Photos for the Class of 1959


Kindly submitted by: Sally Hursh

BOARD of EDUCATION - Year Unknown

L to R - Baxter Batchelder Brown (1898-1963), Charles Alsup, Charles W. Hursh (1880-1950), W. Culp, I. Schroeder. May have been taken at the "old" Warrensburg High School.

NOTES: W. Culp may be Wilmer E. Culp, a farmer from Illini Twp. In 1930 he was listed as married to Minnie and had children John W. and Robert. (NOTE: Sep 2009 - confirmed by Sally Hursh that this is indeed Wilmer Culp.)

I. Schroeder may be Irwin H. Schroeder, an agent for an oil company. In 1930 he was listed as married to Donna and had children C. Eugene and Norma J.


FACULTY - Top Row: Allen H. Ligon, Principal; Beatrice Young, Charles Walters, Marilyn Cole (Girl's PE), Paul Stout (Band), Phyllis Garbs (English), John McCarty (Biology), Norma Jones (Math), Marion Tharp

Row 2: E.B. Allen, Superintendant; Dorothy Ligon (Library), Harry J. Burgener, Jr., Frances Wilson, Sharon S. Raw, Lavina Hess, Evelyn Mangold (Home Ec), Clarence Hanover (Agriculture), Janet Hunt (Choir), John Kiick (Coach), Rosalind Kitchen (History & Business)

SENIORS - Row 1: Marlene Bloye, Vernon Galloway, Mary Ingram, Stephen Janvrin, Edythe Randolph, Ronald Lukens, Helen Nauman, Steve Carberry, Doris Woods, Leon Purcell

Row 2: Sandra Chapman, Julian Williams, Phyllis Anderson, Handy Pease, Linda Dustin, Glenn Koger, Carole Atchison, Gary Rau, Pamela Barclay, Leon Pierson, Barbara Black

Row 3: William Boyer, Karen Buckles, Finley Yokley, Sandra Emery, Erik Stottrup, Marietta Letterly, Franklin Mueller, Sandra Zinn, Floyd Faith, Judy Brown, John Lehn

Row 4: Douglas Fisher, Imogene Brackett, Judith Albin, Sandra Young, Mary JoAnn Kroll, Sally Hursh, Linda Taylor, Kay Israel, Linda Fry, Judith Betzer, Jay Butt



Front Row: L to R: Edie Randolph, Mary Jo Krol, Sally Hursh, Mary Lobb, Judy Morthland, Imogene Brackett, Marietta Letterly, Helen Nauman, Linda Taylor

Middle Row: L to R: Mr. Stults, Larry Nottingham, Jimmie Lane, Wayne Howe, Leon Pearson, Larry Mayberry, Handy Pease, Donald "Dude" Betzer

Back Row: L to R: Gary Rau, Donnie McGeorge, Leon Purcell, Larry Miller


Director, Mr. Robert Barstead

Front Row - L to R: Judy Albin, Helen Nauman, Marietta Letterly, Sally Hursh, Margie Ford, Pam Barclay, Sandra Emery, Andrea Brown, Edie Randolph, Sharon Buckley, Linda Dustin

Middle Row - L to R: __ Holt, Floyd Faith, Larry Miller, Nona Sue Harrell, Donnie Gallagher, Wayne Howe, Larry Nottingham, Handy Pease, Sharon McClain, __, Marthalee Grolla, __, Leon Purcell, Doug Fisher, Sandra Chapman, and Mr. Robert Barstead

Back Row - L to R: Stuart Edwards, __ Buckles, __, Vernon Galloway, Jay Butt, Tom Crabtree, Julian Williams, __, __



Director, Mrs. Marcia Stookey Johnson

Front Row: L to R: Sandra Chapman, Judy Betzer?, Helen Nauman, Sally Hursh, Barbara Black, Margie Ford, Carole Atchison, Sandra Young, Pam Barclay, Judy Morthland, Mary Jo Krol, Pat Tusing, Imogene Brackett, Mary Lobb, Andy Brown, Marietta Letterly, Edie Randolph, Linda Dustin

Middle Row: L to R: Marcia Johnson, Director, Helen Burgett, Karen Buckles (turned sideways because her other eye was blackened), Handy Pease, Jimmie Lane, Jay Butt?, Wayne Howe, Leon Pearson, Larry Mayberry, Finlay Yokley, Donald "Dude" Betzer, Larry Nottingham, Larry Miller, Linda Taylor, Judy Albin, Principal Mr. Miller

Back Row: L to R: Doug Fisher, __, Gary Rau, Donald Gallagher, Leon Purcell, Donnie McGeorge, Elliott Varner, Steve Coulter, Glenn Koger, Floyd Faith


LATHAM - WARRENSBURG Junior High, Latham, IL 7th Grade Class 1953 - 54

Teacher, Mr. Frick

Front Row: L to R: Sally Hursh, Helen Nauman, Mary Jo Krol, Edie Randolph, Marietta Letterly, Imogene Brackett, Barbara Moniger, Judy Morthland, Mary Lobb, Linda Taylor

Middle Row: L to R: Larry Miller, Larry Nottingham, Donald "Dude" Betzer, Robert McGeorge, Larry Mayberry, Gary McClung, Darrell "Big" Logan, Handy Pease, Mr. Frick

Back Row: L to R: Gary Rau, Leon Purcell, Elliott Varner, Wayne Howe, Leon Pearson, Jimmie Lane, Gerald "Tiny" Logan, Donnie McGeorge

AUSTIN SCHOOL, 6th Grade 1952 - 53 (Combined 5th and 6th Grades)

Teacher, Mrs. Gustin

Front Row: L to R: George Campbell, Helen Nauman, Gary Rau, Donnie Culp

Middle Row: L to R: Vernon Galloway, Lyndal Emrick, Jerry Little, Ralph Becue, Carroll Lowe

Back Row: L to R: Mrs. Gustin, Edith Randolph, Sandra Emery, Larry Bartels, Gerald Hoffman, Larry Miller, Sally Hursh


WARRENSBURG GRADE SCHOOL: 5th Grade Class 1951 - 52

Teacher, Mrs. Helen Brown Beck (1899 - 1998)

Front Row: L to R: Sandra Chapman, Sally Hursh, Pam Barclay, Mary Lobb, Andrea Brown, Barbara Black, Sandra Young, Judy Albin

Middle Row: L to R: Jackie Young, Tommy Binckley, Jay Butt, Elliott Varner, Ronnie Belcher, Donnie McGeorge, Steve Coulter, Jerry Litz, Johnny Lehn

Back Row: L to R: Donnie Gallagher, Mayme Harmon, Fay Boyer, __, Billy Boyer, Finley Yokley, Stephen Janvrin, Mrs. Helen Brown Beck

WARRENSBURG GRADE SCHOOL: 4th Grade Class 1950 - 51

Teacher, Miss Conner

Front Row: L to R: Judy Albin, Jay Butt, Mary Lobb, Tommy Binckley, Alice Ingham, Ronnie Belcher, Andrea Brown, Johnny Lehn, Sandra Chapman

Middle Row: L to R: Donnie McGeorge, Stephen Janvrin, Barbara May, Fay Boyer, Charles Goodwin, Mayme Harmon, Finley Yokley, Donnie Gallagher

Back Row: Pam Barclay, Barbara Black, Billy Boyer, Elliott Varner, Sally Hursh, Jerry Litz, Miss Conner



This is my third grade class at the Brick School taught by Mrs. Lillian S. Knowles.

Left to Right, Front Row: Sandra Chapman, Sandra Zinn, Judy Albin, Andrea Brown, Tommy Binckley, Gerald Lowe, Jerry Litz, Johnny Lehn

Middle Row - Mary Lobb, Sally Hursh (submitter), Larry Frances, Finley Yokley, Billy Boyer, Donnie McGeorge, _____, Ronnie Belcher

Back Row - Stephen Janvrin, Fay Boyer, Mayme Harmon, Barbara May, David Holtzmann, Dickey Downey, Mrs. Knowles

Notes: One student, Alice Ingham, was absent for this picture. She always rode her horse to school.



L to R: Sitting - Gary ___, Johnny Lehn, Jerry Litz

Front row: Sandra Chapman, _ __, Judy Albin, Andrea Brown, Betty __, Pam Barclay, Katie Jones, Sandra Zinn

Second row: Stephen Janvrin, Larry Frances, Finlay Yokley, David Holtzmann, Fay Boyer, Barbara May, Mary Lobb, Sally Hursh

Back row: Mrs. Warnick, Billy Boyer, Donnie McGeorge, Dickey Downey, Ronnie Belcher, Roger Dick, Jay Butt, Tommy Binckley



Front row (left to right): Sandra Chapman, ____, Sherry Lowe, ____, Judy Albin, Johnny Lehn, Sandra Zinn, Jay Butt

Middle row: Pam Barclay, ___, Sally Hursh (submitter), Andrea Brown, Barbara May, __, Finlay Yokley, Larry Frances

Back row: Fay Boyer, Mary Lobb, David Holtzmann, Charlene ___, Ronnie Belcher, Stephen Janvrin, Donnie McGeorge, Dickie Downey, Mrs. Pyrle G. Barclay

To read Mrs. Barclay's obituary, click here!


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