A Visit to Several Locations

Originally published in the "Decatur Weekly Republican", 4 Sep 1879

A few days since we visited Blue Mound and a portion of Pleasant View Township, and like every other section of Macon county this season, the citizens of Pleasant View are happy in the realization of abundant crops. In our ride northwest of Blue Mound we happened at the farm of Mr. W.T. Cherry, who lives on the county line of this and Christian county. Mr. Cherry is an old resident of Macon county, having lived on the farm he now occupies for more than twenty years. We were shown by Mr. C. through his orchard, one of the finest we have ever seen, and this season the trees are burdened with the choicest apples. We conversed with Mr. Cherry in reference to the growing of wheat, and asked him if he was in the habit of raising wheat. He answered that he never failed to raise enough to bread his family, and in reply to the question as to the average yield per acre, he said he never raised less than ten bushels an acre, generally yielding much more, this year reaching 25 bushels. The experience of this farmer demonstrates this fact: That the farmers of Macon county can, by giving the matter of wheat-growing proper attention, always raise enough to bread the county and oftentimes proving the most profitable of all the crops raised in Central Illinois.

A short distance north of Mr. Cherry's farm is the head of Mosquito timber, and although there is nothing very inspiring about the name of this strip of woodland, it is bounded on either side by beautiful and well improved farms. On the east side, near the point of this timber, we incidentally stopped at the farm home of Mr. F.M. Abrams. His farm is delightfully located, the buildings being enveloped in a charming grove of natural forest trees. Mr. A. is particularly happy this season, having harvested sixty acres of excellent wheat. While stopping at this point we met the father of Mr. Abrams, a pleasant and genial gentleman. We also had the pleasure of meeting Messrs. W.D. and Thomas J. Pope, who reside in this neighborhood. The Pope family is one of the oldest in Macon county, and resided in the vicinity of Mosquito timber when but a few people lived in that section. The younger members of this family have lived to see this section of the county as thickly settled as any other portion. A short distance west of the Abrams farm, Mr. W.H. Wilson resides, who owns a prosperous saw mill, and also manufactures brick.

From what we have seen of Pleasant View township, we can say that it will compare favorably with any other portion of Macon county. The farm buildings are good, and the general appearance of the farms indicates thrift and industry. Blue Mound, located in this township, is one of the most important shipping points in the county. The grain buyers handle large quantities of grain, reaching far into Christian county. The corn crop in this section this year will be the largest ever known, and wil the abundant wheat crop, already harvested, the farmers feel that they have reason for believing that they are just entering upon an era of great prosperity.

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