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Austin Township lies in the extreme north-west corner of the county, and is bounded on the north by DeWitt county, on the east by Maroa township, on the south by Illini township, on the west by Logan county. It is drained by the lake fork of Salt creek and Jones' fork and their tributaries.

The surface is level prairie, and the soil is rich and productive; it comprised an area of 36 square miles, or 23,040 acres.

This township is one of the youngest in the county--notwithstanding this fact, it is as flourishing and almost as far advanced in improvement as many of those older settled.

The first settlement began in the year 1845, and Amos Wright, who came from Pennsylvania and located on what is now section one, in that year, was the first settler. Here Mr. Wright built the first house in the township, immediately on his arrival.

John Story was another early settler, locating on the same section in 1850.

Samuel Lowe, who came from Ross county, Ohio, settled on section 14 in the year 1854.

James S. Parker came from Butler county, Ohio, in 1855, and settled where his son, Wm. H, Parker, now resides.

The first school was taught by a Mr. Burns, at the residence of Samuel Brayden, in section one in the year 1856. The following year the first school-house was built on section eleven. It was a frame building.

The first sermon preached in the township was by the Rev. John Moore, in 1857. C.R. Robinson began preaching in 1857, and continued regular preaching for several years.

In 1877 a school-house, which was built in 1868, was converted into a church, which was the first one in the township.

Richard Ross was the first justice of the peace. The first resident physician was Dr. John Demsey.

Mr. Maguire erected a blacksmith shop in section fourteen in 1857, and did the first blacksmithing.

The introduction of improved stock was first made by Edward and James Jones in 1859, by the purchasing of thoroughbred short horns. The first blooded hogs were Poland Magee stock, and were brought from Butler county, Ohio, in 1856.

The first land entries are as follows:--Charles G. Draper entered March 4th, 1850, 40 acres in section No. 1, 40 acres in section No. 5, and 80 acres in section No. 6. On the same day Jacob Miller entered 155.43 acres in section No. 1--all in township No. 18, north of range 1, east of the third P.M.

The following is a list of the supervisors since township organization.

    James Parker, elected in 1860; re-elected in 1861
    A. Emery, elected in 1862
    J. S. Parker, elected in 1863; re-elected in 1864 and 1865
    C.F. Emery, elected in 1866, and re-elected in 1867
    T.B. Campbell elected in 1868
    Robert T. Morris, elected in 1869
    Peter Bennett, elected in 1870
    C.F. Emery, elected in 1871
    D. Patterson, elected in 1872, and re-elected in 1873
    Robert Morris, elected in 1874 and re-elected in 1875
    Andrew Hawyard, elected in 1876, re-elected each succeeding year, and is the present incumbent.

Austin township has no railroads, but there are railroads on three sides of it, which make the shipping facilities excellent.

In 1855 there was not more than three hundred acres of soil in cultivation in the township, while at present almost every foot is cultivated or used for pasturage.

The school system is in a most properous condition. This is one of the few counties in the state that still holds its "school section," and from which it derives a revenue of thirteen or fourteen hundred dollars annually, making the school-tax less than any other township in the county. There are at present seven first-class schools, all well attended, and each district free from debt. The township was named in honor of Benj. R. Austin, who was a prominent man in the early history of the county.

Among the well-improved farms may be mentioned those of Wm. H. Parker and Mrs. L.A. Toland.

Partial List of Patrons

Austin, James B. Sec 13 Farmer & Breeder of Hogs & Sheep Green Co., OH 1856
Phoebe N. Dunham Sec 13 Wife of J.B. Austin Green Co., OH 1856
Bradshaw, A.J. Sec 19 Farmer & Stock Raiser TN 1861
Susan A. Haines Sec 19 Wife of A.J. Bradshaw OH 1867
Brelsford, William C. Sec 14 Farmer & Breeder of Horses Butler Co., OH 1866
Ella Bost Sec 14 Wife of Wm. C. Brelsford Edgar Co., IL 1871
Susanna E. Dutro Dec'd 1st wife of Wm. C. Brelsford
Dec'd Sep 15, '76
Preble Co, OH 1866
Brown, J.A Sec 36 Farmer & breeder of sheep & hogs Eng. 1861
Mary Simon Sec 36 Wife of J.A. Brown Eng. 1861
Braden, Solomon Sec 1 Farmer & breeder of Cattle & Hogs Richland Co, OH 1855
Sarah Kershner Sec 1 Wife of Solomon Braden Augusta Co, VA 1868
Balcom, H.S. Sec 8 Farmer & Stock raiser Oswego Co, NY 1866
Betsy Emery Sec 8 Wife of H.S. Balcom Merrim'c N.H. 1857
Crossman, S.A. Sec 36 Farmer & Stock raiser Cayuga Co, NY 1870
Susan Weaver Sec 36 Wife of S.A. Crossman Macon Co, IL 1857
Davison, T.B. Sec 20 Farmer & Stock raiser St Francis, MO 1865
Thomas Davison Sec 20 Farmer & Stock raiser St. Francis, MO 1865
Martha J. Davison Sec 20 Mother of T.B. & G.W. St Francis, MO 1865
Geo. W. Davison Dec'd Late husband Martha Davison
Dec'd Apr 27, '73
NJ 1865
Emery, J.W Sec 18 Farmer & Asessor Merrim'k, NH 1857
F.A. Sanburn Sec 18 Wife of JW Emery NH 1857
Frances R. Leland Dec'd 1st wife of JW Emery Worcester Co, MA 1857
Hawkyard, A. Sec 10 Farmer & Srock raiser Yorkshire, Eng. 1858
Hannah, Bottomlay Sec 10 Wife of A Hawkyard Yorkshire, Eng. 1860
Heft, Samuel Sec 17 Farmer & Stock raiser Fairfield Co, OH 1868
Elizabeth Davis Dec'd Late wife of Samuel Heft
Dec'd Jan 27, '77
Shelby Co, OH 1868
Hill, W.H. Sec 29 Farmer & Stock raiser Devonsh'e, Eng. 1869
Elizabeth Mary Salter Sec 29 Wife of WH Hill Devonsh'e, Eng. 1869
Johnston, John Sec 19 Farmer & Stock Raiser Scotland 1870
Agnes Irving Sec 19 Wife of John Johnston Scotland 1875
George Johnston Sec 19 Farmer, Stock raiser & J.P. Scotland 1870
Jane Wright Sec 19 Wife of George Johnston Sangamon Co, IL 1870
Lowe, William Sec 10 Farmer & Breeder of Cattle & Hogs MD 1858
Ann Rebecka McKeever Sec 10 Wife of Wm. Lowe VA 1858
Larkin, Henderson Sec 10 Farmer & Breeder Hogs Hamilton, IN 1858
Eliza M. Israel Sec 10 Wife of Henderson Lakin Carroll Co, IN
Nowllin, J.B. Sec 20 Farmer & Stock raiser Dearborn, IN 1874
J.E. Sykes Sec 20 Wife of J.B. Nowlin Hamilton Co, OH 1874
Patterson, David Sec 18 Farmer & Stock raiser Scotland 1854
Mary Francis Smith Sec 18 Wife of David Patterson Effingham Co, IL 1875
Elizabeth Wright Dec'd 1st wife of David
Dec'd Oct 1875
Scotland 1844
Parker, Wm. H. Sec 11 Farmer & Stock Preble Co, OH 1855
Frances M. Crowell Sec 11 Wife of Wm. Parker Madison Co, OH 1869
Eliza C. Shan Dec'd 1st wife of Wm. Parker
Dec'd Aug 12, '69
Clermont Co, OH 1853
Rothermal, Louis Sec 19 Farmer & Stock raiser Germany 1867
Margaret Lutz Sec 19 Wife of Louis Rothermal Germany 1867
Schenck, Daniel Sec 23 Farmer, Breeder, Hogs & Cattle PA 1860
Sarah Ann Denise Sec 23 Wife of Daniel Schenck Butler Co, OH 1860
Aquilla Toland Dec'd Late husb of Mrs. L.A. Toland
Dec'd Feb 15, '78
Madison Co, OH 1865
Toland, nee Smith, Mrs Sec 31 Farmer & Breeder Macon Co, IL 1848
Whitaker, N.M. Sec 18 Farmer & Breeder Hogs IN 1864
Mary C. Norvell Sec 18 Wife of N.M. Whitaker KY 1864

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