Weddings T - W

      THATCHER - HALL      


The marraige of Miss Mary M. Hall to C.P. Thatcher is announced to take place at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. Winslow, on West William street, Thursday, Oct. 6, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 5 Oct 1898

      THOMAS - BALLARD      

MARRIED, at the U.B. study on Friday evening, the 20th inst., by Rev. J.S. Hutchinson, Mr. Harry D. Thomas of Decatur and Miss Ada R. Ballard.

Decatur Daily Republican, 21 May 1887

      THORNELL - TURPIN      

Mr. Edward Thornell and Miss Nannie Turpin will be married this evening at the residence of the bride's parents, near Hervey City.

The Morning Review (Decatur), 16 Dec 1885

      THORNELL - TURPIN      

Wedding in the Country

The marriage of J.E. Thornell, of Boody and Miss Nannie Turpin was celebrated on the evening of December 16, 1885, at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Turpin, of Mt. Zion township. The marriage ceremony was performed by Rev. W.L. Bankson, of Blue Mound. The bridal couple were attended by W.M. Lewis, of Decatur, and Miss Myra Gabbert, of Long Creek. After partaking of a most tempting supper the bride and groom received congratulations from their many friends, and relatives, and then departed for Decatur, where they were entertained at the New Deming. The reception in their honor, held at the residence of Mr. J.W. Thornell, near Boody, was one that will be long and pleasantly remembered by those who were present.

Mr. and Mrs. Thornell will reside on the farm of J.W. Thornell, the groom's father, near Boody. May their life together be one of happiness.

Saturday Herald (Decatur), 26 Dec 1885

      TRAUGHBER - WARD      

Particulars of the Traughber-Ward Marriage Thursday Night

Miss Bettie Ward and W.B. Traughber were united in marriage at the home of the bride's parents, Hon. and Mrs. Hiram Ward, in South Wheatland township, Thursday evening, April 28. Rev. W.L. Bankson performed the ceremony. As the bridal couple entered the south parlor Miss Fleeta Downing of Decatur began the bridal march from "Lohengrin". Immediately after the ceremony hearty and earnest congratulations were extended to the newly married couple, after which they sat down to an elegant supper, which was prepared under the direction of Mrs. Ward. The house was beautifully decorated with carnations, smilax and potted plants. The bride was attired in a gown of mabechel niel faille du chene, with pearl and lace trimmings. She carried a bouquet of bride's roses.

The bride and groom are well known and are quite popular among their many friends. Miss Ward is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Ward. She is a graduate of Brown's Business College. Mr. Traughber is the son of A.H. Traughber. He is a successful young farmer. Mr. and Mrs. Traughber have a neatly furnished house where they will go at once to housekeeping. Those present from Decatur were Mr. and Mrs. Lou Abel and Miss Fleeta Downing.

Decatur Daily Republican, April 25, 1896

      TRIMBY - DISS      

George Trimby and Miss Rose M. Diss were married at the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Hobbs on Dunham street on Wednesday afternoon. Rev. James Hobbs performed the ceremony.

Daily Republican (Decatur), 17 Feb 1899

      TRIMBY - DOYLE      


Miss Ada Doyle Becomes Bride of John Trimby

Friends of Miss Ada Doyle and John Trimby were completely surprised on Monday morning when the two were quietly married at 10 o'clock at the home of Rev. J.W. Van Cleve on North Church street.

Mrs. Trimby is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Doyle, 1056 North Main street. Mr. Trimby is the second son of Mr. and Mrs. James Trimby, residing three miles northwest of Decatur. He is an employe of the Union Iron works.

The affiar was a quite one, attended only by the mother of the bride. The latter was attired in a beautiful gown of white silk embroidered voile. They will go to housekeeping immediately in their newly furnished home at 739 Lawrence street.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 15 Jul 1912

      TRIMBY - WILLIAMS      


Miss Nellie Virginia Williams and James Edward Trimby are to be married at 8:30 o'clock on June 28 in the Church of God, 1003 West Macon street, by Rev. James K. Ward. The wedding will be followed by a dinner in the home of the bride's brother and sister in law, Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Williams, 909 North Church street.

The bride to be is the daughter of Mrs. Minnie L. Williams, 1000 West Main street, and the late Rev. James C. Williams. Mr. Trimby is the son of Mr. and Mrs. James Trimby, 1300 West Macon street, and is employed in the Biflex Products company.

Decatur Herald, 23 Jun 1929

      TRUMP - STROME      

Marriage At The Parsonage

John A. Trump and Miss Annie V. Strome, both of Decatur, were united in marriage at 11 a.m. today at the parsonage of the Edward street Christian church, 371 West William street, by Rev. Marion Stevenson. They will reside at 322 East Condit street. Mr. Trump is a clerk at the Andrews Farner's restaurant.

Daily Republican, Decatur, IL, 11 May 1897

      ULLRICH - BUMSTEAD      

Engagement of Dr. and Mrs. Bumstead's Son Announced

One of the most elaborate at homes for some time was given by Dr. and Mrs. S.J. Bumstead at the family residence on West Eldorado last night from 8 to 12 o'clock. Two hundred guests were invited and they were there during the evening at some time. During the evening the engagement of Harry A. Bumstead and Miss Luetta Ullrich was announced. It was not a complete surprise to the company. The wedding will take place the middle of August. An elegant supper was served. Frappe was served by Misses Bessie Young and Jesse Montgomery. Dr. and Mrs. Bumstead with their son, Charles, received the guests. The handsome residence was tastily decorated. The parlors were hung with wreaths of smilax and dainty boquets of sweet peas. The drawing room was decorated with nasturtiums.

The lawn was hung with lines of Japanese lanterns and looked very pretty. The College Hill Manolin club furnished music.

Evening Bulletin, 10 Jul 1896


Marriage of Henry Bumstead and Miss Luetta Ullrich


Bride and Groom Leave for Their Eastern Home

Henry Bumstead and Miss Luetta Ullrich were married at the home of the bride's parents, 314 West Decatur street, at 7:30 o'clock last night. A wedding marked for the stability of the families, the prominence of the contracting parties and the extreme fitness of the union was performed last night when Mr. Bumstead and Miss Ullrich became man and wife.

A few moments before 7:30 o'clock Rev. N.S. Haines of Chicago, followed by Henry Bumstead and brother, Charles, then Luetta Ullrich and sister, Lena Ullrich, passed down the front stairs of the Ullrich residence and into the front parlor. The bridal party crossed the room and Mr. Haines took his place in front of a bank of large palms. The betrothed couple followed and stood a few feet in front of the minister. The Episcopal ceremony was performed and then followed the congratulations by the relatives, who witnessed the ceremony. As the bridal party came down the stairway the College Hill Mandolin club played the wedding march from Lohengrin. During the ceremony, the "Flower Song" was played softly and then came the grander strains of "Mendelssohn." It was a pretty service and one to be remembered for the beauty of the arrangement and precision with which the arrangements were carried out.

The bride was gowned in a simple costume of Pris muslin over white silk, trimmed in embroidered muslin. She wore a short veil and carried a bunch of white sweet peas. It was a taking attire, and the young lady looked very pretty as she was dressed.

The bridesmaid wore a gown of mousseline de soie over green silk, trimmed with white grosgrain ribbon. She carried a bunch of pink sweet peas.

The couple received a large variety of beautiful presents.

The residence was not over decorated, but expressed taste and elegance rather than lavishness. The front hall was decorated with astors, smilax and ferns, the parlor in palms and maiden hair ferns. The dining room was decorated handsomely also.

At 8 o'clock the reception commenced and it was a grand occasion. The magnificent residence, mosre splendid than usual with the rich green of palms and ferns on every hand, was filled with 250 guests, the best blood and brain the city affords. It was an occasion of enjoyment, notwithstanding the formality of the hour. There were hosts of friends of the couple and of the families, people who had known Mr. Bumstead and Miss Ullrich a life time and had watched them grow into successful and honorable maturity.

At a seasonable hour a sumptuous wedding supper was served in the dining room. Mrs. Snyder was the caterer.

At 12 o'clock, after the usual leave taking, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bumstead left for Chicago. They will spend a few weeks at the summer resorts in Michigan and will then go on by the lakes to New Haven and ill be at hom in that city Oct. 1.

The marriage last night will mark an epoch in the society affairs of the city. Mr. Bumstead and Miss Ullrich are two of the most popular and highly educated young people who have ever stood before the hymeneal altar in this city.

Henry Bumstead is a son of Dr. and Mrs. S.J. Bumstead. He was raised in this city and graduated from the Decatur High school and subsequently attended the Johns Hopkins university, graduating and receiving the degree of _.B. in 1891. He has held different honorable and flattering positions in Yale college since, and is at present instructor in physics in the Sheffield scientific school of Yale. He is the young man who first took a picture in this country by means of the X ray and it has givem him no little fame.

Miss Luetta Ullrich is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ullrich. She is a highly educated young woman. She is a graduate of the Decatur High school, and is also a graduate of Smith college. She is a young woman of accomplishment and unusual culture and is a fitting companion for the rising young professor and scientist.

The families of the contracting parties are among the oldest and most substantial in the city. Both Mr. Ullrich and Dr. Bunstead have marked their careers in this city by their public spirit.

There were quite a number of friends of the happy couple from out of town. The following is a list:

W. Litterer, Nashville, Tenn.
Mrs. Annie Gale Litterer, Nashville, Tenn.
James Collier, Dubuque, Ia.
Dr. Johnson, Peoria
Charles Seiwell, Danville
Mrs. Myra Esterbrook, Danville
James Ingersoll, Marengo

James Collier is a classmate of Mr. Bumstead's and James Ingersoll is an instructor at Yale.

The Daily Review, 19 Aug 1896

      ULLRICH - EWING      

Wedding in Decatur During the Holidays

The marriage of Spencer Ewing of Bloomington and Miss Lena Ullrich of Decatur will occur Friday night, Dec. 27, at the home of the bride's father, John Ullrich, on West Decatur street. The invitations will be out in a few days.

The Daily Review, 10 Dec 1901


Invitations were issued today for the wedding of Spencer Ewing of Bloomington and Miss Lena Ullrich at 8:30 Friday evening, Dec. 27, at the home of the bride's parents, 314 West Decatur street.

The Daily Review, 16 Dec 1901


Spencer Ewing and Miss Lena Ullrich

A Reception and Wedding Trip, Out of Town Guests

The marriage of Spencer Ewing aof Bloomington and Miss Lena Ullrich will take place tonight at 8:30 o'clock at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ullrich, on West Decatur street. The ceremony will be performed by Rev. D.C. Peabody, rector of St. John's Episcopal church.

Thord Ewing will be best man and Miss Louise Ewing of Bloomington will be maid of honor. The bridesmaids will be Miss Gertrude Tyler and Miss Bess Young; the ushers, Bert Franklin of Lexington, Ills, and Louis Eddy of Chicago.

A reception will follow the ceremony and the couple will go away on a wedding trip and will reside in Bloomington.

The Daily Review, 27 Dec 1901


Wedding of Spencer Ewing and Miss Lena Ullrich


Couple Will Make Its Home in Bloomington

Spencer Ewing of Bloomington and Miss Lena Ullrich were married Friday night at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Ullrich, on West Decatur street, Rev. D.C. Peabody, rector of St. John's Episcopal church, officiating.

The wedding was one of the handsomest that has taken place in the city for a long time and was attended by a large number of persons. The ceremony was at 8:30 o'clock in the parlor of the house. All the rooms were decorated with Christmas greens trimmed with red ribbons. Festoons of evergreens were draped at the doors, windows and chaneliers and with bright red ribbon fastenings made a beautiful effect.

The best man was Thord Ewing and the maid of honor was Miss Louise Ewing of Bloomington. Mis Gertrude Tyler and Miss Bess Young were the bridesmaids and Bert Franklin of Lexington, Ills, and Louis Eddy of Chicago were the ushers.

The bridal chorus from Lohengrin was played by the College Hill Madolin orchestra as the bridal party entered the parlor. The ushers were followed by the bridesmaids, the maid of honor and the bride accompanied by her father, who gave her away.

The Episcopal marriage service was performed in an impressive manner by Mr. Peabody, after which the orchestra played the Mendelssohn wedding march while congratulations were received.


The bride was attired in a handsome costume of white French veiling over louisine and wore a veil. On entering the parlor she carried a white prayer book and afterward a bouquet of lilies of the valley, which was handed her by the maid of honor. The maid of honor and bridesmaids were attired in costumes of white net trimmed with stitched organdie bands.

After the ceremony supper was served in the dining room which was decorated in Christmas greens the same as throughout the house. Mrs. F.J. Sedgwick was the caterer.

Mr. Ewing and his bride left after the wedding for a short tour, but did not make known where they intended to go. They will make their home in Bloomington at 604 North East street and will be at home Jan. 22 and 29.

The groom is the son of Attorney James S. Ewing of Bloomington. He is associated with his father in the law firm of Ewing, Wight & Ewing.

The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Ullrich.

The Daily Review, 28 Dec 1901

      VanRIPER - PRATHER      


Wedding of Miss Annie M. Prather and John C. VanRiper

A soceity event of note was the wedding last night of Miss Annie M. Prather and Mr. John C. Van Ripter. The bride, an accomplished young lady, is a daughter of the late William Prather. The groom, who has resided in Decatur several years, is the western traveling salesman for the Decatur Coffin Company, his terriroty being the state of Missouri and a portion of Kansas. Both enjoy the friendship and esteem of very many of our people. The wedding was celebrated at No. 606 West Prairie street, the residence of E.W. Wood, whose wife is a sister of the bride. The ceremony was performed at 8 o'clock. Promptly as the clock chimed the hour the bridal party entered the front parlor to the strains of the Mendelssohn wedding march performed upon the piano by Miss Fannie Fuller. The bride was accompanied by Miss Lida Moore, and the groom by Henry L. Prather, brother of the bride. Under a lovers' know wrought in roses, lemon lilies, heliotropes, orange blossoms, and smilax the bridal couple stopped and were there met by Dr. E.W. Moore, uncle of the bride, who spoke the impressive words which linked their lives together for weal or woe. The ceremony was that prescribed by the ritual of the Episcopal church.

The bride wore a beautiful costume of white Surah silk, cut dancing length, trimmed with Oriental lace, and ornamented with Marechal Neil roses. Miss Moore was attired in a dress of embroidered white India linen ornamented with pink tea roses. A pink sash gave a pretth color effect. The gentlemen were attirred in full evening dress.

Mr. and Mrs. VanRiper remained standing while the numerous guests present were offering their congratulations and good wishes. When all had finished the doors of the dining room were thrown open and the wedding feast was served. The tables were beautifully decorated and the menu included every delicacy obtainable.

There were sixty or more guests in attendance. Among those from abroad were, Mrs. Sterling B. Allen and little daughter, of Cleburne, Texas; Miss Flo Carter, of Peoria; Miss Emma Pollock, of Danville, and Mrs. George Morgan and Mrs. Corneau, of St. Louis. Regrets were received from Louis Henkle, Galveston, Texas; Mrs. and Mrs. J.R. Edwards, Dowagiac, Michigan; C.A. Pollack, Peru, Indiana; Mr. and Mrs. J.J. VanRiper and Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Worthington, Buchanan, Michigan; W.W. Pettis, Indianapolis; and Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Dunan, St. Mary's, Ohio. Many elegant and valuable presents were received by the bride.

At 11 o'clock the guests renewed their congratulations, the adieux were spoken, and Mr. and Mrs. VanRiper entered a carriage and accompanied by a party of their friends, were driven to the depot. There they took the midnight train for Chicago. They will go thence to Portage, Wisconsin, where they will remain a week visiting Mr. VanRiper's parents. Returning to Decatur next Wednesday they, after a brief visit here, go to Sedalia, Missouir, where they will reside permanently. The HERALD extends its congratulations and wishes them a full realization of their every hope.

Saturday Herald (Decatur), 29 May 1886

      WALKER - VANCE      

Miss Minnie Vance and Willard R. Walker, both of Decatur, were married Tuesday afternoon by Rev. J.M. Wood, pastor of the East Park Baptist church, at his residence, 1637 East Prairie street. They were unaccompanied. Mr. Walker is a son of Albert Walker. He is a laborer. The bride formerly lived in Virginia. They will make their home on Cantrell street.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 2 Mar 1910


At the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Daubenspeck, one and one-half miles southeast of Decatur, Dec. 24, at 8 p.m., by Rev. Walter H. Moore, Mr. John Wallett and Miss Kansas Daubenspeck. A party of Decatur friends went out in a spring wagon and attended the wedding.

Decatur Daily Republican, 26 Dec 1885

      WALTON - ATCHISON      

MARRIED ~ At the residence of the bride's father, near Centre Bethel, Jan. 30th, by Elder A.J. Fenton, Mr. Robert Walton and Miss Mary Atchison, all of Macon county, Ill.

Daily Republican, Decatur, IL, 15 Feb 1873

      WAYNE - KIZER      

On Thursday evening Mr. Jacob Wayne and Miss Rosamond Kizer were married at the residence of the bride's parents. There ceremony was performed by Rev. Sophie Gibb. The groom is a brother of Alderman Wayne from the First ward. Quite a company of friends witnessed the pleasant ceremony and wished the couple a happy voyage on the matrimonial sea.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 27 Feb 1886

      WAYTS - BRYNER      

By Rev. W.L. Bankson, Jan. 20, 1880, Mr. R.W. Wayts and Miss Clarinda Bryner, both of South Wheatland Tp.

Decatur Daily Republican, 21 Jan 1880

      WEIGLE - FLETCHER      

Rev. M.S. Newcomer, pastor of the Church of God Bethel, went to Forsythe yesterday afternoon. Last evening he married Solomon Weigle and Miss Minnie Fletcher at the residence of the bride’s parents near that village.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL, 5 Mar 1886


MARRIED, at the home of the bride's sister, near Elwin, Ill., Mrs. Bell, on Dec. 27, 1882, by Rev. W.L. Bankson, Mr. David A. Weatherford and Miss Mattie Thornell, both of Boody, Ill.

Decatur Weekly Republican, 4 Jan 1883

      WELLS - COULONG      

R.G. Wells, of, of the Beall Grinder company, was married on the evening of Thursday, December 17, at Morris, Illinois, to Miss Alice Coulong, assistant principal of the public schools at that place. On the 18th Mr. and Mrs. Wells attended a reception given in their honor at the home of the groom's parents at Normal Park, near Chicago. They have arrived in Decatur and will reside in the Judson property at No. 141 West Eldorado street. They will commence housekeeping next week.

Saturday Herald (Decatur), 26 Dec 1885

      WELLS - MORGAN      

Miss Loretta Morgan and Harry Wells were quietly married in Springfield at 2:30 o'clock Friday afternoon by Rev H.C. Barnhart, pastor of the First Methodist church. The wedding was a surprise to friends in Decatur. The bride has been employed in Dr. H.C. Jones' office as a stenographer and she has also been a student in Brown's Business college. The groom is a traveling salesman for the Gebhart drygoods store. The couple will go to housekeeping at once on North Water street.

The Daily Review (Decatur), 6 Nov 1910


A Wedding At Bearsdale

Marriage of Miss Leona Westhafor to Ross Dillinger Tuesday

At High Noon - It was An Elaborate Affair

One of the largest and prettiest weddings which has occurred around Decatur for a long time was celebrated yesterday at high noon when Miss Leona Westhafor and Ross Dillinger, both of Bearsdale, were married at the home of the groom's parents near Bearsdale. Everything was elaborate. The decorations were beautiful. In the parlor a large canopy of lace curtains was arranged. The curtains were almost covered with ferns and satin ribbons were draped from the top. At each side of the canopy was arranged a large bank of potted plants, making a very novel effect.

The decorations in the dining room were also very pretty. The large table in the center of the room was edged with ferns and upon it were large bouquets of carnations and from the chanelier to the corners and sides of the table were draped white satin ribbons.

The decorations throughout the house were up white and green ferns, evergreen and satin ribbons predominating in the effect.

Promptly at 12 o'clock the bride and groom entered the parlor accompanied by the bride's maid and the groom's man and took their place beneath the canopy while Miss Bear of Bearsdale played a wedding march. While the ceremony was being performed Miss Bear played softly. At the close of the ceremony and as the couple left the room a triumphal wedding march was played.

An elaborate wedding dinner was served at the close of the ceremony and at least 100 persons were served.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Westhafer of Bearsdale and is well known in Decatur. Ross Dillinger is also well known here. The young couple will make their home at Bearsdale.

Decatur Herald, 15 January 1904

      WHEELER - BASHFORD      

A Wedding

Mr. Thomas Bashford and Miss Minnie C. Wheeler, daughter of Larkin Wheeler, were united in the holy bonds of wedlock last night at the residence of the bride's parents 1018 North Morgan street. The officiating clergyman was Dr. E.W. Moore of this city. After the ceremony was performed the happy couple were driven to their future residence at the corner of North Broadway and Orchard streets which is completely furnished throughout and all ready for occupancy. The groom is employed as pressman by George R. Bacon & Co. and will be on hand tomorrow ready to receive congratulations.

Decatur Daily Dispatch, 2 August 1890


Dr. W.L. Williams, a Bloomington veterinary surgeon, was married the other day at Argenta to Miss Mary F. Wilkinson. The couple will reside at Bloomington where the doctor has a large practice and many friends.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL, 6 Mar 1886

      WILLISON - OWEN      

MARRIED, by Rev. Dr. George B. Vosburgh, at the residence of the bride's parents on Colfax street, on the evening of Tuesday, May 25, 1886, Elmer Willison, of Indianola, Vermillion county, and Miss Clara J. Owen.

Among the numerous presents were the following:

Set of china, from the parents of the bride
Gilt band chamber set, Mr. and Mrs. W.A. Oakes
Glass pitcher and cake stand, Emerson Swank
Glass butter dish, Woodruff & Fish
Water pitcher, John Songer
Baking Powder and dish, Ed Smith
Glass set, Mt. and Mrs. Sam Ball
Sauce dishes and match holder, Miss Mattie Friend
Pocket case, Master Willie Oakes
Pair vases and needle cushion, Miss Lena Jestis
Pair of towels, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Jones
Pickle dish and mustard jar, Mr. and Mrs. A. Ladd
Bride's cake, Wm. Price
Bread plate, Mrs. Wm. Price
Broom and dish, Mr. and Mrs. Asa Friend
Lamp, Mr. J. Robinson
Box of coffee and sugar, Wesley Owen
Cake stand, Mr. and Mrs. E.S. McCarty; Tidy and carving set, Mr. and Mrs. Alec Shultz

The happy couple will make their home on a farm near Indianola.

Saturday Herald (Decatur), 25 May 1886

      WILSON - DILLINGER      

W.M. Wilson and Miss Nora O. Dillinger were married Wednesday morning at 1133 North Edward street by Rev. W.H. Cruzan, pastor of the Church of God in Warrensburg. The wedding was a quiet affair, only four or five of the near relatives being present.

The bride is the daughter of A.J. Dillinger who lives about 10 miles northwest of Decatur. Mr. Wilson is a horse buyer and works for the firm of Elsworth and McNeir of Chicago. He has lived in Decatur the past two years, his former home being at Macon. Miss Dillinger came to town Monday morning and stayed at the home of her uncle, J.A. Kelley, on North Church street until the day of the wedding. The wedding was a surprise to the friends and relatives of Miss Dillinger. They will make their home at 1133 North Edward street.

Decatur Herald, 19 June 1903

      WINTER - HUGHES      

E. Winter of Lovington and Miss Lizzie L. Hughes of this city were united in marriage yesterday noon at the German M.E. church, the ceremony being performed by Rev. George Heidel. The bride was tastily dressed in a suit of old rose faille silk. After the ceremony the wedding party took dinner at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. David L. Hughes, 349 East North street. Among those present from abroad were Thomas Forbes of Lovington, James Sparger and wife, James Montgomery and Misses Myrtle and Willie Winters of Blue Mound. The latter two are sisters of the groom, while Mrs. Sparger is a sister of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. Winters departed on the 3:15 train for Lovington, where they will reside. They were accompanied by the two sisters of the groom.

Mr. M(W)inters is editor and sole proprietor of the New Lovington Era, an enterprising local paper, recently established there. Miss Hughes is a graduate of Decatur High School; a member of the class of '88 and the first member of the class to marry.

Decatur Daily Dispatch, 18 October 1889

      WISE - CLOKEY      


Most of the Guests Will Be Relatives - Ring Ceremony

The wedding of Miss Mary Belle Clokey to Charles Bismark Wise of Louisville, Ky., which takes place at 6 o’clock tonight at “The Pines,” the country home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Clokey, will be a quiet home affair, the guests being almost entirely all relatives. Rev. W.H. Penhallegon, pastor of the First Presbyterian church, will officiate. The ring ceremony will be used.

The ring is a part of the one used at the ceremony of the bride’s father and mother. It was a wide ring and has been made over into two rings so that Mrs. Clokey and her daughter will each have one of the same size.

The Daily Review, Decatur, IL, 15 Jun 1910, pg. 9

      WISMER - MILLER      

Tuesday evening, Aug. 22, at the residence of the bride's mother, by T.B. Albert, Esq., Mr. F. William Wismer and Miss Lucinda J. Miller, all of Decatur.

A few friends only were present and the wedding was entirely without display. This morning the newly married pair resumed their positions and duties at their respective places of business, Mr. Wismer as salesman at Linn & Scruggs' and the bride in the extensive millinery establishment of Theo. A. Gehrmann.

Both bride and groom are well known to our people and will have the hearty congratulations of their many friends, in which the Republican cordially joins.

Decatur Daily Republican, 23 Aug 1876

      WOLVERTON - SCHLEM      

Ernest Wolverton and Miss Rose Schlem were married at the residence of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Schlem, 668 East Leafland avenue, last evening at 8 o'clock. Rev. J.A.F. King performed the ceremony in the presence of about 35 invited guests. Miss Schlem looked very pretty in a light seal brown chiffon dress. She carried a bouquet of natural flowers. William Schlem, brother of the bride and Miss Mollie Oliver attended them. An elegant supper was tendered after the ceremony. The presents received were numerous and pretty. Mr. and Mrs. Wolverton will at once go to housekeeping in a neat little cottage on North Morgan street.

Daily Review (Decatur), 4 January 1894

      WOOD - GILLESPIE      

Miss Anna N. Gillespie and Roy M. Wood, both of Decatur, were married at 7 o'clock, Saturday evening, by Rev. E.M. Smith, pastor of the First Christian church, at his home, 345 West Packard street.

The couple will go to housekeeping in their newly furnished home at 618 West Marietta street. Mr. Wood is on the clerical force at Mueller's. The bride's home has been at 717 West King street. Both the young people are active among the young folks of the First Christian church.

Decatur Review, 26 Oct 1913

      WYATT - MORRIS      

MARRIED - Tuesday, April 16th, at the residence of R. Liddid, by Rev. Fred G. Thearle, Mr. J.C. Wyatt, of Hannibal, Mo., and Mrs. Mollis Morris, of this city.

Daily Republican, Decatur, IL, 16 Apr 1872

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