Surnames "V"

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Name of Deceased
Age at Death
Date of Newspaper
Name of Newspaper
Mentioned in Newspaper
Vale, Henry age 30 11-23-1892 The Daily Review Mr. Cullen
Vale, Henry age 30 11-26-1892 The Weekly Herald Despatch Mrs. Kate Cullen
Valentine, Charles (Mrs) . 12-8-1892 The Daily Review .
Valterolt, Mary age 27 10-6-1883 Review Mrs. Appenzeller
Vance, child age child 7-2-1868 Decatur Republican William Vance
Vance, John age 90 4-28-1898 Decatur Weekly Republican Mrs. E.C. Lambert
Van Doren, Henry (Mrs) . 11-18-1869 Decatur Republican Dr. E. S. Jones
Vandruff, Josiah age 72 10-28-1892 The Daily Review .
Van Dyke, Jacob . 8-12-1869 Decatur Republican .
VanGundy, Ida Carrie age 36 3-17-1898 Decatur Weekly Republican M/M John VanGundy
Vanhorn, Andrew age 76 1-28-1897 Decatur Weekly Republican Sarah Dillatash Vanhorn
VanLue, F. M. . 1-27-1881 Decatur Weekly Republican .
Vannigerholz, . 11-23-1892 The Daily Review J. H. Vannigerholz
Vantilburgh, Richard age 83 5-26-1898 Decatur Weekly Republican Mrs. L. K. Murphy
Varendorff, Joseph age 75 10-26-1892 The Daily Review .
Varendorf, Joseph age 73 10-29-1892 The Weekly Herald Despatch .
Vasal, Joseph . 3-25-1897 Decatur Weekly Republican .
Vaughan, Elizabeth . 1-7-1897 Decatur Weekly Republican Mary E. Vaughan
Veach, Elizabeth age 79 10-5-1882 Decatur Weekly Republican John, George & Andrew
Veach, George W. age 28 9-1-1881 Decatur Weekly Republican J. B. Spangler
Veech, Grace age 8 11-4-1892 The Daily Review .
Veech, Grace age 8 11-5-1892 The Daily Review .
Veech, Merle age 2 7-26-1892 The Daily Review M/M Joseph Veech
Vennigerholz, C.T. age 74 12-3-1892 The Weekly Herald Despatch J. H. Vennigerholz
Vennigerholz, J.H. age 52 4-8-1897 Decatur Weekly Republican Mrs. C.C. Leforgee
Vermillion, Amie age 2 12-6-1877 Decatur Weekly Republican M/M Clinton Vermillion
Versailes, Joseph . 3-25-1897 Decatur Weekly Republican .
Vigus, Darius L. age 48 8-19-1897 Decatur Weekly Republican Mrs. George Wheeler
Vigus, Darius L. age 48 8-26-1897 Decatur Weekly Republican Mrs. George Wheeler
Vigus, Harriett . 1-5-1882 Decatur Weekly Republican D.L. Vigus
Villars, Maud . 8-1-1886 The Daily Review .
Vincent, infant . 1-20-1882 Review M/M Louis Vincent
Vincent, Viola age 3 mos 3-23-1882 Decatur Weekly Republican Eliza & Louis Vincent
Vohberg, Conrad age 75 12-29-1887 Decatur Weekly Republican .
Voils, infant age 6 wks 4-1-1897 Decatur Weekly Republican M/M Henry Voils (Volls)
Von Elsner, Hugo . 7-11-1878 Decatur Weekly Republican Marie Von Elsner
Vording, Charles age 60 11-6-1879 Decatur Weekly Republican .
Vorhees, Edward age 14 6-30-1882 Review .

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