isaac Shellabarger.
  • Set of damask table linen, from Mrs. S. Powers.
  • Antique Guipure lace spread and pillow shams from the bridesmaids.
  • Silver jewel casket with revolving cover, from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Russell, Jacksonville.
  • Pair of exquisitely decorated vases, from Mr. and Mrs. James Haworth.
  • Japanese album, from Miss Nellie Shellabarger.
  • Oil painting landscape, elegantly framed, from Miss Flora Race.
  • Elegant toilet stand, from John W. Clagston and C.W. Challis.
  • Silver spoon holder with call-bell, from Miss Gracie Toof, of Memphis, Tenn.
  • Silver and glass card receiver, from W.S. Grubbs.
  • Exquisite silver toilet stand, from Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Shellabarger.
  • Silver pickle castor, from Miss Jennie Stare.
  • Silver jewel casket, satin lined, from Oliver H. McBride.
  • Silver toilet stand and jewel case combined, from Mr. and Mrs. C.A. Ewing.
  • Silver basket and receiver, from E.D. Carter, jr.
  • Solid silver salad spoon, from Jerome Anderson.
  • Solid silver berry spoon, from Otto E. Curtis.
  • Silver jewel stand, from Mr. and Mrs. J.F. Boyd.
  • Exquisite silk embroidery, from Miss Nellie Durfee.
  • Silver and gilt alarm clock, from Messrs. George and Albert Day, Springfield.
  • Urn shape vases, black with decorations of storks in white, small bouquet holders to match, Miss Carrie Powers.
  • Pair of jardiniers, from Mr. and Mrs. E.D. Bartholomew.
  • Agate tete-a-tete on Japanese, Mr. and Mrs. George S. Durfee.
  • Handsome toilet service, from Mr. and Mrs. D.S. Shellabarger.
  • Hand-painted desert sets, finest designs, from Mr. and Mrs. A.S. Waltz.
  • Half dozen hand-painted desert plates, from Miss Fannie Shellabarger.
  • Majolica dessert service, from Mr. and Mrs. John K. Warren.
  • Hand-painted dessert plates, flower designs, Misses Jay, of Springfield, Ill.
  • Wedgwood pitcher with figures in white, from Miss Lena Henkle, Chicago.
  • Hand-painted dessert plates, Mr. Albert and Miss Mollie Barnes.
  • Japanese stand, Mrs. A.S. Powers.
  • Decorated window jardiniers, Mr. and Mrs. J.R. Race.
  • Towels, Linn & Scruggs.
  • Embroidered bed linen, Miss Shellabarger.
  • Damask tabel linen, Mr. Ed. Sloan.
  • Handsome Marseilles bed spreads, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Hughes.
  • Elegant copy of Goldsmith's Works, Mr. Grunendike.
  • Rich and handsome reception chair, Miss Nettie Bowers.
  • Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Lake.
  • Book of Sacred Quotations, Mrs. Stafford.
  • Complete and elegant black walnut and ebony work box, made and presented by Mr. Joseph Hughes of St. Louis.
  • Large and elegantly arranged basket of cut-flowers, Messrs. Harry Crea and Parke Hammer.
  • Briday bouquet, from little Marian Ewing.
  • Mr. Powers and his bride left for Jacksonville on the early train this morning, where they will reside.

    Decatur Daily Republican, 16 Oct 1879

          POWERS - GRISWOLD      


    Miss Griswold Has Already Left Berlin For English Capital

    The wedding of Samuel Powers of Decatur and Miss Evelyn Griswold of Berlin will take place Dec. 15, in London, according to information received by Mr. and Mrs. George W. Powers, parents of the young man.

    In a special calbe to the Chicago Tribune is given the information of the wedding:

    Berlin, Dec. 8 - Miss Evelyn Griswold, daughter of the American basso of the Berlin Royal opera, Putnam Griswold, has gone to London for her marriage next week to Samuel Powers of Decatur, Ill., member of the German staff of the International Harvester company. The marriage celebrated nonconformist preacher and member of parliament, the Rev. Silvester Horne, who is an oldtime friend of the bride's father. After a honeymoon in England Mr. and Mrs. Powers will return to Berlin, where a number of dinners and receptions are planned in their honor.

    The Daily Review, Decatur, IL, 5 Dec 1910

          POWERS - ROGERS      

    A Brilliant Social Event in Decatur Last Night - United For Life

    The marriage of Mr. Charles G. Powers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Orlando Powers, and Miss Effie Rogers, was joyously celebrated last evening in the presence of about one-hundred guests at the home of the bride's parents, Hon. and Mrs. Jason Rogers, No. 261 West Decatur street. The happy union of hearts and hands was one of the chief social events of the year, and because of the prominence of the two families and the wide acquaintance of the oung couple, it was an occasion of much interest. It was one of the coolest evenings of the month of roses. The sun had shone brightly during the day, and the cool breeze of the night added to the comfort of the large company of friends who filled the residence and promenaded upon the brightly illuminated lawn.

    The Opera orchestra filled the rooms with the beautiful strains of the Lohengrin bridal chorus as the bridal party descended from the upper chambers and entered the rear parlor, where the ring service was spoken by Rev. W.H. Prestley, of the Presbyterian church, making Charles and Effie husband and wife. The orchestra played the Mendelssohn wedding march at the termination of the impressive ceremony, when relatives and friends pressed forward to offer personal congratulations to the happy pair.

    The handsome bride was attired in an elaborate costume of Faille Francais en train, beautifully embroidered with seed pearls, with trimmings of pearl at the waist. The conventional veil was worn. The ornaments were diamond ear-rings and pin, the gift of the groom, and a bouquet of Marguerites.

    The attendants were Miss Jennie Rogers, sister of the bride, who wore a rich cream colored Moire silk, with trimmings of Valenciennes lace, V shaped corsage, Howard Powers, brother of the groom; Miss Annabelle Powers, sister of the groom, who was attired in a surah silk of cream color, corsage of V. shape; Mr. C.P. Gillett, of Jacksonville, who appeared in a cream colored surah silk with generous trimmings of Chantilly lace, each bridesmaid carrying a bouquet of Marguerites; Edward Powers.

    During the evening the choicest viands and refreshments were served in abundance in the dining hall.

    The decorations in the parlors were of an elaborate and most tasteful character, in keeping with the brilliant event. There was a bank of holly hocks and smilax at the mantel in the front parlor, with lilies on either side, and the chandeliers were trimmed with smilax. Trimmings of smilax adorned the double door-arch leading to the rear parlor, and over the supper table was pendant a large marriage bell of flowers. Numerous Japanese lanterns brightened the spacious lawn.

    Mr. and Mrs. Powers departed last night on an extended bridal tour. They will visit Chicago, Niagra Falls, the watering places and other points in the east, returning a month hence to reside at the home of the groom's parents. The groom is a young business man of noble impulses and irreproachable character, who is to be congratulated on winning for a bride one of Decatur's fairest and most accomplished young ladies.

    The guests in attendance at the marriage were Mr. and Mrs. H.D. Spencer and Frank Capen, of Bloomington; Misses Alma and Jennie Gillette, Charles Rutledge, Mr. Jebb and Dr. Griffith, of Jacksonville; Hon. James S. Ewing, Miss Ida Worrell and the Misses Ewing, of Bloomington; Mrs. L.A. Toland, of Latham; Miss Nellie Dora, Charleston; Messrs. O. Powers, G.S. Durfee, George Powers, J.K. Warren, B.O. McReynolds, E.P. Vail, John Ullrich, Dr. J. Brown, E.D. Bartholomew, S.W. Johns, C.A. Ewing, Rev. Prestley and their wives; Misses Belle Ewing, Lon and Hattie Jones, Polly Vail, Nellie Durfee, Lillie Brown, Grace Maconghtry, Mabel and Daisy Durfee, Luetta Ullrich, Laura Johns, Fannie Ehrman, Blanche Gassaway, Hattie Howell, Belle Burrows, Alma Kohler, Bessie Guyton, Irene Thatcher, Mary Roby, Jennie Sullivan, Lida Moore, Kate Snyder, Jennie Wells, Eva Caldwell; Mrs. E. Bering; Messrs. Theron, Frank, Ed, Chan, and Howard Powers, Giles Warren, Frank Curtis, Walter Strange, Chas. and Fred. Henderson, Henry Prather, Frank Roby, Will Haworth, Harry Westbay, Harry Hord, Lou Griswold, Lon Eyman, Ed. Judson, Will Heilman, Will Shellabarger, Sherman McClelland, Guy Parke, Bert Hardy, Will Ennis, Everett Brown, Frank Shull, Tom McReynolds and Aten Lytle.

    The bride received a very large collection of costly gifts from friends.

    Decatur Weekly Republican, Decatur, IL, Thursday, 23 Jun 1887

          PRINGLE - YOHE      

    Wedding of a Decatur Young Man and a Pana Young Lady

    Charles H. Pringle of this city and Miss Sue Yohe of Pana were married at the residence of the bride's parents in Pana Saturday evening at 6:30. Mr. Pringle is a son of Norman Pringle, mail clerk on the Wabash. He is enaged in the rubber stamp business here and is highly respected. The bride has visited Decatur frequently and has many friends here. Mr. and Mrs. Pringle will reside with the former's father in this city.

    The Daily Review (Decatur), 31 Dec 1893


    Walter E. Putnam of Rosemond and Miss Goldie Gabbert of Taylorville were married about midnight by Rev. J.W. VanCleve of Grace Methodist church at his residence in Decatur. The young peope did not want their friends to know of the wedding before Monday, so they went to the home of County Clerk Peniwell late Saturday night and got the license.

    The Daily Review, Decatur, IL, 7 Oct 1907

          RACE - THOMAS      

    Marriage of Miss Lelah Race, Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Race
    to Mr. G. Davis Thomas of Minneapolis

    The Ceremony - The Wedding Guests and the Toilets -
    The Decorations - The Wedding Supper, etc. - A Brilliant Society Event

    An event which the society people of Decatur have looked forward to with anticipation of pleasure occurred last night. It was the marriage of Miss Lelah Race, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Race, to Mr. G. Davis Thomas, a banker of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The wedding was celebrated at the residence of the bride's father, No. 414 West Main street.

    Among the two hundred or more guests present were most of the people prominent in Decatur social circles. The marriage rites were performed at 8 o'clock. The bridal party descended the stairway and entered the west parlor to the strains of the bridal chorus from Lohengrin played by Prof. Bull and the opera house orchestra stationed in the main hall. The bridesmaids, Miss Buck, of Chicago, Miss Duhring of Kansas City, Miss Chambers of Decatur, Miss Servis of St. Louis, Miss Whitcomb of Minneapolis and Miss Brockenbrough of Lafayette, entered the parlor in couples preceding the bride and groom, who were followed by the bride's parents. Advancing to the richly decorated bay window the attendants separated and the bridal couple stepped beneath the large chandelier. The nuptial knot was then tied by Rev. W.H. Prestley, pastor of the Presbyterian church. When the divine blessing upon the young couple had been invoked, the strains of the bridal chorus gave place to those of the Mendelssohn wedding march, which was played while the congratulations were being spoken.

    Among the brilliant company which filled the spacious apartments of the residence were Governor and Mrs. Oglesby, of Springfield; Mrs. Ludington, Mrs. Randolph, Miss Maud Buck, Chicago; Miss Duncan, Miss Gibson, Miss Bradley, of Lexington, Ky.; Mrs. John S. Williams, of Washington, D.C.; Misses Lotta and Amy Gillette, Elkhart; Mrs. Wm. Anderson, Litchfield; Mrs. Cole and Miss Cole, of Pittsburgh, Pa.; Stephen Hart, of Minneapolis, Minn.; Mrs. J.W. Ackerson, of San Francisco. The relatives of the bride present were Mrs. Lehman, her grandmother, Attica, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. Warren Tebbs, Lawrenceburg, Ind.; Mr. and Mrs. David Porter, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. S.P. Morford, Monticello; Judge and Mrs. Wood, Indianapolis; J.A. Race and the Misses Dora and Ella Race, Pana.

    Regrets were received from Mr. and Mrs. J. Hutchinson, Altoona, Pa.; Miss Oglesby, Springfield; Mr. and Mrs. G.F. Wessels, Chicago; G.Z. Wood, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Armstrong, Dana, Ind.; J.W. Basforth, Quincy; Mrs. E.W. Cook, St. Paul, Minn.; Henry C. Smith and Miss Bessie E. Smith, Medea, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. S.L. Blair and H.D. Maxwell, Easton, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Corns, Lockport, N.Y.; Cal C. King, Altoona, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. Wm. L. Dheafer, Pottsville, Pa.; Miss Annie E. Morse, Chicago; Henry F. Wyman, Minneapolis; Mrs. Craig, Attica, Ind.; Miss Deniston, Jersey City, N.J.; Mrs. James A. Ferguson, Miss Shenehon, C.C. Webber, Mr. and Mrs. William Kellar, John S. Bradstreet, G.W. Swineburn, jr., Miss Emma Oswald, Miss Bertie Oswald, Minneapolis, Minn.; Miss Jessie Gillette, Elkhart; Mr. and Mrs. S.G. Malone and family, Dana, Ind.; Miss Mollie Barnes, Boston, Mass.; Mr. and Mrs. W.P. Butler, Aberdeen, D.T.; Miss Grace Macoughtry, Chicago; Mrs. L.L. Smith, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. A.W. Moss, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Powell, Sandusky, O.; Howard Case, Wichita, Kas.; Will Quinlan, Cambridge, Mass.; Will Haworth, Ann Arbor, Mich.; Miss Johns, Boston; Mr. and Mrs. Graham and the Misses Graham, Philadelphia; Mr. Deake, Easton, Pa.; Miss Hattie Leland, New York; Joseph Hutchinson, Hollidaysburgh, Pa.; Mr. and Mrs. George Morris, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Perry, Mrs. C.C. Perry and the Misses Perry, New York.


    The bride wore and exquisite toilet from a celebrated establishment of Paris, France. The white corded silk dress was made with full train, high neck and long sleeves. The point lace with which it was trimmed was a special design manufactured at Brussels. White slippers, a full-length bridal veil and diamond ornaments completed the costume.

    The bridesmaids were each attired in a robe of white crepe de Chien. They wore white slippers, white gloves and each carried a fan of white ostrich feathers. Miss Buck and Miss Duhring each carried a hand bouquet of pink roses tied with pink satin ribbon and covered with pink tulle; Miss Chambers and Miss Servis each a bouquet of red roses tied with red ribbon and covered with pink tulle; Miss Whitcomb and miss Brockenbrough buff roses tied with buff ribbon and covered with buff tulle.

    Mrs. Race, mother of the bride, wore a rich robe of garnet velvet, trimmed with Shrimp pink uncut vevet. It was made with a full train and the front covered with black thread lace hung with cut garnet pendants. The corsage was cut square and filled in with lace. Her ornaments were diamonds.

    Other notable toilets were:

    Mrs. J.W. Ackerson wore a dress of violet velvet made with full train. The front panels were of white silk ornamented with fleur de lis; white slippers and gloves and diamond ornaments.

    Mrs. Lehman trianed dress of black satin with jets and lace.

    Mrs. T.D. Porter, costume of black satin, trimmed with jets and ornamented by natural flowers.

    Mrs. Warren Tebbs, black lace; diamond ornaments.

    Mrs. R.J. Oglesby, a magnificent dress of white satin, with brocaded silver front, and ermine trimmings; ornaments, amethysts.

    Mrs. Cole, black lace dress; diamond ornaments.

    Mrs. John S. Williams, black satin and lace.


    There was a lavish display of cut flowers and growing tropical plants. The mantle in the west parlor, where the ceremony was performed, was banked with red roses intermingled with smilax and ferns, and over the top was a canopy like projection of smilax and brilliant hued blossoms. The chadeliers throughout the house were garlanded with smilax and, suspended from them were baskets of cut flowers.


    The wedding supper was served at 9 o'clock by Kinsley, the celebrated Chicago caterer. The dining hall was tastefully decorated. In the middle of the hall was a table upon which was a large stand of fruit surrounded with cut flowers. Aroundt his table were smaller ones at which the guests were served. The menu embraced oyster patties, game croquettes, chicken salad, French sponge roll, sandwiches, coffee, ice cream, cakes and fruits. The bride's cake, which was richly decorated, was made by Brewer.

    After supper the bride and groom led in a waltz, and a round of dances was then enjoyed. The orchestra discoursed sweet music throughout the evening, and every moment was made one of pleasure to the guests. The festivities ended at 2 o'clock this morning.


    The bridal presents were many and valuable. Among them were jewels, hammered brasses, bronzes, bisques, silver service and paintings.


    Mr. and Mrs. Thomas will depart to-day noon for New York City, and will go from thence to Philadelphia. They will remain East a fortnight and will then go to Minneapolis and commence housekeeping in an elegant residence already prepared for them. They will be "at home" to friends after Nov. 1.

    Saturday Herald, Decatur, IL, Saturday, 16 Oct 1886

          RAU - ROGERS      

    Miss Lillie Rau and John Rogers were married at the home of the bride's father, Christian Rau in Austin township Wednesday March 4. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. J.H. Crowder of Bethany. Only immediate relatives and friends were present. After congratulations a beautiful dinner was served. The young couple are widely known in this county and Logan, and are from among the best families in Austin. Their families wish them a long, happy voyage in life.

    Daily Republican (Decatur), 7 March 1896


    MARRIED - Also by the same (Rev. D.P. Bunn on the 11th inst.), at the Cassell House, Mr. Peter Razar and Miss Martha A. Dawson.

    At the same time and place, by the same, Mr. John Laughlin and Miss Mary A. Dawon, all of Logan county, Illinois.

    Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur), 18 Sep 1856

          REA - EHRHART      

    Married - On the 22d ult., by Rev. A.L. Brooks, Mr. Francis Rea, of Oakley, and Miss Mattie Ehrhart, of Decatur.

    Decatur Republican, 8 Oct 1868

          REAVIS - LICHTENBERGER      

    James Reavis of Cerro Gordo and Miss Mary Lichtenberger of Oreana, were married at the Palace hotel in this city, on Thursday. The ceremony was performed by Squire Stevens. The bride is the daughter of Mr. James Lichtenberger.

    Decatur Review, 10 April 1886

          RIBER - WILSON      

    In this city, at the residence of the bride's father, Robert Wilson, No. 531 West Wood street, at 7 o'clock p.m., October 12, by Rev. W.H. Wilder, D.M. Riber, of Blue Mound, and Miss Anna Wilson. There was a large attendance, a fine wedding supper, and many useful presents for the bride.

    The Saturday Herald (Decatur), 16 Oct 1886

          RICE - LANHAM      

    At the residence of the bride's parents, on Monday, May 22nd, 11 o'clock a.m., George Rice, of Decatur, and miss Nellie Lanham, of Collinsville. The happy twain came direct to Decatur where they will reside in the future. For the next month they will remain at the residence of J.F. Curry, on East North street, where they will be happy to greet their many friends. We acknowledge receipt of some rich cake. Thanks.

    Saturday Herald (Decatur), 27 May 1882

          RITCHIE - SMART      

    Wedding That Connects Maroa to Warrensburg

    Maroa, Ills, January 29 - David O. Smart and Miss Edith Ritchie were married at noon Wednesday at the home of the bride's parents near Warrensburg. The ceremony was performed by John Ritchie, the father of the bride, in the presence of about fifty guests. Miss Bertha Ritchie, sister of the bride, and W.C. Albert were the attendants. The wedding march was played by Miss Ollie Ritchie, sister of the bride.

    After congratulations were extended they repaired to the dining room, where an elaborate dinner was served.

    The bride looked her sweetest in a white mull. She is a daughter of John Ritchie, a wealthy farmer near Warrensburg, and wife. The groom is head clerk in C.M. Crum's grocery store. Mr. and Mrs. Smart came to Maroa Wednesday evening and took supper at Mrs. George Smith's, mother of the groom. They then went to their home on Bloomington Avenue, which had been previously furnished by Mr. Smart. They received many handsome and useful gifts.

    Daily Review, 29 Jan 1903

          RITCHIE - BROWN      

    Miss Vonna Ritchie to Marry Prominent Young Man

    Invitations are out announcing the approaching marriage of Miss Vonna Vada Ritchie, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Ritchie of Warrensburg, to Mr. Deloss Stoddard Brown, Jr. of Peoria, to take place Thursday, October 17, at 11 o'clock a.m. at the Methodist Episcopal church in Warrensburg. A reception at the home of the bride's parents will follow immediately after the ceremony.

    The couple will be at home after November 15, at 806 Glen avenue, Peoria, Ill.

    Decatur Herald, 3 October 1905

    Read more about this wedding!

          RITTIG - DEAN      

    Hiram Rittig and Miss Ida Dean were married in the parlor of the Brunswick Hotel yesterday by Judge W.E. Nelson. The happy couple are from Moweaqua.

    Daily Review (Decatur), 4 January 1894

          RIVES - TROUTMAN      

    Rives - Troutman Wedding Saturday

    The marriage of Miss Helen Jane Rives,daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Zeno J. Rives and Jack Barnes Troutman took place Saturday in Charleston, Ill., Rev. Mr. Hays of the Charleston Presbyterian church performing the ceremony in the pastor's house. Accompanying the couple were Miss Mildred Marquis and Edward Wade.

    The bride was attired in pink crepe with accesories of white. Her bouquet was of sweetheart roses and baby's breath.

    Following the ceremony the wedding party motored to Decatur. Mr. & Mrs. Troutman will make their home at 2215 North Oakland avenue. The bridegroom is a farmer. Both young people are graduates of the Decatur High School, class of 1924.

    Decatur Daily Review, 1 July 1928

          ROBINSON - BERMAN      

    Amos Robinson who recently married Mrs. Isabella Berman, is remodeling his house and having electric lights installed, making his house strictly modern.

    Decatur Review, 26 March 1923

    NOTE: Amos Robinson's first wife was Louise Shroder, whom he married on 15 August 1880 Macon Co., IL. Louise Shroder Robinson died on 6 March 1917 Macon Co., IL. Isabella Dillinger Berman's first husband was Joseph Hunter Berman whom she married on 3 January 1878 Macon Co., IL. Joseph Hunter died 24 August 1921 Macon Co., IL.

          ROBINSON - HOLT      

    Married on Thursday evening, November 19, at the residence of Levi Abernathy, by Reb. J.I. Davidson, Mr. C.J. Holt and Miss Olive Robinson, both of this city.

    Decatur Republican, 26 November 1868

          ROBINSON - McMULLEN      

    An Aged Couple Marry

    J.W. Robinson and Mrs. Elizabeth McMullen were married Saturday evening by Rev. Mr. Batterton of the Methodist Protestant church in the Fourth ward. The groom is 60 years old and his bride 61, but Cupid takes no account of time in his desire to promote happiness. After the ceremony was said and Mr. and Mrs. Robinson had retired to the quite seclusion of their home they were treated to a charivari by a large crowd of friends, not one of whom was younger than 50. Mr. Robinson was for many years pastor of the Methodist Protestant church in the Fourth ward. - Lincoln Courier

    Decatur Herald, 16 Apr 1903

          ROSELL - HAGERMAN      

    By Justice Albert, in his office, on Wednesday, Sept. 6, 1882, James H. Rosell and Miss Amanda Hagerman, both colored residents of Decatur.

    Saturday Herald (Decatur), 9 Sep 1882

          RUTHRAUFF - VICKARS      

    On the evening of Dec. 26, 1882, at the M.E. parsonage in Rochester, Sangamon county, Ill., the popular Athens miller, Mr. A.S. Ruthrauff, of Menard Co., Ill, formerly of Macon Co., Il., and Miss Estella Vickars, of Sangamon Co., Il., by the Rev. D.P. Lyons.

    After the ceremony about 75 persons took supper at Mr. W.B. Hicks' (brother-in-law of Mr. Ruthrauffs). The happy couple were made the recipients of many valuable gifts.

    Decatur Weekly Republican, 4 Jan 1883

          RYAN - BERMAN      

    Gertrude H. Ryan and Frank Berman Wed

    Date of Marriage: 11 o'clock a.m. on 18 June 1930 St. Louis, IL

    Bride's Parents: Mike and Nellie Ryan of Decatur, both deceased. Mike Ryan owned Ryan Clothing store on North Water street, Decatur, Macon Co., IL for a number of years.

    Groom's Parents: Annos Robinson of Warrensburg

    Groom's Occupation: Linotype operator at The Review

    Residence: Couple will make their home at 1461 North Water Street, Decatur, Macon Co., IL.

    Extracted from: Decatur Daily Review, 18 June 1930

          SCANLAN - CARTER      

    MARRIED - On Wednesday the 12th inst., by Rev. Johnithan Stamper, at the residence of the Bride's father in this city Mr. Wm. Scanlan and Miss Martha M. Carter all of this city.

    Illinois State Chronicle (Decatur), 27 Nov 1856

          SCHENCK - SCHAEFER      

    William T. Schenck and Mrs. Hannah Schaefer were married yesterday afternoon by Squire Eyman, at his office on South Water street.

    Daily Review, Decatur, IL, Sunday, 9 Apr 1886

          SELLS - PIPER      

    Married, in St. Louis, on the 27th inst., Mr. Peter Sells and Miss Lillie Piper, both of this city.

    Decatur Weekly Republican, 31 Dec 1874

          SHELLY - BURNES      

    Thomas E. Shelly and Miss Lela M. Burnes, both of Stonington, were married at 9:30 o'clock Thursday morning, the ceremony being performed by Judge J.H. McCoy at the court house in Decatur. The groom is a farmer.

    Decatur Review, Thursday, 26 Jul 1917

          SHENEMAN - GLENN      


    Friends of Miss Anna Sheneman in Decatur will be surprised to know that she is married, although the wedding occurred on the 11th of June. The young lady's parents, Mr. and Mrs. S.F. Sheneman, live at Warrensburg, but the lady has lived for some time in Decatur. She spent last winter in Oklahoma City.

    The Oklahoma City News has the following about the wedding:

    "Dr. J.O. Glenn, a young physician who came here several months ago from Missouri and located in the city for the practice of his profession, surprised his many friends this week by taking unto himself a life partner, at Guthrie, Tuesday evening. The bride, Miss Anna Sheneman, a refined and pleasnat young woman, arrived a few days ago from her home in Decatur, Ills. The couple left Tuesday morning for the territorial capital, where the ceremony was performed by Rev. W.C. Miles, at the First Presbyterian church parsonage at 6 o'clock. Dr. Messenbaugh, of this city, and Fred Myers of Guthrie, witnessed the ceremony. The newly wedded couple returned to this city Thursday morning and are pleasantly located in a suite of rooms over the Kirkpatrick drug store on Grand avenue."

    The Daily Review (Decatur), 4 Sep 1901

          SHERMAN - CURRIER      

    Married, in this city, on the 12 inst. at the Revere House, by Rev. J.R. Locke, Mr. Stephen Sherman, of Illiopolis, and Miss Cordelia Currier, of Ohio. Also, at same place and time, by the same, Mr. Temopilus M. Sherman, of Illiopolis, and Miss Emeline Currier, of Ohio.

    Decatur Republican, 19 Sep 1867

          SCHIFLDT - CARROLL      

    MARRIED - On the 28th ult., by Rev. R. Shobe, Mr. Henry Schifldt and Miss Anne Carroll, all of this city.

    Illinois State Chronicle, 4 Sep 1856

          SHLAUDEMAN - SNYDER      

    Mr. Shlaudeman's Marriage

    Tuesday morning at half-past 9 o'clock Mrs. Catherine Snyder was married to Mr. Henry Shlaudeman. The ceremony was performed by Judge W.E. Nelson at the home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Fred Norman, No. 269 West William street. The wedding was a very quiet one. Only the families and immediate relatives were present. The couple were heartily congratulated, and the company then partook of refreshements. Mr. and Mrs. Shlaudeman left at 11:15 via the I.D.&W. for Louisville, where they will visit for a few weeks. They will then go South for the winter and will return home in the spring. They will reside on West William street on the property recently purchased by Mr. Shlaudeman. The groom is president of the Decatur Brewing company and of the Decatur Ice company. He is well known as a progressive and successful business man. The bride has many warm friends and is a lady of many admirable qualities. They couple have the hearty wishes of a large circle of friends for their future happiness.

    Herald Despatch (Decatur), 15 Nov 1890

          SHUTTER - GARVER      

    John F. Shutter and Miss Edith M. Garver, were married at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the U.B. parlors, Rev. C.M. Thorn, the pastor officiating. The couple were attended by the groom's sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Myers.

    The Daily Review (Decatur), 12 Mar 1902

          SIMPSON - BLUME      


    Wedding of George H. Simpson and Miss Grace C. Blume

    This forenoon at 10 o'clock the marriage of Miss Grace Carter Blume, only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Geo. P. Blume, and Mr. George Haworth Simpson, elder son of Ald. and Mrs. Geo. S. Simpson, was solemnized at the home of the bride's parents, No. 502 Prairie Avenue, in the presence of the relatives and more intimate friends of the two families. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Dr. Vosburgh, pastor of the Baptist church. The ceremony was witnessed in the rear parlor, the handsome couple standing in the bay window, which was tastefully trimmed with blooming plants and cut flowers. Above was pendant a floral bow and arrow in nest design. The beautiful bride was lovely in a rich traveling suit of brown Henrietta cloth, trimmings of velvet; diamonds. The groom was in conventional black. There was no attendants except the parents of the happy pair, who with the guests offered warm congratualtions to George and Grace at the close of the ceremony.

    A delicious wedding breakfast was served, to which all did justice, and soon after 11 o'clock Mr. Simpson and bride left the re3sidence to enter the carriage which conveyed them to the depot to take the Wabash express for Chicago, where they will visit a week. They will return on Wednesday and that evening they will be given a welcome home reception at the residence of the groom's parents on West Main street.

    The bride received a large collection of beautiful and useful souvenirs of her wedding day, while the groom and bride as well were remembered with bank checks for sums ranging from $100 to $500.

    The invited witnesses of the marriage were Mr. and Mrs. George S. Simpson, Grandma Simpson, Mr. and Mrs. M. Haworth, Mr. and Mrs. L.L. Haworth, Mr. and Mrs. George D. Haworth, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Haworth, Mr. and Mrs. K.H. Roby, Robert Leforgee and family, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Culver, R.C. Cothran and family, Fred Cothran, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Smith, Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Pratt, Mr. and Mrs. Phililp Bury, Mr. and Mrs. James Freeman, Dr. Vosburgh and wife, Mr. and Mrs. W.W. Mason, Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Buckmaster, Mrs. W.E. Haworth, of Tacoma, Wash., Fred Simpson, Edward S. McDonald, P.H. Brueck, Webb H. Rapp, Harry Starr, Joe Bixby, Misses Maggie L. Sorgen, Mary Roby, Effie Cothran, Ida Haworth, Grace Boyer, Lizzie Bury, Julia Sutherland.

    Cards and telegrams of congratulation came from J.G. Bixby, Benton, Ill.; Mr. and Mrs. George Haworth, Chicago; J.T. Finley, Decatur; Julia Sutherland, England, and Mrs. Ida S. Latsbaugh, Sedan, Kansas.

    The Republican joins in the cordial congratulations expressed and felt for the young couple, who have under such favorable auspices taken the most important step in life.

    Decatur Weekly Republican, 5 Dec 1889

          SIMPSON - LOWE      

    Jesse P. Simpson of Palmer and Miss Cora Lowe of Decatur were united in marriage at the U.B. Parsonage last evening at 7:30 by Rev. J.A.F. King. They were attended by two sisters of the bride. Miss Lowe wore a handsome cashmere dress trimmed in velvet. The couple will reside in Palmer where the groom has a lucrative position.

    Daily Review (Decatur), 4 January 1894

          SINART - SPENCER      

    Joseph D. Sinart and Miss Anna Spencer, of Moweaqua, were married yesterday by Squire Eyman.

    Daily Review, Decatur, IL, Sunday, 4 Apr 1886

          SMITH - HANNA      

    Charles G. Smith and Miss Lizzie E. Hanna, both of Hammond were married Wednesday by Judge Smith at the court house.

    Decatur Herald, 27 Jul 1906

          SMITH - GALBRETH      

    Married, on Tuesday, the 29th inst., by Rev. J.C. Bonham, Rev. Thomas Smith, pastor of the Antioch Baptist church, and Miss Julia Galbreth, of this city.

    Decatur Weekly Republican, 31 Dec 1874

          SMITH - MILLER      

    Miss Emma Miller, daughter of Major Miller of the Tuscola Review, was married in that town last evening to Wm. H. Smith, of Villa Grove, Cal. The bride is well known in Decatur.

    The Daily Review, 18 Feb 1886

          SOLLARS - SEGER      

    Given A Welcome Home

    Miss Edna Seger and Frank Sollars, who took a trip to Covington, Ind., Wednesday, and surprised their friends by getting married, arrived in Decatur last night, to receive a welcome by the parents of the youthful bride. Mr. Sollars is a painter, and is a son of Mrs. Lydia Sollars. The bride is the younger daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed T. Seger, of 721 North College street. Some time ago it was the desire of Mr. Sollars to marry Edna and take her to St. Paul, Minn., but then Mr. Seger objected on the ground that Edna is not yet 17. The elopement and marriage followed, and now the pair are happy. The bride has been a student at the High School.

    Decatur Weekly Republican, 27 Dec 1894

          SAULMON - LEWIS      

    MARRIED ~ February 27th, by Rev. J.R. Locke, Mr. J.W. Saulmon and Miss Nancy A. Lewis, of Mt. Zion.

    Daily Republican, Decatur, IL, 28 Feb 1873

          STAFFORD - RAINEY      

    Wedding Celebrated at Noon at Bride's Home

    The details attending the ceremony which united Miss Annie Elizabeth Rainey and James Kinney Stafford in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Rainey, at 548 West Wood street on Wednesday at 12 o'clock, were very simple. Only a few near relatives and friends witnessed the ceremony. Rev. John Tilley, Jr., formerly of Decatur, now of Rantoul, pronounced the nuptial service.

    The guests were received by the bride and groom in the parlors. During the ceremony the couples stood before a high screen of palms and ferns, just off the front parlor. As the vows were being said the opera house orchestra played "The Voice That Breathed O'er Eden."

    The bride was gowned in white muslin. She wore a _ of Duchesse lace and carried a shower bouquet of asparagus ferns.

    For the wedding breakfast, which was served by Mrs. F.J. Sedgwick immediately after the ceremony, the dining room was decorated in green and white and this color scheme was carried out in the _ , cake, bonbons, etc. The dining table was arranged with ferns. The green and white idea was also carried out in the parlor. The library was in red and the music room in pink.

    Mr. and Mrs. Stafford left on Wednesday afternoon for St. Louis and from there they will take the boat for a trip down the Mississippi river to New Orleans. They will be at home Thursdays in December at their residence on West Macon street.

    The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Rainey and is well known socially. Mr. Stafford is the only son of Mr. and Mrs. Moses Stafford and has for many years been connected with the grain office of B.Z. Taylor.

    Those in attendance from out of the city were Miss Julia Fisher of Springfield, Miss Georgie Case of Ferguson, Mrs. John Donnelly, the bride's sister from Cripple Creek, Colo., and the groom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Moses Stafford of O'Fallon, Ill.

    Decatur Herald, 19 Oct 1900

          STEELE - STACEY      

    Arthur Y. Steele, 959 West Macon street, and Blanche Stacey, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Stacey, 611 South Wise street, were quiety married in the parsonage of the First Methodist church at Springfield Friday afternoon.

    Mr. Steele attended the James Millikin academy for three years, and since the close of school, has been employed in a munition factory in Springfield. For the present the couple will live in Springfield. The wedding ceremony was followed by a wedding supper at the Leland hotel.

    Decatur Review, 22 Jul 1917

          STEIDLER - ASHCRAFT      

    In the St. Nicholas hotel parlors, by Judge S.F. Greer, Thursday morning at 9 o'clock, May 25th, 1882, Edgar C. Steidler and Miss Mary Ashcraft, both of Moweaqua.

    Saturday Herald, 27 May 1882

          STEVENS - TYLER      


    Marriage of Carl Stevens and Miss Nellie Tyler

    Quite a pretty wedding was celebrated at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Anderson Tyler at 1059 West St. Louis avenue on Sunday March 15 at 2 p.m. when their daughter, Nellie was united in marriage to Carl Stevens.

    The couple entered the front parlor as the strains of the wedding march were played by Mrs. E.E. McDougall. They were met by Rev. Ira Blythe of the Salem Baptist church, who joined them in the holy bonds of wedlock. "Loves Confession" was played softly throughout the ceremony.

    The bride was beautifully gowned in white India linen trimmed in valencienes lace and ribbon.

    Miss Nellie is a highly respected young lady and an accomplished musician. Mr. Stevens is a son of Thomas residing on North Monroe street and is universally liked by all who know him.

    Immediately after the ceremony the wedding party led the way to the dining room where a sumptuous repast awaited them. There were about thirty present and quite a number of useful and handsome presents were received.

    Decatur Herald, Decatur, IL, 17 Mar 1903

          STOUTENBOROUGH - GRADY      


    Miss Pearl Grady Bride of Earl Stoutenborough

    Miss Pearl Grady and Earl Stoutenborough were married Wednesday evening at 8 o'clock by Rev. E.W. Allen, pastor of the Central Church of Christ. The ceremony took place at 370 West North street, where the Allens are living temporarily.


    The couple were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Grady, parents of the bride, Misses Hazel and Mary Grady, her sisters, and the groom's sister, Mrs. Raymond Shaw and husband of Maroa. The bride wore a dark blue traveling suit. They left immediately after the ceremony for Chicago, from where they will take a lake trip.


    The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.P. Grady, 928 West Main street. She attended the James Millikin university for two years and is a member of the Phi Pi sorority.

    The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John L. Stoutenborough of Maroa and is a bookkeeper in the Crocker bank there. The couple will live in Maroa.

    The Daily Review (Decatur), 22 Aug 1912

          STUMP - HATCHETT      

    Married, on Sunday last, at the residence of James Nesbitt, Esq., by Rev. E.G. Falconer, Mr. John Stump and Miss Susan J. Hatchet, all of this county. Success to the newly married - the Hatchet is changed to a Stump, we hope a good one.

    Illinois State Chronicle, 26 Jun 1856

          SUMMERS - MEYER      

    By Justice Curtis, at his office, on Thursday, September 7, 1882, George Summers and Miss Hattie Meyer, both of Salem, Ill.

    Saturday Herald (Decatur), 9 Sep 1882

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