Mt. Zion Presbyterian
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The following was sent by a fellow researcher out west who found and purchased a booklet at an estate sale entitled "A History of Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church from April 1830 to April 1964" by Martin J. Myers, Mt. Zion, Illinois. The researcher is not related to anyone in the book and has sent it to the Decatur Genealogical Society. She HAS, as "a random act of kindness", provided a brief index to the ministers whose names are in the book. She hopes that the Macon County researchers will find the information useful. Your County Coordinator has not seen the booklet, so you must contact the DGS for more information regarding the contents of this valuable resource.


FOSTER, Rev. David, born May 4, 1780 in Rowan Co., NC. He died May 9, 1833 and was buried in an unmarked grave at Silver Creek Cemetery.

JOHNSON, Rev. Neill, served 1834 to 1836 for 18 months.

TRAUGHBER, Rev. Daniel, born May 18, 1800 in Logan Co., KY, one of his 3 wives was the daughter of the Rev. and Mrs. David Foster. He died in Wilson Co., KA on Dec. 16, 1877.

ASTON, Rev. Samuel M., died on his farm northwest of Mt. Zion on Nov. 17, 1856.

CARDEN, Rev. R. G., born in Hawkins Co., TN on Sept. 17, 1838, married Miss S. C. Smith, daughter of S. K. Smith. Rev. Carden died July 26, 1874.

BAKER, Rev. Nathan Martin, born in Long Creek Township, parents were Wm. D. & Marille Baker, married in the fall of 1865 to Sarah E. Price of s. Wheatland Township. He died in July 1874.

CRIDER, Rev. Prestley H., served approximately 1856 or 1875, his young wife dying during the first school term (1856?).

BANKSON, Rev. W. L. (Note: biography is short, and no dates given for birth or death.)

ONYETT, Rev. W. D., served from July 1888 to June 1890.

HUGHEY, Rev. John H., born May 1836 in Piney Fork, Crittenden Co., KY, married in Jerseyville to Addie Funkhouser of southern Illinis. He had 6 children by his first wife who died in 1887. Second wife was Luna A. Moore of Logansport, Indiana. He died on December 8, 1923.

McAMIS, Rev. S. L., born in Green Co., TN, died in Mercedes, Texas March 6, 1931.

CHEEK, Rev. D. W., daughter named Ethel who married Fred Broughton.

COCKRUM, Rev. M. C., born at Oakland City, Gibson Co., IN on Jan. 15, 1859, daughters were Cora and Pansy. He died on Sept. 6, 1934.

PIPER, Rev. J. H., served from 1903-1905, may have been born in Indiana.

NEELY, Rev. Wm. S., born in Owensville, Indiana in 1874, left Mt. Zion in 1912, retired in Canon City, CO.

LASSWELL, Linden D., born May 14, 1868 in Monroe City, Knox Co., Indiana, son of Rev. John J. and Susannah Brock Lasswell, married to Anna Prather Lasswell June 2, 1897, one child Harold D. He died May 19, 1943 in Vincennes, Indiana.

BAKER, Rev. Spencer, , possibly retired in Kannapolis, NC.

BRASHEAR, Rev. F. G., born April 3, 1866 at Ashford, Indiana, son of Turner and Harriett Brashear, married Miss Anna Hewins of Petersburg, Indiana, who died in 1916, had 7 children. Married Miss Lily Nicholson of Tamoroa, Illinois in 1921. Rev Brashear died Sept. 16, 1940.

CLARKE, Rev. Wm. Morton, born in Monmouth, Illinois March 12, 1880, died March 9, 1947, married Mrs. Harriett Harvey Clarke who died on Nov. 20, 1950. Both are buried at Monmouth, Illinois. Daughters are Martha and Harriett.

SHULTS, Rev. Paul H., born Nov. 18, 1909 at Warren, Ohio, father was Rev. Francis M. Shults. He married Kathleen A. Weightman on Sept. 18, 1935.

ALLIN, Rev. Cecil F., born in Orono, Ontario, Canada August 5, 1896, may have retired to Fairmount, Illinois.

SUTHERLAND, Rev. Archibald, born at Carriboo River, Pictou County, Nova Scotia June 23, 1885. Married Miss Florence Mackenzie of Waterside, N. S. on June 30, 1914. He died Aug. 7, 1953 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery, Trenton, N. S.

MARTIN, Rev. Roger (Note: No personal information is given here because he may still be living.)

HARRIS, Rev. Malcolm A., (Note: No personal information is given here because he may still be living.)

KREIDER, Rev. Lorrin A. (Note: No personal information is given here because he may still be living.)

WALLER, Rev. Robert L. (Note: No personal information is given here because he may still be living.)

ARMSTRONG, Rev. Ralph A., born 1898 son of William H. and Annabell Goff Armstrong. He married Nellie Anderson of Kentucky in June 1926, and he died in Escorse, Michigan March 18, 1931.


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